Saturday, August 20, 2011

Koch Brothers resegregate schools in North Carolina

Glenn Greenwald has just pissed off the Koch Brothers...again. Seems that they want to sue him for reporting exactly what they are doing, segregating the schools. Wake County, North Carolina has a new Koch approved school board that is voting for "community schools" and ending busing. In other words they want to send the poor back to their poor school and get a inferior education. It didn't work before Thurgood Marshall won the case in 1954 and no one is going to swallow "separate but equal" now. Why are the Koch Brothers, the Tea Baggers, and Americans for Prosperity trying to take the country back to the days of segregation? Union busting, eliminating collective barganing, ending the minimum wage, and now bringing segregation back. Is this what the Tea Party wanted when they said that they want their country back? Back to what, 1954?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ok we got it, you have no respect for black people

It's not even the elections yet and some people have lost their minds. The Washington Times has printed articles negative of the POTUS. Now there's nothing wrong with a little criticism, but we all know that the way the media has been going after Blacks is not normal. What they're doing is their usual fair turning blacks into dumb,ignorant savages. We know that the real savages are the people that are trying to aggravate people so much that they will go out and commit violence.

In the Washington Times in one article resident draft dodger and racist, Ted Nugent call minorities everything but on time for dinner. He makes comments about the riots in England by using everything but the N-word for the people. The riots in England were not Just about race, it was about class as well. The Conservative government is cutting public programs and no jobs are being developed. Almost sound like America don't it?

Ever since the election the Conservative Media has been trying to make people kill. They try to make people so angry that they will just go out and kill. Conservatives have had Draw Muhammed Days, Draw Allah Days,burning Korans, their march on Dr. King, PUMA, anti Hispanic marches in the Southwest and so on. Now we have King Kong with a moltov cocktail on top of Big Bin and the POTUS protrayed as a stupid ni****. There's a history to protraying blacks as dumb and as monkies which the Conservative media know almost too well. What do they think that Black people are going to do thank them? THEY WANT US TO RIOT. Let's not even give them the satisfaction. Both photos appear in the Washington Times and the monkey cartoon was first posted in a Miami, Fla paper. We seen how the Conservaative Media all around the world can incite people. Shootings at the Tides Foundation, five cops shot in Pittsburgh; three died, Norway mass shootings what is next?

The media should just REPORT the news, not make it or inspire it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kevin Willmott strikes again

The producer of the Mockumentary C.S.A. has something new,it's called Afterbirth; a spoof of Donald Trump looking for the POTUS birth certificate. Already on some Republiklan sites they are claiming that this is real. A four yoar old can tell that it's not authentic. It just goes to show you how dumb and gullible Tea Baggers are. People still belieeve that the POTUS was born in Kenya during the Mau Mau rebellion when blacks were shot for any slight. How could a Black Kenyan have his white wife give birth while the British were rounding up and killing Militant Black Kenyans. A Black guy with a White wife would have been arrested or killed. The Southern Stragety is stronger than tolerance in America.

It's happening again

Looks like it's happening again. The right is going on a hunt for people to dog out the POTUS. On several racist websites this was posted. He's getting love from Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and all the other Tea Baggers. Well I guess Amy Holmes is in good company with Felonious Munk at The Blaze. BTW, does Beck call his site that because of the way he likes his cross? This guy says he's a comedian, well he's won't get any work in a black club and white racist will hate him because he's black. Maybe he should learn about finance and learn that when a bunch of Tea Baggers and the Republican Party sandbag a Democratic President, this is what happens to the economy. Even Standard and Poor says it was the Republicans fault. Don't spend all of your thirty pieces of silver in one place.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jesse Lee's failure

This fool is lucky that he didn't get his fool head blown off. So he makes a speech about Mosques and someone's middle name. What have the Tea Party done for the black community? I know that the POTUS got Pigford passed. I know that the POTUS got health care reform passed. Right now the New Klan aka the Tea Party is about to destroy the worlds economy. Let's hope that the POTUS wil stop them.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet Norway's Timothy McVeigh

You want to know who really killed those children in Norway? It was Pat Robertson, Pamela Geller, Gerrt Wilders, Debbie Schussel, Raphie, Lisa, Darth Bacon, Glenn Beck, David Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Wendi Deng-Murdoch, George Bush, and so on and so on. You get the idea.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Junk Science

It look like that Lisa and her friends believe in eugenic, the same stuff that Nazis believe in. She had hyperlinked a article by James D. Watson,one of the founders of DNA. You can either go to Wikipedia for more information or you can go the Conservative Citizens Council for more info. Dr. Henry Louis Gates had this to say about Dr. Watson's theory of race and intellgence:

From Wikipedia:

"no such connection has been made, and will probably never be made on any firm scientific basis".

And one testing of Dr. Watson DNA proved:

"it appears that Watson has two X chromosomes, which would make him a woman."

In the beginning of the 20th century the same thing was said about China and the Chinese, the phrase was "the sick man of Asia". Now they are ready to rival all of the countries in Europe and America. Africa and Africans slow development wasn't because of genetics, it was because of the concept of "Arrested Development". They and other darker people were not allowed to trive. People like Adolf Hitler's buddies invewnted to superior race. Why some of Lisa's friends say that blacks were too stupid to invent anything. This kind of thinking lead to genocide. There are the same people that believe in the inferority of Jewish people.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

America is fed up with the Murdochs

It's official, America HATES the Murdoch. They have spied on American companies and bought their silence. They have probably spied on the 911 families. They have spied on politicians and celebrities. they have lied on people. Now it's time for them to pay. Pretty soon Congress could probably get the families of the three dead policemen in Pittsburgh to testify how they felt when one of their loved ones died because somebody watched Fox. Maybe Dr. Tiller's family could testify. Maybe Rev. Wright could tell people how many death threats he got over Fox's lies. Maybe Dr. Otis Moss Jr, Dr. King's friend could tell a jury how his son got death threats because Greta stalked his son Otis Moss III when he got installed as minister of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. It's time for Fox to pay for their treatment of the little people.

Monday, July 18, 2011

James O'Keefe goes Russian

He's at it again, this time he's a Russian pimp. Why does he want to get rid of programs that help the poor so much? So that the rich can get the money.

Is Jesse Lee Peterson trying to start a riot?

