Monday, July 18, 2011

Is Jesse Lee Peterson trying to start a riot?

On Sunday the 24th, Jesse Lee Peterson will hold a counterprotest against the NAACP in South Central Los Angeles. Now wait a second he's bringing the South Central Tea Party with him. This would be similiar to sending Eminem and Paul Wall to pass out Final Calls at NASCAR, it's not wanted there. First you have to remember the gangs. These are not regular gangs down there. Some of them are connected with the Mafia. You may see teenagers hanging on the corner in movies, but some of the founder of these gangs are Jim Brown's age. Now if Jesse Lee is going to have a "I hate black People" march with the Tea Party he should expect a ass kicking. If someone paid the gangs off then that one of his problems he doesn't have to deal with. Another problem is going to be protesters. Black people really, really hate the Tea Party. We consider them the new Klan. You are going to have all sorts of protesters that hate the Tea Party. The main problem will be so called "lone wolves". People in known militant groups and organization know how to act. The people to worry about is are the ones that aren't in anyone's radar. This is about as bad as Glenn Beck's march except there will be people there that are not looking for peace. Peterson knows this and is willing to make blacks look bad. I just hope there are plenty of police down there. One thing people should remember when black people are in trouble they sure as hell don't call Jesse Lee, they call the NAACP . He only help racist like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

BTW, today is Nelson Mandela's birthday. There were two people that didn't like President Mandela, one is Alan Keyes the former Ambassador to South Africa under apartheid, the other is Jesse Lee Peterson. that shows the type of character these people have.


Princess Natasha said...

The HELL with that racist Dog Mandela and Jackson and the rest of those Pigs.

In case you didn't know it Kid, this is America, not Africa.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you are crazy! Wake up and smell the Napalm.

Princess Natasha said...
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Lisa said...

Black people really, really hate the Tea Party. We consider them the new Klan

and you have so much proof to back up that claim.

Anyway I see you still got your hate on kid.
You ever think of trying therapy?

Princess Natasha said...

As they say, "If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot."

Perhaps you forgot that it was the Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery and passed all the bills that permitted slavery and the Jim Crow laws that you always bring up. . And it was the Democrats who started the Ku Klux Klan. It was them who started lynching innocent blacks. And Mr. Democrat Senator Byrd was one of them. And yes it was the Democrats who prevented the passage of every civil rights law beginning with the civil rights laws of the 1860s, and continuing with the civil rights laws of the 40's, 50s and 60s. Read your history, you might learn something.In fact you might want to change parties after you find out what horrors your party committed to your race. . All of this is true, you can check it out and I'm sure you will. And while you are at it, check out Democrat Senator Byrd But you most likely already know it. Perhaps someday people will learn this.

Chateau Robert said...

I'm Still waiting for the proof of the “Racist” signs, and the spitting on the black congressmen … still waiting and waiting waiting… Ever wonder why NOBODY was able to prove it for 100k? Andrew Breitbart put up 100k for evidence of racism during the heatlhcare DEBACLE in congress that was alleged by another racist of the black caucus. many camera’s many recording devices in the area NOT ONE SHRED of evidence. But the cry of the victim is “We’re always the victim” You’re lying, you’re scared I understand. bro I truly do.

Once the truth is out that racism is dead (Which it has been for many years except in PRISON, where racism is on ALL sides and ALWAYS forefront) you guys will have to stand on your own feet. You wont be able to blame whitey for your troubles… Do you really ever want to see the end of racism? Come on man we can tell the truth here… The end of imagined racism will end your entitlements, your grants, your special treatments…. Its dead man, Racism is dead. The Klan is dead but the BLACK PANTHERS are alive and well? Whew… Odd huh…

The congressional Black caucus would have to be abolished if racism was proven dead. it will never be dead because YOU clowns keep it alive. You folks who see racism in everything you disagree with… It’s alive only in your mind… a small minded person looks for the worst in men. A strong mind sees the good… Sorry man, I’m sorry for you and those like you. The potential for greatness is in our youth and you choose to waste it on imagined racism… it’s the easy path. stay on it till it comes to the cliff, then for god sake stop

Chateau Robert said...

You were beat down, you lost, not only lost but lost BADLY. Don’t feel too bad about it though, your hide has been nailed to my wall next to much better folks than you will ever be. Have fun in your hatred of Whitey. Lord help you if you ever had the nuts to get off the keyboard and say some of the stupid shit you spew face to face with someone like me.
But that would never happen. Little people like you love to hide behind the keyboard of a computer to spout your sick hated. That's the way liberal's are, and that's what they do..

Chateau Robert said...

You can’t win the ideological debate about issues, so RACISM is your answer. Sad.

