Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let's go crazy, Let's get nuts.

I finally figured it out . I got it. I know now why Barak has appeal with white people. One day I was watching The Today Show. Matt Lauder commented on the Grammies. He said that it was nice that Morris Day and Jerome were back together again. He even commented on "the mirror". I'm thinking what the hell does he knows about "the mirror" and "chili sauce". Then I started to remember. When Purple Rain came out the "brothers" really wanted to see it. When you went to the theater it was more whites there than Blacks. Believe me, there were a lot of Blacks there. The line at the movies went around for three blocks. You would have thought that Prince , <+0 , the Artist, or whatever was there live. The girls came dressed in camisoles, the guys in Zoot Suits and long raincoats. Now we all know about the plot of the movie . The Kid is the product of a mixed marriage . He struggles with himself, his band, The Time, his girlfriend , and his family. He prevails , everybody is happy. You laugh, you cry, you kiss $6.00 goodby. At that time Prince and Michael Jackson were heros to black and whte kids alike. Their posters were over little white girls beds. Now you know that their fathers were mad at that sh!t.

First for full disclosure, both of Prince's parents were BLACK. The guy shoots basketball , and in the hood he is considered a FUNK musician , not a rock star. Sorry to destroy the myth. Many whites of that generation actually grew up with a appreciation of black culture. It is also the Hip-Hop generation. Just imagine Matt Lauder tryin' to poplock or beatbox. It wasn' t like the generation before where you had black stars , but they were more in the background (Think:Sammy Davis Jr.) Obama is the living proof of that Prince myth. Most of his votes are from young white people. To many he's one of us. To the young white girls, he's that Prince poster their mother had on the wall as a kid. To them race isn't a factor to them (it is to us).So brothers you dont have to be so skepticial they voting for him for the same reason we are , he's black. It also does't hurt that Bush really, really messed the country up big time.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Si se perde', like a mother!

A lot has been happening in the election lately.Hillary fired , laid off , whatever two of her campaign staff.One was a Hispanic woman that Hill knew for several years. What was the reason behind the firing? I don't know, but there seems to be a viral video that's going around. It was taken from a speech that Obama made. The motif of the speech was "yes we can". Several rappers , musicans and others participated in it. They took his speech and put it into music. It is very touching, it makes you want to cry,(I kid you not seriously).It is also the ralling cry of the immigrant movement.When Hillary made her this is America, speak English stance; she lost her Latino support. So for the next few days his campaign staff would say the phrase in Spanish. Yes we can, si se perde'. She wanted to get elected and took the step of not trying to be so called soft on immigrants , Hillary yes we can and no you can't.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome to the Terrordome

I got so much trouble on my.., wait. I ain't Chuck D , but we are living it the Terrordome.The concept of "thug life" was invented by Raygun. "Rugged Individualism" was a idea that republicans used to tell brothers to go get your own job. Well they are . Since Oliver "dope man" North started the Iran-Contra thing, his boys at the CIA helped make crack dealer a honorable profession.They helped formed the seeds of the Crips and the Bloods. Don't believe me?, listen to any NWA record "California home of the rock"(crack).Think about it the CIA did this. How do you get the people to by this, they have a Psy/Op division that uses psycology to get into peoples minds. Remember Manuel Noreiga? The same people are trying to get another Bush court appointee, to get put in a position to absolve him of any action . A get out of jail free card.Back to the ghetto, my home is your home, welcome to the terrordome.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stupid Tuesday

O.K. Hillary and Barack are basically about even. Someonne messed up Michigans votes and there are problems in other states. Now theres another thing ,Super Delegates. These are public officials that pledged to vote a certain way for their canidate. So Obama could have more delegates , but Hillary could have Super Delegates.

Georgia has had problems with counting the votes. Obama won Georgia but, the republicans could use this as a model to cheat us out of a election , for the third time. Now I live in Ohio where they steal our votes legally. No fake B.S., the secretary of state write the laws and steal the vote. The new secretary of state is trying to fix what Uncle J. Kenneth Blackwell (stock owner of Diebold, the people who count the votes, and Bush Ohio campaign director) did. We're scared. Now the last major election I voted in ,I had to move back to Cleveland to vote. It wasn't a problem considering that I lived in Cleveland Heights up to that point.The lines were long , there were only three voting machines. Two were broke. I ask how can a voting machine be broke? I was told the chads were clogging it. Now at the time a voting machine in Cuyahoga County was a suitcase, with a lightbulb and a puncher for knocking out the chads. It took three hours to vote in Cleveland. That was some bull. In Cleveland Heights , it took two minutes or more. It was so bad in Ohio Michael Moore and Roseanne Barr came to my old neighborhood with cameras to film it. So let's just pray that all our votes count next month and in November.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

love don't live here anymore.

I feel sorry for Bill Oreilly. His ego is brused. He went after some homeless veterans, and won. Hey Bill, do you feel better now? Yea, you shut them up . You gave them what they deserve. Bill says that only bums and junkies are homeless. While these guys were accepting Bill's offer of help if they come to see him, he sent his lacky out to ambush them. He ask them "how did you hear about it. " Well Bill since they're homeless, they got it off their blackberry. You know how they know , someone told them about it. You're sick. Think about what these men went through so you can enjoy your million dollar lifestyle. If you were to go to war you'll be a junkie or a alcoholic too. I don' have hate for you anymore. I feel pity. When your "reporter" stuck a mike in the face of that guy , I was numb. You hate poor and black people so much you dis the veterans. Now you say in two weeks you will let the public know your plan to help the vets. I think this is a way of incoculating yourself so the folks (your racist audience) won't be pissed at you. I live in a town where the foreclosure level is at a all time high. Now as with most situations its not real until it happens to whites. I not glad about that , that's messed up. More jobs are leaving town. The govenor has to lay off people, but as you say there's no homelessness problem. Bill wake up.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Family Values

Boy, Fox is getting predictable. One day Bill Oreilly sticks up for Obama the next day he sticks up for the Clintons. You would think you were watching the WWE. On Wednesday , Bill and Juan talk about something you don't hear a lot on Fox., racism. Bill and Juan said Bill and Hill are racist. Juan stepped in and said ,Yessir you sho' is right. I thought they would have to go off and get a room together. Also one of Massa Murdocks' newspapers, the N.Y. Post backed Barack, don't believe the hype. Ok, brother Barack I'm going to have to teach you about family values. the family I'm talking about is the Corleon's from the Godfather.

First thing first, that endorcement from the Post is the Judas kiss, don't trust Murdock . Keep your friends close and your enemies close. Second, Fredo may be your brother but don't trust him. So when Juan Williams says you been the victim of racism, you know he is Fredo. Now before you take him fishing, if you respond to him let him know he's a tom. This would shut him up, just ask Dr. Boyce Watkins.

Now you already agreed to a meeting with Oreilly. The place you pick is should be somewhere safe , a family resturant . I recommend Sylvia's in Harlem . I heard the ice tea is real good there. Now he going to pull out the Hussein card, the Farrakhan card, don't get upset. Go to the restroom and look behind the toilet..., wrong sorry. Just him about Mackris and the loofa. Now he's going to call you a name that rhymes with tigger. Just sit there while he yells and screams . You just taught Bill some family values, american style.