On Sunday the 24th, Jesse Lee Peterson will hold a counterprotest against the NAACP in South Central Los Angeles. Now wait a second he's bringing the South Central Tea Party with him. This would be similiar to sending Eminem and Paul Wall to pass out Final Calls at NASCAR, it's not wanted there. First you have to remember the gangs. These are not regular gangs down there. Some of them are connected with the Mafia. You may see teenagers hanging on the corner in movies, but some of the founder of these gangs are Jim Brown's age. Now if Jesse Lee is going to have a "I hate black People" march with the Tea Party he should expect a ass kicking. If someone paid the gangs off then that one of his problems he doesn't have to deal with. Another problem is going to be protesters. Black people really, really hate the Tea Party. We consider them the new Klan. You are going to have all sorts of protesters that hate the Tea Party. The main problem will be so called "lone wolves". People in known militant groups and organization know how to act. The people to worry about is are the ones that aren't in anyone's radar. This is about as bad as Glenn Beck's march except there will be people there that are not looking for peace. Peterson knows this and is willing to make blacks look bad. I just hope there are plenty of police down there. One thing people should remember when black people are in trouble they sure as hell don't call Jesse Lee, they call the NAACP . He only help racist like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

BTW, today is Nelson Mandela's birthday. There were two people that didn't like President Mandela, one is Alan Keyes the former Ambassador to South Africa under apartheid, the other is Jesse Lee Peterson. that shows the type of character these people have.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Citizen Insane

It seems that Rupert and Fox may have already violated American law by what they did in England with the News of the World. Now Rupert is not going to take over BskyB, a British satellite station. Now the News Corp stocks are dropping. This is what happens when your business model is bigotry and destroying America to make it safe for Billionaires. Now congress is going to investigate Fox to see if they hacked into any Americans phones. What do you think they will find?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trip

road trip

I guess they heard about the reviews for her movie.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's official, Sarah Palin's movie is a bomb!

If Sally Field was to play her in a movie they would hate her, they would really really hate her. You can't pay people to like you. No propaganda or money given to people can make people like you. Palin have Fox giving her an assist and Americans STILL hate her. She gave away money in Alaska to every citizen and she went from the most liked Governor in her state to most hated. Sarah you can't just make people like you. Lets look at Tom Hanks. He could play a Klansman in a movie and Black people would still like him. Oh wait a second he DID play a Klansman in a movie. Sorry Sarah but some people are liked/loved by everybody and you're not it. People can see right through you. You are as Keith Obermann said a idiot. The only people that like you are delusional just like you.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Murdoch is going down

First Beck, now Rupert. How long can America live off their bullshit? Truth crused to the earth will rise again.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This doesn't get mentioned much in the news, well actually it doesn't get mentioned at all. Everyone the right hated they spied on and sabotaged. It was called COINTELPRO short for counterintellgence program. The government lied, cheated, and stole. If you were a Liberal group, you got set up. Just imagine if Rupert Murdoch ran the FBI. Conservative groups like the Klan got a pass. Some groups like the Minutemen were given a free pass to committ crime so long as they went after Liberals. Some of the things that the Black Militants and the Weathermen were accused of doing, the Minutedmen did. Killing, robbing bank, back then the same rule applied IOKIYAR. Even the Mafia was given a free pass.

COINTELPRO was started in the late 50's and actually didn't end. Leftist students in the early 70's in Media, Pennsylvania discovered files on the governments program to attack groups on the left. You have remnants of the same culture that existed in the 60's going after Liberals today. The American Indian Movement today is being attacked because they're not going to "give" Uncle Sam access to their land and mineral rights. You also have Conservative media that does the same thing as the FBI did in the 60's with misinformation and propaganda. News of The World was caught in England and will close Sunday but that's not enough. When people like Rupert, Beck, Oreilly, Bolling, and others are shown for what they are, people will wake up and start to think for themselves.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nobody at Fox is this damn stupid

No one is this damn stupid. We all can hear the dog whistle loud and clear. Last week on Don Imus show on Fox graphics were put up of a split of a soldier shooting a gun and the POTUS on the other side. Nobody makes mistakes that dumb. Now today someone hacked the twitter account of Fox and put up a statement saying the President was assassinated. It took a while for Fox to respond to it. Fox and the right need to sstop the violent imagery now. Have people forgot about the shootings in Arizona? This is what happens when a irresponsible political party has a scorch earth policy when it comes to human life and winning at all costs. When will the right be called to the carpet on this? Now this is thought of as normal. America need some laws like the ones they have in Canada for hate speech. Hate speech is illegal in Canada which is why there is no Fox News there. The Republicans and their followers need to grow up and stop acting like animals.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Come out, come out wherever you are

I didn't believe it when I seen this at first. I seen this on the Daily Kos. It's Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus. Well the ayes have it that he might just be Takei. First a persons sexuality is none of my business, but when they're a hypocrite it just makes it worst. Gays are not going to "out" him, that's going to be done by the usual suspects, Christians. You can't tell all the time by the way someone walks if someone is Gay or not. I'm not saying that Michele Bachmann husband is Gay or not, I'm saying that Christian conservatives WILL think he is. It's bad that because of the way someone look they get judged for it. Michele hadn't really thought this Presidential Campaign thingy out all the way. One of the first rumors about the current POTUS was the Gay rumor. This will hurt her family and that's a real shame. Now it's not as bad as what her and her husband DO to Gay kids, they give them psycological counseling. Yes they tell Gays that being Gay is a sin and it can be cured. Being Gay is NOT a sin or can be cured. This is going to get real ugly and I feel for her kids and her husband. What was she thinking when she decided to run for President? She's not going to like what Pat Robertson, Rod Parsley, and Jack van Impe will do to her family. We seen how people that are suppose to forgive treated Pastor Ted Haggart. BTW, some of the You Tubes of her husband been up for YEARS.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Have you seen what the Republicans been putting in the news lately? Wild packs of Blacks Gangs have been running around terrorising white people. Well it's a little exagerrated. Some "kids" have used flash mobs to do some petty crime. It's nothing the National Guard should be called on to stop. Now some people have said that the Guard should be brought in. Now these "Gangs" as they're called aren't Gangs. This would be equivalent to saying that the kids from "the Jersey Shore" and doing mob hits. What's happeniing in certain parts of the country is that someone is telling these kids to do this and it NOT organized crime. The one thing that organized crime hates is publicity, they're out to make money. The nations largest Black organized crime groups are located in Chicago. Many control the organized crime even in other cities and states including all the way to L.A. I don't think that they're telling thirty people to go into Wal-Mart and steal thirty sandwiches and soft drinks. Would John Gotti do that? Somebody is going to be hurt and it's not the REAL gangsters. Many of the gangs in Chicago are even connected with the LCN. the Mafia. I repeat they are NOT telling kids to steal food out of stores. The real gangs want to make money and when people mess with their money they use violence.

