Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Van Jones is going after Glenn Beck and Fox

It looks like Glenn Beck and Fox is going to get sued. For the longest Glenn Beck has lied about peoples backgrounds. Now Van Jones is stricking back. He even wants to debate Glenn. Well like all cowards Glenn said no. I think that Van has a excellent case. He's still getting death threats for things that Glenn LIED about. Now Van has something else up his sleeve. He was also a community organizer,well he's still is. He's working with MoveOn.org with a project called June 23rd/Rebuild the Dream. This and other massive campaigns is being done to coincide with the August 27th deication ceremony of Dr. King's monument in Washington.


Lisa said...

shouldn't he be suing the president for bombing his people in Africa?

Princess Natasha said...

The hell with Van Jones, MoveOn.org and the horse they rode in on.

By the way, Mr. Pirate, is it getting a bit lonely there now that you have instituted moderation. And that you won't publish the comments of your Dissenters.

Radical Redneck said...

Why is Michelle Obama in Africa? To find the witch doctor who married her parents?

Lisa said...

Chew on this:


Shaw Kenawe said...

Beck really needs to be part of a car's safety gear:

He's a bag full of air.

Van Jones made Beck look like the coward he truly is.

Beck isn't worthy to shine Van Jones' shoes.

Hellpig said...

Jones is a commie fuck like you

Hellpig said...

Jones is a america hating commie fuck just like you

kid said...


I just hope that what Van has planned really catches on. Beck really wanted to get Van when Color of Change made him lose all that money. Now Beck has several groups after him and it's going to get larger. What even funny is that whatever show takes Glenn's time slot will be boycotted too.

Lisa said...

In 580 days, 4 hours, and 40 minutes, our national nightmare will come to a close as we inaugurate our next President of the United States. May the next one be one we can be proud of.

kid said...

Correction, In 4 years, 580 days, 4 hours, and 40 minutes the greatest President we ever had will finish his term.

Lisa you are a demented, racist, low life, sadistic, bigot. Some asshole balled up a piece of paper on August 13th and because he didn't check 3,000 people DIED! He then invaded the wrong country and 4,000 soldiers DIED. He waited two months to get bin Laden and HE GOT AWAY. Just like in ALL the Hollywood movies, when there's a worldwide disaster CALL A BLACK PRESIDENT!

You put up the monkey pictures when for 500 fucking years Black people were called monkies. You were upset that people called Bush a monkey.

YOU ARE A PATHETIC SORRY ASS RACIST. You're dumb ass can't even embed shit and you have the nerve to call Black people stupid.

Lisa said...

I never called Black People stupid you liar.

Obama's color has nothing to do with the fact that he is a big fat failure. Why do you keep leaving out that he is half white?
The Democrats purposely picked him as the nominee and pushed him ahead of Hillary just like he did in the corrupt Chicago politics by knocking an opponent of the ballot.The democrats used him to push through "radical" policies and play the race card when you disagree with it. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out. You have been duped but you play along like a good little quisling. You don't care what he does you just give him a pass because he is half black. It's not black people who are stupid,it's just you who are.

But speaking of racism:


Darth Bacon said...

Lying gondie.

ObaMugabe is toast. Soon to join Jimmy the Dhimmi in well-deserved retirement.

Worst. President. Ever.

Doubled the debt it took 230 years to accumulate, in two years.

Terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Shaw Kenawe said...


This is the sort of racist humor Lisa allows on her blog:

"TheMadhatter1945 said...
Proof that Adam, the first man, was white:
Did you ever try to take a rib from a black man?"

She comes here and whines about our first bi-racial president when she allows racists to fill her comment section? Don't forget she allowed an entire thread filled with filthy racist jokes, and then, coward that she is, she deleted the post.

All one has to do is look at the creeps she allows on her blog, and we can get a really good picture of what sort of person she is.


Lisa said...


Lisa said...


Lisa said...


Lisa said...

Shaw you are a sick puppy. Get it through your race baiting head that if your American President Barack Hussein Obama wasn't a left wing ideologue he would get more support from conservatives.
I know that's a difficult concept for you to understand because you are a typical race baiting liberal who sees color first and character second.
You know voting for someone for their color is just as racist as voting against someone because of their color.

Heroes Are Ordinary Men Who Do Extraordinary Things in Extraordinary Times said...

Van Jones is a Maoist, plain and simple. . If it were David Duke's that Obama put in the same position you would have been blowing gas out of your ass.

He should not have been appointed by Obama in the first place but he was because they are two of a kind. . Sickos like him, Van Jones or David Duke, have no business in the public scene and should be drummed out of American society, not put in the position of advising the President. .