Saturday, June 11, 2011

Voter Suppression

I remember what happened to me in 2004. I just moved back to Cleveland from Cleveland Heights. I was registered to vote in Cleveland. So I went to the elementary school where I was registered. the line went around the block BEFORE you even got into the school. In Cleveland Heights it took my brother, his wife, and my mother about under eight minutes to vote. I was in line FOR THREE HOURS. Most of the elderly male voters were extremely angry. In the history of Cleveland this had NEVER happened before. Cleveland and the county it's located, Cuyahoga is the most heaviest Democratic city and county in the United States. all this happened thanks to J. Kenneth Balckwell who WAS the Secretary of State. In Cleveland EVERYBODY went to work THREE HOURS LATE! Bosses didn't say a damn word. Everybody KNEW Republicans tried to rig the vote. Because of that BUSH WON OHIO. Now thank God that with all his cheating Blackwell didn't get the Governorship. He had threatened to send "Challengers" to check for ID and question voters. "Someone" put up flyers on the Near West Side threatening to get Immigration to check for ID. The Near West Side is mostly Puerto Ricans WHO ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS. This "trick" angered the community.

Now it's 2011 and the Republican Party is on steroids and doubling up on their effort to stop people from voting. In Ohio the law was so strick that they sent it back so it wouldn't hurt "old white people". In some places they don't even want old white people to vote. So far NONE of the Republican Presidential contenders are addressing this. I guess they KNOW their audience, rich bigots. When will one of them step up and say something? Also don't forget the SILENCE from the members of the GOP with the exception of Andrew Sullivan, but then again Andrew Sullivan is about as much Republican as Juan Williams is a Democrat. More and more people are going to call out ALL THE GOP for their compliance with voter suppression.


Darth Bacon said...


You lie like a rug made of dead whores.

The non-partisan FEC has NEVER found voter suppression in Ohio. Nothing. None. Nada.

If you're so sure it exists (and remember, idiot Democrats OWN Cuyahoga co., so it's idiot democraps who make the election laws, create the ballots, AND allocate the voting machines, you lying sack of crap.), then why haven't any suits been filed?

And the reason states have VOTED to adopt stricter voting laws, is because of subversive groups like ACORN, which have been shown DOZENS OF TIMES in the last Presidential election alone, to be engaged in massive, systematic fraud.

No wonder you have no readers except the people who come here to see me humiliate you.

Terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Princess Natasha said...

What a piece of crap. Typical Africal-American reaction – whaaaa whaaaa always the victim,,,,

Darth Bacon said...


And before you try and bleat some pathetic nonsense about ACORN existing to 'help' some 'poor people', let me just close off that line of nonsense before you even get into it-

ACORN was created by open advocates of the Cloward-Piven philosophy, which advocates destroying the 'system' by overloading it with greedy dependents like you. The goal being, installing themselves atop the anticipated, resultant Collectivist Utopia.

That is their Modus Operandi for their massive, systemic, concerted fraud- a Federally adjudicated case of fraud which led to their re-organization, lest they be fined according to the law.

So don't blame people who don't want you sucking on the government teat for generations ad infinitum, for ACORN's demise.

Blame their systematic fraud. And also an increasing contingent of people against Theftism.

Terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

kid said...

GrouchyFogie said...
What a piece of crap. Typical Africal-American reaction – whaaaa whaaaa always the victim,,,,

Isn't that what neo-Nazi's in America and Europe say about Israel?

BTW a interesting little thing about the holocaust. The Germans wanted to see if the "equipment" they made for the extermination for people they considered to be non-Aryan worked correctly. They didn't want to use their dogs or other animals, so they used people called "Rheinland Bastards". Rheinland Bastards were German Blacks. Even then they came after US first.

You're a sick genicidal animal Darth. You laugh at Arabs and Muslims dying. I don't think that genicide need to be done to ANY race. You're just a pathetic racist bigot along with your other racist friends and sockpuppets.

Our people HAD a Dr. King. Where's yours at?

Madam Queen said...

"They didn't want to use their dogs or other animals, so they used people called "Rheinland Bastards". Rheinland Bastards were German Blacks. Even then they came after US first."

Rise above that, Kid, and don't keep thinking of yourself as a victim. It only leads to bitterness and perpetual anger which will do you, or anyone else, no good.

I believe in God and we're all His children. Quit dwelling on the past (and I acknowledge there's a lot of injustice there) and learn to better yourself and a little bit of forgiveness may go a long way too. The old saying "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." is quite apropro too.

And please remember it was Jewish people walking alongside blacks during the Civil Rights marches in the 50s and 60s. (I say this because I detect you don't like Israel that much.)

Dr King is thought of highly by most people because he advocated PEACEFUL methods for change, not angry, vindictive, nor violent ways.

And you may want to keep in mind the Aesop fable of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf". If you call even the smallest slight "racist" it will eventually numb people to real racism because they will be so tired of hearing it. I'm afraid that is already happening.

God bless and keep you and yours.

Lisa said...

well said SSC. Hopefully you broke through those walls that kid has in his ears

Darth Bacon said...

Where did I even mention Arabs or Muslims, you dumb bastard?

Terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Darth Bacon said...


Losers, Moochers. and Commies Hardest Hit.