The different gangs in Chicago are at least fifty years old. Some of the people have establish legal businesses. Now why would organize crime tell kids to do petty crime that they can't make money off of? The reason someone is controlling the kids for other reasons. In many right wing publications they're connecting it with race. The meme is that the big bad blacks are attacking whites because they want to start the revolution. This kind of talk only appeals to old bigots. If kids were trying to start a revolution wouldn't they go to gun shops instead of a store to buy a sandwich? I can't prove that this is politically motivated from the right but I can prove that they WERE lying about hoow many events it were as in Peoria. You take a lot of crime articles about blacks and exagerrated and lie and you got black mobs hunting whites. Black people KNOW that when you do a crime against a white person the sentence will be twice or three times as long as it would be if it was committed on a minority.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tea Baggers Paradise

If Teabaggers get their way America will be like this country. It's a Libertarian paradise.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chris Wallace is still going after Jon Stewart

It has been a week and Fox is STILL going after Jon Stewart. To make it worst they have Greg Gutfield give a editorial. Greg is Fox's Faux comedian. It's hard to tell when Gutfield is telling a joke and when he's being serious since it's usually silence he gets from his audience.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Koch Brothers go after Social Security

In this You Tube produced by Brave New Films Sen Bernie Sanders explains how the Koch Brothers are going after Social Security so that they can privatize it. Instead of starting new companies, they can just steal what the public sector has.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Collective Bargaining

These are a series of You Tube commercials made by the AFL-CIO explaining collective bargaining. It first premiered at Netroots Nation 11.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Van Jones is going after Glenn Beck and Fox

It looks like Glenn Beck and Fox is going to get sued. For the longest Glenn Beck has lied about peoples backgrounds. Now Van Jones is stricking back. He even wants to debate Glenn. Well like all cowards Glenn said no. I think that Van has a excellent case. He's still getting death threats for things that Glenn LIED about. Now Van has something else up his sleeve. He was also a community organizer,well he's still is. He's working with with a project called June 23rd/Rebuild the Dream. This and other massive campaigns is being done to coincide with the August 27th deication ceremony of Dr. King's monument in Washington.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Smart A.L.E.C's?

714,137 so far that's the amount of signatures that were collected to repeal SB 5, Governor Kasich Collective Bargaining stripping law. the deadline for the signatures is July 1st. All they needed was 231,000 and people are STILL signing the petition. This means that the bill will be on the ballot in November. There's a lot of things that Ohio don't have but one thing we do have is strong Union support.

Some people have wonder where are these idea for coming after the middle class coming from? Why is it that when a Republican Governor in one state promotes a cause, a Republican Governor in another state does the same thing. the name f the group is The American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC for short. what they're trying to di is take public sector and turn them into private sector businesses. Why start up a new business when you can start up a business with an infrastructure already in place. when your buddy is the governor you can get a start up business for only pennies. A State Liquor business, a prison, schools, just get a Governor and the state legislature to ramrod your stuff through. Many Republican are members of ALEC. One prominent member is Governor John Kasich.

One plan that ALEC has is for the return for slavery, I kid you not. In Georgia laws are being prepared to stop undocumented workers from doing farm work. One idea have using people convicted of crimes to serve their sentence and get paid. It may sound logical to some but you have to charge the prisoners for food and lodging. There are also the court cost which means that THEY COULD ACTUALLY OWE MORE THAN THEY WORKED FOR. That's called Synergy. The Government makes money and the farmer makes money. Then there's the takeover of the prisons. In Ohio Kasich wants to have the guards reapply for work , but at a lower wage and less benefits. Do you want to know how you can stop them? I got something for you.

This will connect you to the anti-ALEC protest and petitions . We can't let them win.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to speak Tea Bag

I heard that Bill Oreilly hates this, that's why I'm putting it up.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Darth Bacon's Sockpuppet Tea Party

Look it's Darth and all his little imaginary friends. There's Hellpig and SomersetSouthCarolina sitting next to each other. I guess it's fun to play in fantasy land where no one get hurt. But this is not fantasy land, this is the real world. Talk Show host are calling for the extermination of a race of people in Atlanta. The right is saying that there will be riots this summer. Fake rivalries are started to inflame the hate. Some people such as Darth have no conscience. They are probably paid to say what they do or are just hateful racist bigots that want to see violence. As much as Republicans claim to want to perserve Dr. King legacy, they sure want to go out and kill. You wonder if these people have a conscience? Does Rev. Terry Jones have one? More than twenty people died because he wanted to show that he was the biggest of the bigots. Was it worth it? At least I can sleep at nights. Just think if the next bomber in Israel read a Right Wing blog. That might have gave them the spark to go ahead and kill little kids and old ladies.

Our world is getting more violent and we can help stop it. The question is do the Republicans want to stop it? People can go back and forth and play this little game of putting the blame on minorities, the poor, the Gays, or Women. What CAN happen is that the powerful and rich learn that thay might be able to have it all; but all of nothing is still nothing. You can't make money if everone is trying to kill one another.

Yes I'm getting tired of the bigots. I don't need anymore examples of bigotry to prove to people how fucked up America is. I'm tired of cowards and their imaginary sockpuppets spreading their hate and violence here. I can't communicate well to others about peace if people come here and TEACH violence. People from around the world ask "how do African American and other minorities keep their cool"? Well if the right keep at it America will BURN TO A CRISP. Rigging votes, calling out for violence against minorities, taking money from the poor to give the rich will make things worst. The Southern Stragety is DEAD. People can't eat hate. Hate can't pay their bill,( and neither will the Koch Brothers).

Welcome to Reality Darth. I hope you will grow the fuck up and stop being a dumb ass racist bigot. To quote Edward James Olmos from the movie "American Me", "we can built this thing up together or we can tear this place down".

Your choice Darth.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What Republicans REALLY think about Black America

If they're going to use this to try and get Republicans elected, they are sadly mistaken. The only people this appeals to are old bigots. A 501(c) group called Right Turn USA made this. The director said that it wasn't racist. Well don't tell me that tell all the REAL GANSTERS that live in L.A. They don't like seeing their people look bad. Now I'm not a authority on gangs but it's safe to say that they're pissed. They're pissed at the guy that made Janice Hahn look bad, they're pissed at the actors that appeared in this, and they're pissed at the people that made this piece of filth. This wasn't just done for local consumption in L.A., this was to smear the President. Republicans mantra will always be "why do you people keep bringing up race" when we are shouted down for bringing up that THEY mentioned it. This is the prelude to what's going to happen in 2012, all race all the time.

Noticed that Fox made the "special report" that Right Turn USA used for their commercial. As we know Fox is not an innocent bystander.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Republicans declare war on Blacks

Glenn Beck has "hinted" to his listeners to shoot the President. Neal Boortz a Conservative Radio Host in Atlanta calls for shooting Black folk. It looks like the Republicans are trying to manfacture violence. This is irresponsible calling for genocide on a race. The right has been disrespectful of blacks for weeks. From the racist remarks on Fox by their "new" Glenn Beck wannabee to Boortz just calling out for his white audience to shoot at any random blacks, this has got to stop. I remember when Rush Limbaugh and other Conservatives tried to plan violence at the DNC convention in Denver. This is going to go on again and again. Beck wants to top his record of three dead police and he don't have much time at Fox. Why isn't any of the Republican prospects for President saying anything about this? It's because they want the President and this country to fail. Anything for the 1% that really rules this country. More of this is going to go on and on since Republicans already have most of the money. It's sad that they WANT people to die.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Congradulations Herman, you are now a Tom!