The color is all you democrat and liberals see. We republicans see policy, action and results. Really sad man that this is all you have. You have seen the truth if you open your eyes, if you keep them closed you may as well die. You are missing so much life because of your racism it’s a waste of life….Funny how you as a black man, continue to see Whitey as the problem. The black man/woman has risen to heights never expected because of the LACK OF RACISM. Powell, Rice, Obama, Thomas, to name a few… Did you see what happened to Thomas during his hearings? Did you see racism there? Did you back Powell during the protests over Iraq? did you back Rice over all the protests about her working with GWB? Of course not you didn’t see color there, you saw ideology.. Thats all thats here now… but hang on to your racism it will eat you alive, the rest of us have a country to save from socialism.

Chateau Robert said...

Attention visitors to Kid’s site. Read the racist remark in his profile, “I'm just a poor black brother, and I'm doing this. Trying to raise the race up.”. He states that he’s a “Poor Black Brother” Was he was abused, was he was trounced, bounced and beat down. He’s a proven racist by his own words. So lets please allow Kid some time to heal from his wounds. His tirades and thrashing about is just the typical leftist death throw. it happens all the time.

Kid, rub a little dirt on it man, walk it off…. It only hurts when I laugh… And believe me son, I’m laughing my ass off at you. Right now

See ya on the battlefield man, I’ll be the old man whose knee you are across. The pain you feel on your backside will be from some one like me who will be only trying to knock some sense into your narrow mind.

Black people should not look to whites for charity forever. What we lack is self help and self reliance. We are always wanting somebody to do something for us. As a race we are too envious, malicious and superficial, and because of this we keep ourselves back------MARCUS GARVEY 1915.

Negros must be honest enough to admit that our standards do often fall short. One of the true signs of maturity is the ability to rise to the point of self criticism. Even when that criticism comes from whites, we must pick out elements of truth in them. Our crime rate is far too high, and our level of cleanliness is far too low. Too often we live above our means, and spend money on nonessentials. We fail to give to serious causes and organizations. We are often loud and boisterous, and spend far too much on drinks. Even the most poverty stricken among us can purchase a 10 cents bar of soap, and even the most uneducated among us can have high morals----DR. KING

Ezzee Does it said...

The Tea Party members are full of crap
Those folks that are receiving social security and Medicare, the two largest entitlement programs in the country. So who are they to complain? They’re full of shit. All of them.
We had terrible fiscal policy under Bush, and now we are at the brink of becoming insolvent as a result of that. Where were you people when Bush was running up record deficits?

The white people see their good old days ending as the America they once knew with gold in the streets. Slowing they are finding out what black folks knew and felt when the whites ruled the country. But now that the country is rapidly becoming blacker and browner, and now that we have a black man in charge of the nation, they are crying reverse racism. Well all I can say is deal with it..

kid said...


Mandela let the Boers live, he didn't go out and kill them like they did Black Africans. If the right keep antoganizing American Blacks they might enact some Second Amendment solutions. I want to keep them from doing that because we are more civilized than the Tea Party.

kid said...


In case you might not have noticed the name of my blog is a song title from the Clash and I use quotes from different songs that are popular which means you must be 90 years old. You want me to tell you what songs? Keep guessing.

kid said...


Well who runs the Klan NOW! Who is in Stormfront and the Aryan Nation? THE TEA PARTY. Google NAACP and Tea Party and you can SEE and NAME the Republican Racist there. There is film there also. I take the Tea Party at their word when they bring their guns and racist signs.

Lisa said...

"The white people see their good old days ending as the America they once knew with gold in the streets. Slowing they are finding out what black folks knew and felt when the whites ruled the country. But now that the country is rapidly becoming blacker and browner, and now that we have a black man in charge of the nation"

No what we see is an empty suit of a man who was a nothing but a rabble rouser in the streets of Chicago propped up to be some kind of Hope and Change people were brainwashed into believing like a bunch of mindless drones. Very pitiful to watch those people chanting to a virtual unknown who's claim to fame were speeches,empty speeches at that.

I don't see where black people are being lifted up under this president other than the fact that he is the president.
And you keep forgetting he is half white.
It just makes you feel good that since the black community and the middle class are doing much worse in the last 2 years that taking more money from the rich white people even though it will not help you or me, it is just more feel good politics to make up for the not so good feeling we are all having.
I guess you prefer that everyone have nothing,because once the rich white evil people don't go out to dinner,or buy items and/or services we will have less need for people to fill those positions who provide those services and eventually we will run out of other people's money because there will not be enough of those people to pay the taxes they pay now in order to cover the 40% who are not paying anything now .
Liberal policies are the demise of many socialized nations.
You just haven't felt the full effects of it yet but we are almost there,sit tight it's going to be a bumpy road to doomsday.
I guess when you get all your info from liberals what else would one expect?