Monday, July 18, 2011

James O'Keefe goes Russian

He's at it again, this time he's a Russian pimp. Why does he want to get rid of programs that help the poor so much? So that the rich can get the money.


Lisa said...

try getting the story right . He posed as a rich drug dealer and the Medicaid office was telling him how to hide his assets in order to qualify.
Ever go into a Welfare Office? There is more bling in there than Tiffany's.
One time in a bank a girl was cashing her welfare check and a friend stopped by her and she was bragging about being engaged and was showing her the ring that had a diamond the size of Gibraltar,not to mention the 10 thick gold necklaces she was adorning and her diamond loop earrings.
Nice to know our tax dollars are serving the poor's jewelry obsessions.

kid said...


I live in the real world. Pimps don't go to ACORN to learn about paying taxes. Pimps DON'T PAY TAXES. They don't go out and dress like ppeople from "Good Times" thirty years ago. Organized crime guys like mobsters don't flip a coin like George Raff in a pinstripe suit with a violin case. Your whole world in full of stereotypes.

You wonder why they didn't throw his ass out? They have to work with the public every day. Yes if O'Keefe wore that or his fake pimp outfit he would have been killed.

Criminals don't follow the law. O'Keefe is just going to make it harder for people that need it. I know people that get public assistance, teacher, cops, construction worker, mininum wagers. YOU ARE TELLING A LIE!

In Ohio there are a lot of white constructiion workers in goverment programs.More whites on programs than blacks. Cancel it and WHITES WILL RIOT!

You are just a racist bigot. I am quite sure that where you live there are poor whites.

kid said...


You probably haven't gotten out of the house lately. No one wears gold anymore, they wear platinum.People don't wear expensive jewelery in the hood, they may get robbed. You are just a ignorant racist. You never been around any minorities.YOU'RE IGNORANT.

Ezzee Does it said...

Lisa, if you think Obama has been worse than the last eight years? Let’s hear your argument.

Princess Natasha said...

In the comment section of your previous post, you wrote
“who runs the Klan NOW! Who is in Stormfront and the Aryan Nation? THE TEA PARTY.”
Well I can turn that around and ask you who runs the NAACP now?

The NAACP, once was a well esteemed Civil Rights organization who made a special effort to bring justice to the black race. ,However that was a long time ago, long before the money grubbing race bating thieves got their dirty hands all over it. It has not only forgotten its original mission and that was to fight for Civil and Equal Rights for blacks But since people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, Andrew Young, Benjamin Todd Jealous, and John Conyers and the rest of that angry bunch it has degenerated from what it started out as to become a racist organization.
Dr. Martin Luthur King would be turning in his grave if he saw what the NAACP has become.
The country is more racist today with Barack Obama as it’s leader than its been in any other time in recent memory.

kid said...

Name a racist thing that the NAACP has done?


kid said...

What about the Koch Brothers ALEC group? What about Murdoch? When are the rich going to pay their taxes?

Princess Natasha said...

We are not talking about individual people, we are talking about recognized organizations.

If you wish to talk about individual people who are racist's, I could give you a list of black that's longer than your arm. And I'm sure that you know it.

Princess Natasha said...

kid said...
What about the Koch Brothers ALEC group? What about Murdoch? When are the rich going to pay their taxes?

When is Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel and Jessie Jackson and Rahm Emanuel going to pay their taxes?
Do you know that Mr. Rahm Emanuel owed about $7500 in Taxes?

Lisa said...

Who said anything about those people being black?

I was very good friends with a black woman who ...Oh my God lived with us for a while.

I lived around black people and went to school with them so nice try kid.

Alot of things I also learned form her like she told me that the only time the father's of their kids would come around was when they knew they got their checks and they would come with their hand out.

I also bowled with a guy who had 5 kids from 3 diff women none of whom he ever married and he said to me once "The Government gotta take care of my kids"

The percentage of black people on Welfare in comparison is higher than the percentage of whites.

The only thing I am prejudice against is ignorance,hate and stupidity .

As far as Obama goes he is just unqualified to be president. His resume lacks experience.

kid said...


YOU ARE NOT FRIENDS WITH ANY BLACK PEOPLE. If you are go out and tell them the hillarious joke about comparing the POTUS being a monkey to Dubya. BTW bigots do that all the time saying that they have black friends. WHY DON'T YOUR BLACK FRIENDS DO THE SPEAKING? YOu Republicans are out of control. Shooting doctors, policemen, children, and in some instances killing them. Remember the state people brought their guns to a Presidentila rally? Well they shot a Congresswoman instead and killed a few people.Now you want to protect a couple of old fat lazy Billionaires that are going to sit on their money until America is the right price.

Chateau Robert said...

What a lying stupid and false comment you just made above . You have shown that you are not only a freaken idiot, but that you can't even comprehend the news. Why didn't you say that it was an INSANE person that shot that congresswomen?

Princess Natasha said...

kid said...

If they are anything like you, why would she?

Radical Redneck said...

The Science is Settled!

Darth Bacon said...


You're still the dumbest munt on the internet.

And still a liar, a racist, and a terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Say Hi to Hot Topics for me!

kid said...

@Darth Sissy

You know something you racist punk you curse like a sissy. Munt and gondie, only cowards do that. Only cowards STEAL someone's idendity and LIES. You lie because you can't use the truth. Who are you anyway, Marcus Bachmann? For someone who claims that they're Jewish you sure approve of everything that the racist anti-Semitic Conservative Citizens Council is saying. You should see all the anti- Black and anti Jewish books they sell there. But then again YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY.

Darth Bacon said...

Silly munt.

Whose identity have I stolen? Even a brain-dead fairy like you can see my profile has been on Blogger since 2004.

Which is 3 years longer than you.

I'm starting to think it's you who has never met any black people.

I don't even know what the "Conservative Citizens Council" is, Buckwheat, so I won't be made to defend them for any of the incredibly silly shit you say.

I have to say- your blog gets more and more hilarious with each point Comrade ObaMugabe loses in the approval polls.

Have you read what your esteemed black brother, Cornell West, had to say about the Marxist Fuckup you worship?

Fucking Hilarious!

Lisa said...

Hey dick head I was forced to move after half the houses on my block got robbed,mine included. So no,I no longer live there and my friend who's name was Yvonne who since passed away and I was was with her in her hospital room when she took her last breath. I was there with her everyday for 3 weeks and I still visit her at the cemetery, so don't fucking tell me who I know you ignorant racist.
She was a beautiful person inside and out and out who had an extremely hard life and wasn't full of the hate you display.