From Bloomberg:
"'Barack Obama is more of an international', Cain said. “I think he’s out of the mainstream and always has been. Look, he was raised in Kenya, his mother was white from Kansas and her family had an influence on him, it’s true, but his dad was Kenyan, and when he was going to school he got a lot of fellowships, scholarships, he stayed in the academic environment for a long time. He spent most of his career as an intellectual.' Indonesia, Kenya, Whatever. I left unasked the question of whether it’s more disreputable to be Kenyan or to be an intellectual (and let us pity those suffering Kenyan intellectuals). But I suggested to Cain that while Obama had, in fact, spent four years of his youth abroad, it was in Indonesia, not Kenya. To which Cain, who has dallied with the fading phenomenon known as 'birtherism,' responded, 'Yeah, Indonesia.'"

I got this version of the Bloomberg interview from a Black Conservative blog, Booker Rising. Even Black Conservatives are upset with what Herman Cain said. It as if he has to renounce his Blackness to be accepted as a American. The ignorance he shows is stunning. The President grew up in Indonesia and WAS BORN in Hawaii. He only went to Kenya as a adult. If he has any bias to what the British did to Kenyans he shows none. They weren't exacatly Santa over there. During the Mau-Mau rebellion 150 Colonist died and anywhere from 30,000 to 300,000 Black Kenyans died. They tried to make their own guns but were unsuccessful, you see it was illegal for Blacks to own guns then. They fought with sticks, spears, and wooden guns. So if Kenyans are pissed with the British they have a damn good reason to be. Then Herman tries to say that the President isn't even a Black American because his family didn't have slave roots. His Great - Grandfather was a slave in Kenya. They even made him adopt the last name Johnson since they didn't care about African names.

Herman even the Black Republicans don't like you.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Voter Suppression

I remember what happened to me in 2004. I just moved back to Cleveland from Cleveland Heights. I was registered to vote in Cleveland. So I went to the elementary school where I was registered. the line went around the block BEFORE you even got into the school. In Cleveland Heights it took my brother, his wife, and my mother about under eight minutes to vote. I was in line FOR THREE HOURS. Most of the elderly male voters were extremely angry. In the history of Cleveland this had NEVER happened before. Cleveland and the county it's located, Cuyahoga is the most heaviest Democratic city and county in the United States. all this happened thanks to J. Kenneth Balckwell who WAS the Secretary of State. In Cleveland EVERYBODY went to work THREE HOURS LATE! Bosses didn't say a damn word. Everybody KNEW Republicans tried to rig the vote. Because of that BUSH WON OHIO. Now thank God that with all his cheating Blackwell didn't get the Governorship. He had threatened to send "Challengers" to check for ID and question voters. "Someone" put up flyers on the Near West Side threatening to get Immigration to check for ID. The Near West Side is mostly Puerto Ricans WHO ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS. This "trick" angered the community.

Now it's 2011 and the Republican Party is on steroids and doubling up on their effort to stop people from voting. In Ohio the law was so strick that they sent it back so it wouldn't hurt "old white people". In some places they don't even want old white people to vote. So far NONE of the Republican Presidential contenders are addressing this. I guess they KNOW their audience, rich bigots. When will one of them step up and say something? Also don't forget the SILENCE from the members of the GOP with the exception of Andrew Sullivan, but then again Andrew Sullivan is about as much Republican as Juan Williams is a Democrat. More and more people are going to call out ALL THE GOP for their compliance with voter suppression.

"Hoods" in da' "Hizzouse"

I guess Eric Bolling is trying to do his best to audition for the "Glenn Beck" spot. He had done everything but mention the N word. Hood, Hizzouse, shiny tooth reference, it's all over the top. If anyone had done this on ABC, NBC, PBS, or CBS THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED RIGHT AWAY. This is all done to infuriate a Black person to kill. It worked on Richard Poplawski in Pittsburgh. He went out and shot five police officers and killed three. I wonder if Fox paid for any of their funerals or medical bills? No one speaks on peace on Fox and never will. As long as Americans are killing each other they're happy at Fox. Anything to destablize the President.

I do not want to live in a Fox America. An America that has destain and hate for minories. One where as Sean Klannity's fake Civil Rights supporter Jesse Lee Peterson says,"thank white people for slavery". One where any black personthat doesn't crawl on their knees is a racist. In Fox America only minorities are racist. Whites are hunted down and murdered. White are abused and mistreated. Whites are fired from jobs because of Affirmative Action and sexism. IT IS ALL A FANTASY! You're not being put into FEMA camps and having your guns taken away. Sharia Law is not being enforced in America. Mexico is not annexing the Southwest U.S. All these dog whistles are being used to justify keeping minorities from advancing.

One day the President need to REALLY have a national conservation about race.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally Journalism returns to America

He's not even on television yet and Rupert Murdoch has already had banned Current TV in Italy. It looks like a fair fight, all of Fox against Keith. He won't be constrained by having to follow Robert's Rules on how to treat Republicans. He KNOWS how to treat them, LIKE CRIMINALS. He won't ask the POTUS about his Minister or flag pin like some idiots in the imaginary MSM. There is no MSM, just Fox and people who are SCARED of Fox. When he goes after anybody including the President it will be because of his policies not the lies that Bill Sammon handed to him on a memo. that's one thing about Keith , he's a throwback to the way Journalism was.

When people like Walter Cronkite, Eric Severeid, or Edward R. Murrow went on television, people trusted them. They were like Sargent Friday from "Dragnet", "just the facts mam". These men didn't really give opinion, they gave facts. As Liberals always say the truth has a Liberal slant to it. When "Uncle Walter" as he was called said that America was losing in Vietnam,the President said that you lost America when you lost Uncle Walter. Mr. Cronkite wasn't paid to speak the party line. He wasn't paid to help prop up a politician. HE WAS THERE TO REPORT. Now days the media is a subsidiary of Fox and big business. The people who are not tied for the fifth riches men in America need a voice too. The people that don't own a Cable Station that spews lies and hate 24/7 need a voice. The people in Unions need a voice. It's such a shame that there are only a handful of people in the media in our country that tells the truth.

Welcome back Keith.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buyer's Remorse

Bill Cunningham and John Kasich at a Tea Party function.

Do you remember this guy? This is Bill Cunningham. He was the radio announcer from Ohio that was famous for introducing John McCain at a rally by repeating over and over the President full name. Yes he was sending out a dog whistle to get him smoked. Another thing that bill did was endorse John Kasich. Well guess what he wants to do to John Kasich now, boycott him.

Kasich has done a lot of things to piss off Democrats, but when you piss off Republicans , that's it. The cost of building the Casinos in Ohio has gone over budget by $100,000,000.00. The Democrats want to get rid of him and the Republicans want to get rid of him. Yes that's just how bad Kasich is. On top of that the Union workers of Southern Ohio where Mr. Cunningham's show originates from hate Kasich. Cunningham for some reason in now going after the Governor. Maybe he worried about his show or ratings. The right can't cover anymore for Kasich stupidity.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Well it looks like Breitbart is at it again. When Breitbart was at Rep. Anthony Weiner's press confrence he mentioned that there were more photos and that he waanted an apology. Rep. Weiner confesed and told his recollection. I don't know about you but where I live it's called blackmail.

First why didn't Breitbart give law enforcement ALL the evidence? You cannot withhold evidence. Second if children WERE allegely involved, then Breitbart could be charge as a accessory after the fact. Third, wasn't there a person that operated a porn website that assisted Breitbart in some capasity? Didn't this person also CONTACTED children and asked them to commit perjury?

What will probably happen is that if Rep. Weiner did something illegal EVERYONE INVOLVED COULD GO TO JAIL. It doesn't matter if Breitbart and his friends were trying to get Rep. Weiner in a sting, using juveniles is a no no.

The group that worked with Breitbart were on him AFTER he announced that he would go after Clarence Thomas and his wife. While people are transfixed by the photos and subject matter, It looks like the Supreme Court is corrupted and tainted by bribes. People forgot that they attacked Rep. Weiner ONLY after he was going to investigate the Thomases.

In Magic they use smoke and mirrors and it looks like Breitbart is doing the same. No one IS even mentioning the payoff by the Health Care Lobby, the gifts from the Koch family , or Ginny Thomas being in charge of a Tea Party group. No one mentioned not paying taxes on money his wife was suppose to declare.

Did Justice Thomas also get "paid" by the Koch family for "Citizens United". If all this happened then he can lose his Missouri Law license and be fired. His wife could go to jail as well.

Isn't it alway "convient" that everytime Breitbart fights for justice poor people get screwed?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

If Herman Cain is serious...

There is no way that I am voting for Herman Cain. At this point the only Republican that I would vote for is Andrew Sullivan and Republicans consider him a Republican as much as Liberals consider Juan Williams a Democrat.

If Herman Cain is serious why hasn't he :

1. Commented on the overt racism being put out by the right. People have brought signs to rallies calling for harm to come to the FIRST LADY and her CHILDREN. Will ANY Republican comment on it?

2. Why hasn't he commented on the overt MASS Voter Supression campaign taking place in many states. If a African American wanted to vote for him , maybe they can't because Republican administrations are trying to nullify the votes of African Americans.

3. The overt homophobia from the right. When Republicans make a group of people the punchlines of their jokes it shows how serious the right is trying to reach out to their community. Their sexual idenity is THEIR business just like someones religion is THEIR business. No one want to be told how to pray now do they?

4. The Xenophobia and nativism being taught by the right. Many minority groups in the West and Southwest face massive pogroms against them. Many of their breathen are cheated out of the wages and rights because of fear of being sent out of the country.

5. The violence being promoted by the right on Muslims and Arabs. This should be a serious concern of Mr. Cain's. Our soldiers lives are in danger because some bigot wants to burn a Koran, or a Mosque, or a Muslim. How can we get the Muslim and Arab world to like us if we constantly attack them ?

6. Will people let Women's health issues STAY Womens health issues? If a Woman is raped or her life is in danger does she need Pat Robertson's permission? Do you want your minister in charge of your health issues? Many of the new laws being written ARE only about Abortion. In some states the only new taxes are only being applied to any group or people associated with Abortion or reproductive health.

7. Where were those jobs that the Tea Party and the rest of the Republican Party promised to bring?

8. Will the rich EVER be taxed? One year Rupert Murdoch DIDN'T pay ANY taxes. GE didn't pay taxes as well. Everybody paid their share, how about the rich? The Republicans had eight years to make more businesses and instead just made more money.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Republicans and al Qaeda want terrorist to have access to handguns in America

Adam Gadahn aka "Azzam the American" sent out a message for al Qaeda supporters in the U.S. to buy guns at gunshows. What do the Republicans do? They make it easier for the terrorist to have access to guns. Now I thought the Republicans were so gungho about stopping terrorism. Well what the N.R.A. wants comes first. As we know the Republicans main duty is to get the President, that whole protecting the people stuff comes later.

From The Hill May 13, 2011

Republicans on the House Judiciary panel shot down a proposal Thursday to prevent weapon sales to suspected terrorists.
In a party-line vote of 21-11, the committee Republicans killed an amendment from Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) that would have blocked firearm purchases by those on the FBI's terrorist watch list.

Appearance on the FBI's terrorist watch list, however, does not alone disqualify people from buying guns [under the Quigley amendment]. That database is designed to track those "known or appropriately suspected to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism."

Quigley's amendment would have empowered the U.S. attorney general to deny firearm sales to individuals on the FBI's list when surveillance obtained using the Patriot Act led the attorney general to believe those people would use the weapons for acts of terror.

Judiciary Republicans who spoke against the Quigley amendment Thursday ” including Reps. James Sensenbrenner Jr. [R- Wis.] and Louie Gohmert [R- Tx.] ” argued that restricting sales to people on the watch list would violate the Second Amendment rights of those placed on the list by mistake.

Louie Gohmert is the same guy that sponsored a bill on the President's birth certificate and "terror babies", children born to al Qaeda and Mexican women who give birth in the U.S.

James Sensenbrenner is the idiot that voted against $50 Billion for Katrina and tried to shut the House meetings down by taking the gavel and cutting off the microphones and lights.

We are dealing with idiots people. They are worried if al Qaeda 2nd Amendment rights are violated. There are no adults left in the Republican Party.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Paradox" Philosophy

This is the world Republican live in:


It was a combination of situation and utilitarian ethics: the ends justified the means, and one should do whatever had to be done to benefit oneself.


Notably a lack of attachment to others, impulsive decision-making, a lack of remorse, a tendency to rationalize what they do and to blame others, a charming and manipulative manner, and a lack of empathy. Arrogant and narcissistic, and never failing to grab the opportunity to exploit.

This was a psychologist describing Joe Hunt, the young man that order murders and founded the Billionaire Boys Club. Joe rationalized to the other members of the BBC the reason why they could break the law and kill. He rationalized everything. It is now the Republican Party's mantra.

Republican justify what they are doing as Dick Cheney said "changing reality". In Republican world Blacks are racist and Dr. King is a Republican. President Obama killed a "world leader" and George Bush caught bin Laden.

ACORN didn't "pimp" people, Shirley Sharrod wasn't racist to the old white couple, and minority farmers WERE screwed.

Paradox Philosophy is taking what happen to Black people and saying it happened to whites.People held up signs worrying about "White Slavery". How long WERE they enslaved by Black people?

The whole Republican Party are a bunch of psychopaths.

Five policemen get shot, three died AND NO REMORSE. The police are more upset at the President siding with his handicapped teacher who was dragged out of his home WITHOUT HIS CANE.

A Hispanic girl and her father get murdered by a female member of the Minuteman, AND THERE'S A FUNDRAISER FOR THE KILLER.

Mass shooting in Arizona and a little girl born on 9/11 dies. A Congresswoman is shot in the head. Fox tells the media to STOP BLAIMING THEM. The right calls the "First Responders" heros on 9/11. This year they called them "moochers" for wanting more funding for their 9/11 health issues.

People bring guns in Arizona to a Presidential rally, the right cry out that it wasn't racist because THEY INVITED A BLACK GUY WITH A GUN THERE. They also say that it WAS OK BECAUSE OF THEIR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT. Funny I don't remember no one bringing their Tec-9 to a Palin rally.

I think that the most extreme example of this I seen was on "The Oreilly Factor". Bill had a video called "Criminals Gone Wild". It shown black people filming daylight robberies. The look of the film was similiar to the film made in pre WWII Germany called "Rats". It was used to justify the extermination of a race. They ractionalized everything in that movie. Well in Bill's staged fake movie they did the same thing. They rationalized the extermination of black people. This was released when Senator Obama was running for President at the time.

Now we see Fox and the right revisions history everyday. Fake Black Civil Rights leaders thank white people for slavery. Gays do not want Gay rights. Hispanics don't want other Hispanics to come to "their" country.

How long can they keep up the lie before we all take a peek at the man behind the curtain?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why did Breitbart FAIL at smearing Rep. Weiner?

If you probably watch Fox , you probably heard about "Weinergate". Behind it is of course Andrew Breitbart, the King of Slime. Well Breitbart is 0 for 5. He lied about ACORN. He lied about Planned Parenthood. He lied about Shirley Sharrod. He lied about the NAACP and he lied about Congressman Weiner. It seems that the Congressman's yfrog account wasn't hacked into, he was punked by a punk. It's kind of technical but things like time codes and the speed which the screenshot was taken sound fishy. Well maybe Dan Wolfe could answer some questions.

Democrats really didn't care about this situation because first, his marriage is none of my business. Democrats don't have a litmus test like that only Republicans, just ask Former Congressman Chris Lee. We only care about what job someone does, not their sex life. Second, it was effin' Andrew Breitbart, a man that only job is to screw minorities. A man that looks like a cross between the Skipper from "Gilligan's Island" and Boxcar Willie. He looks like an amature junkie. He even looks incoherant in his interviews.

From Rawstory:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas released his new financial disclosure form on Friday under pressure from Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and others.

Mother Jones reported that his financial disclosure form indicates his wife, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, received a $150,000 salary from the group Liberty Central in 2010 and less than $15,000 from an anti-health care reform lobbying firm she founded.

Liberty Central, which she helped found, supports the repeal of the the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Weiner had taunted Thomas via Twitter on Friday, but his criticisms where quickly overshadowed by the so-called “Weinergate” fiasco that broke out Sunday. The congressman had previously called on Thomas to recuse himself from cases involving health care reform because of his wife’s financial connections to groups dedicated to its repeal.

Yes folk Uncle Tom-Ass wife Hillbilly.. oops I mean Ginny is in a lot of fuckin' trouble. No one is above the law. Ole' Uncle Clarence is important to all the billionaires out there. It seems like a punk like Clarence only listen to rich white billionaires. Will Congressman Weiner go after Scalia's ass next? I hope so. They are suppose to work for ALL the people , not the rich.

People are hep to you Clarence. From crowning Bush Emperor by decree to the Citizen's United case, you prove your alligance to the rich. When they drag your wife's dead ass to jail I hope that you are next.

Sarah Palin is playing Hide and Seek

It looks like Roger Ailse is up to his old tricks again. Looks like the friendly folk at Fox is going to play the worlds longest game of softball with Sarah Palin. She will only do nice, safe, approved interviews with only Fox news. We all know that she can't answer a simple question like if she ever read a paper and the name of it. To her that's a "gotcha" question. Do people really want her to have her hands on the button? Well as long as she ain't Black that will work for them.

If Sarah was to ask me for my help (which she wouldn't because I'm Black) I would have told her to start her campaign somewhere else. Like another incoherant racist she should have gone to Philladelphia, Mississippi first to talk about States Right's and Welfare Queens. She alread got a great start by telling another female racist to reload after saying the N-word 11 times. hanging the with the bikers (aka Aryan Nation) might work well also with her constituency. But a photo of Bristol with two "colored" boys won't go down too well Down South. Yes I know that she is photographed with Kyle Massey from the "Dancing with the Stars" and "That's so Raven" show, it don't matter. To a true bigot like tha ones that support Palin, that's too close for comfort. Yes Bristol is going to do a show with both Kyle and his brother. She might as well as took a picture with Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Part of Sarah's down home phoney folksy flavor is her disrespect for minorities, especially Blacks. She was the first Alaskan Governor in modern times to not attend Juneteenth, an African American event. She also passed several bills against minority issues.

Now her real test is speaking to a crowd of minorities. She is not comfortable around minorities. No amount of Afroturfing or Aztecturfing a audience will help her get bona fides in the respective communities. She will have to ask the question why should you reload after saying nigger eleven times? The POTUS will meanwhile have to answer questions from the audience some of them Fox plants. No one is going to try to sandbag Sarah or bring loaded guns to her rallies like they do the President.

So far she proved that she can get the racist vote. How about the rest of America?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fox News gets hacked

I don't care if it's real or not (it's real), just as long as the message gets out about what a joke Fox is. They can spend money for a Tea Party Express bus and fake , astroturfed support. They can try to do the same to Palin's fake ass, but people can tell when they're being lied to.

Monday, May 30, 2011

90 years ago today

Today is the 90 Anniversary of Black Wall Street. People like Lisa and her friends don't want you to read about it. On the Conservative Citizens Council website where Lisa gets her stuff are articles concerning minorities taking the country away from Whites. BTW Darth Bacon , THEY EVEN HATE JEWISH PEOPLE which you are not!

Black Wall Street is the usual strory of a race riot. People acuse minority of raping white woman. People kill blacks and take their property. What was unusual about this particualr race riot was that it was the first time in American History that an American city was bombed from the air. Race riots were a usual occurance in America. It happened to Latinos, Japanese, Chinese, Native Americans, and Blacks.

The people Lisa "roll" with deny any violent by Whites including the Holocaust. More and more people will learn about "real" American History and not the sanitized version where only minorities were the savages. Lisa and her white racist friends don't want you to learn about the "Trail of Tears", "The Zoot Suit Riots", "The Middle Passage", or "Iran Contra". The only point of reference these people have is that everything is a minority fault.

Lisa and her friends are dangerous people. The place where she gets some of her quotes come from the Conservative Citizens Council WAS the White Citizens Council. The White Citizens Council was the group that asked Dr. King to not march. Later on they would put on their hood as also members of the Klan and terrorise blacks. They are reconized as a "Hate Group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Some of the people that write for them include Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. They ALWAYS have a excuse or reason WHY to hate minorities. Then in the next second they would quote a minority Conservative. Lisa and her friends have the mindset that when guns are brought to a "liberal" President's rally that it's funny. She thinks that there's no difference in calling a Black person a monkey because it happened to President Bush. They play a political game of "chicken" where if a liberal gets killed that it's no big loss. Lisa and her friends are a THREAT to the national security of the United States. They burn Mosques, Korans, and stab Muslims. All this because of the childish persuit to be supreior to someone. They are deep in their hatred and bigotry. When Dubya wore a codpiece and a flight suit and had a "victory lap", they all appaluded. When the POTUS wanted to show respect to the 9/11 survivors, it was that the "boy" took a victory lap, funny I didn't see his ass in a flight suit. They even want the POTUS arrested for killing a "world leader". They thought it was funny when Benjamin Netinyahu acted like a hillybilly and disrespected the POTUS. Now if it was Ronald Reagan war would have been declared.

On this day have your cookout and plant your flags and remember there are people IN THIS COUNTRY that still are not free.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What are they trying to say?

I was going to write a lengthly article about what Eric Bolling did but I feel too good about the beatdown the Republicans took in New York. America has waken up and can see and smell bull. So for all the race baiting, immigrant bashing, Islamaphobia they lost. People know that the Republicans were planning a coup. Total privatization of the government. Now who would own it...Republicans. Look like their attempt to take over EVERYTHING has been shot to hell. The middle class and the poor have gave until it hurts, now it's the rich turn.

People can translate the words "rappers" and "forties". They know what Eric Bolling is trying to say. We all know what he was trying to say. He wanted to say BLACK(or maybe the N-word). Maybe Eric should look at his kids and see if they are rapping and "crackin' forties". The first time I seen rappers on stage with 40oz was The Beastie Boys.

Right now Eric the elderly are worried about real enemies and not imagined ones. La Eme, MS-13, the New Black Panther Party, are not even in their radar. They are worried about Medicare and what Paul Ryan will do to them. You know something Eric, I think I will crack me a forty and celebrate.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome to Kasichstan

As Mel Brooks said in "History of the World" "It's good to be the King", and John Kasich knows it. He can sponge his way in line at the DMV, take photos with the peasants, and insult them by calling a guy's girlfriend his mother.

Only in Kasichstan can you have a fetus sworn in court. Yes they actually did that. While other Governors (Democrats) are trying to find ways to attract jobs, King Kasich is trying to turn Ohio into a Third World country.

The only people that King Kasich tax are Abortion providers and Casinos. The legislature in Ohio has passed several taxes on Abortion providers and anyone connected to them. Maybe the new jobs are in the law field suing the state or Women's health care providers.

Then you have the Casinos. Many of Kasich's buddies get good jobs with the administration. The people on the Casino commission get $5,000.00 for an hours work. That's $60,000.00 a year. He's also asking for more money.

Kasich is busy having a fire sale of Ohio's many assets such as the prisons, the turnpike, and anything else that isn't nailed down. He's giving school vouchers TO RICH FAMILIES. How is that going to save money and bring jobs to Ohio?

He also want's to stay in power any way he can even if it means voter suppression.

From Progress Ohio:
The primary concerns with House Bill 194 are listed below:

Restricts Voting Opportunities

•Dramatically reduces In-Person Early Voting from 35 days to 6 days
•Prohibits In-Person Early Voting during busiest 3 days of early voting (Sat/Sun/Mon before Election Day)
•Limits In-Person Early Voting to just one Saturday
•Prohibits In-Person early Voting on Sundays
•Cuts mail-in voting from 35 days to 21 days making it harder to receive and return a ballot in time
•Implements more aggressive registration purging without adequate assurances that qualified voters are not being removed from the rolls
Needlessly Disqualifies Eligible Votes

•Requires that votes be thrown out if every single field - including non-essential fields - are not completed for a provisional or absentee ballot request form.
•Throws out ballots where voter choice is clear, such as when a voter fills in the oval by a candidate's name and also writes in the same name. There were 12,207 of these in 2008.
•Instead of finding a solution to prevent poll workers from misdirecting voters to the wrong precinct, this bill removes the current requirement that poll workers assist voters in finding the correct voting precinct.
•Increases the number of provisional ballots, which are less likely to be properly counted, by eliminating the requirement that poll workers will be required to direct voters to their correct precinct and by prohibiting poll workers form helping voters complete forms.
Eliminates Local Control

Boards of elections would be forced to comply with a one-size-fits-all rule, which means:

•NO setting up satellite locations for early voting that are more accessible unless 3 of 4 members approve
•NO setting early vote hours that make sense for their county
•NO mailing of absentee ballot request forms to all registered voters to shorten election day lines and add convenience for busy working voters as well as elderly voters
•NO paying for postage for ballot return to ensure voters complete voting process

Hey Kasich, where ARE the jobs you promised?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Next time they might bring their guns

Newt should thank God that the person that threw that glitter on him was a Liberal. Conservatives throw lead and bombs, Liberals throw Cream Pies and glitter. What will happen next time? All this could be nipped in the bud if Fox and their minions would stop throwing out the violent cues. They didn't think this "let's get Obama" thing all the way. Maybe next time it might be some Hispanic protesters with their LEGAL guns expressing their Second Amendment rights at a Tancredo rally. Maybe it might be Black people at a Bachmann rally. Maybe it could be people at Greta van Susstern's church. So far using the "both sides do it argument" is moot. I don't have to put up Glenn's stats, or Oreilly's , or Goldberg's, or anyone on the right to prove my point. It would be nice if people can discuss their problems instead of trying to kill one another.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How soon they forget

On May 1st, 2011 Osama bin Laden was shot to death by American forces in Abbotabad, Pakistan. His body was quickly identified, given Muslim rites, and buried in the Arabian Sea. The administration it happened under was President Obama's. Now the right wants you to believe that the President is a enemy of Israel.

This man is #1 on al Qaeda's hit list. His Step Grandmother is #2. If he wanted to look like a "good" Muslim wouldn't he have helped bin Laden? He gives a speech on Middle East peace and now he's a enemy of civilization as we know it.

The right has been planning this for a while. Glenn Beck just didn't think of his "Restore Courage" rally. This was planned, just like the 9/12 rally and the March on Washington. This was done for one thing, to incite violence. Glenn doesn't care about people dying, as long as he gets paid. If he was really religious he wouldn't always speak of death.

What will happen when Glenn goes to Israel? well when he planned his Project 9/12 rallies the blame was put on minorities. When he did his eff Dr. King Day the enemy was the darker people. Now he's going to Israel as a friend. A friend that made anti-Semitic comments about a Holocaust survivor,George Soros. A friend that made insulting remarks about the Jewish faith.

He's planning his rally in August, the same month as the dedication ceremony of Dr. King's memorial. The same month as the anniversary of the REAL March on Washington, which happen on the same day that Emmitt Till and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois died. When Beck his anti Black people march many organizations made plans for alternate marches of other activities that day. It was done to provoke people to commit violence.

The government of Israel should try to stop his march. He's anti Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti Black, anti-Gay, anti- Woman and anti anything else you got. He's a threat to the national security of Israel. The only people that like Glenn Beck are bigots. He's going to attract all types of white supremacist there. Don't believe me then take a look at the Aryan Nation blog or Stormfront, they love him there. The blowback from this may even endanger members of his church, The Church of the Latter Day Saints also known as the Mormons.

If this doesn't get him excommunicated, nothing will.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Weak Field"

No this isn't the excuse the Browns will use this season. This is the reality for the Republican Party. How deep is their bench? Who do they have that can win it all? Let's look shall we?

John Huntsman: WORKED for the POTUS and is also a Mormon, either one won't work down South.

Mitt Rommey: Ditto on the Mormon part and also the founder of "Obamacare" (BTW, President Obama does care).

Newt Gingrich: Once, twice, three times a adulterer. Strangely he was one of the "founders" of a Tea Party, you know the guys, the ones that want to get rid of Unions and Medicare.

Herman Cain: Worked for the Federal Reserve and is AFRAID of it being investigated. BTW, don't let the word "Federal" fool you, it's privately owned. Also enjoys MAKING Black deprecating jokes.

Sarah Palin: Here's a actual quote from her resignation speech, "dead fish don't swim upstream". It's so Zen like. It as if she emptied her head of all thought. The problem is she forgot to put the thoughts back. She also believes that when Israel is destroyed , Jesus will come back. Israel do you want her finger on the button?

Michelle Bachmann: She sent out "dog whistles" for someone to "get" the President. She's also is a Fascist. She once "boycotted" having longer lasting light bulbs. How prejudice are you when you are a racist and don't want to save money?

Ron Paul: Wants to get rid of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Like father, like son.Anyone want to shoot up? Ronnie baby is paying for it. we don't need ANOTHER Ronnie after the damage the other one did.

Donald Trump: He always gets a divorce and gets into bankruptcy.

Rick Santorium: He's named for a SICK sexual position and he's a bigot too.

There are other but why talk about them? No amount of BS, publicity, or Fox can fix this lot. This is a weak field and I hope it get worst.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It came from Ohio

OK kids sit down and let me tell you a real scary tale. Now this one is true. It's about a evil ogre name Kasich that wanted to destroy a enchanted kingdom called Ohio. In steps in our hero Dennis Kucinch, the most Progressive Liberal in Ohio. His fiefdom is threatened by the 2010 Census reassignment. Now wait it gets better; while the population of Ohio went down, Northeastern Ohio didn't. Now the law is the law and Emperor Kasich can eliminate two Congressional Districts and it don't matter where. Now if you're a Republican this is the scary part, Dennis is considering running in another state.

Dennis is cool with my Congressperson Marcia Fudge and the others here. That's why he's leaving. He considering Washington State and other areas. He has the name recognition and rich Hollywood Liberals to help him. We see that in New York's solidly red district there is a three way race between the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Tea Party.

So somewhere in your state, you may hear a a Toyota Prius (or maybe not they're quiet). You will see the most Progressive Congressman in the United States coming to your all red district that has several angry elderly former Republicans. He's coming for ALL the votes this time. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Taja Sevelle

If you had to pick which song did Prince produce you would pick "Love is Contagious". Well you would be wrong, Taja Sevelle played, sung, and wrote this. When she was in her teens she had already owned a store, did science experiments, had a radio station, and was about to go to Juillard or Berklee when she decided to go to Paisley Park. She had creative control of her album but had Prince give her a song "Wouldn't you love to love me?". You should hear the original version. The song was originally a up tempo ballad, but for some reason it got turned into some Teddy Riley "New Jack Swing". Madonna and Michael Jackson was both offered this song. Someday the original version will come out.

That's not Autotune you hear, that's her voice.

Nowdays she a advocate for hunger and even have a patent for a product to help feed people.

She occasionally does shows.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How much do they hate him?

For awhile a little troll has been running around to different sites posting my site address. I wouldn't mind if BOISBS would be man enough to have a site of his own so I could go there and comment. Many of the Blogs he visit are either white supremacist or anti-Muslim sites. I have wondered if anyone could reason with them. Some of the people on these are of course being paid to say these nasty things, others are that bigoted.

When I went to one of the sites BOISBS was tagging my name at I noticed something strange, they were beyond reason. I told them that their anti-Muslim comments could get our troops killed, they didn't care. I told them that al-Qaeda was going after the POTUS Step-Grandmother, they didn't care. I told them that in his journal bin Laden wanted to make their prime target the POTUS, they didn't care. It shows how much hatred they have for this man. Some of the visuals are from BOISBS friends sites.

This is from the blog Bare Naked Islam:

May 10, 2011 at 12:12 PM
Amen to that, This whole event stunk from “go”. The timing, the announcement, the quick Muslim burial, the victory laps from the White House, and Obama’s complete lack of dignity and humility in the last nine days, including the release of the so called birth certificate. makes me sick to my stomach.
And they call anyone who dares to disbelieve a racist conservative right wing nut.
Take a look at this blog and tell me who the racists are.

May 10, 2011 at 1:51 PM
Obama is so full of shit that it pours from his lips every time he speaks.There’s the official narrative of the raid, which has already gone through more versions than the Star Wars movies.
First Bin Laden had a gun; then he didn’t.
He hid behind one of his wives, who was killed; wait, no, scratch that, she’s alive and wasn’t his wife. Maybe?
Now Leon Panetta says he and President Obama didn’t actually see the whole thing go down, after the White House made a point of releasing that instantly iconic picture of the whole gang watching it go down.

liam s
May 10, 2011 at 4:26 PM
its a pity the spring isnt coiled tight enough to propell them all into space


May 14, 2011 at 5:41 PM
BOISBS I would say that the racist is you and the rest of the bigots that post here. You do know that al-Qaeda has put a “hit” on the POTUS Step-Grandmother? Also bin Laden has in his journal has said that their main purpose should be going after the POTUS. I’m not a traitor like you. I know that it was Ronald Reagan’s al-Qaeda that struck the United States, not all Muslims. It was Reagan’s Salafist not Sufis, not Shiites, not all Sunis. It was Ronald Reagan’s specially trained al-Qaeda. This stuff here isn’t going to help SEAL Team Six or the rest of the troops. Do anyone here LIKE the troops? It sure don’t seem like it. THIS IS PUTTING THEIR LIVES IN DANGER.
But I guess being a bigot is more important than being American. Burning Korans and ridiculing their religion GETS THEM MORE RECRUITS!


May 14, 2011 at 6:38 PM
kid, garbage like you gets banned automatically. Now go kill yourself.