Thursday, March 27, 2008

Limbaugh Lottery

Hey kids be the first on your block to get into the new game that is sweeping America , the Limbaugh Lottery.First I must give credit to anneyhussein of crooks and liars for giving me the idea for this. First you must be a citizen of Cuyahoga County to enter. No purchase necessary. Here are the rules. You have to have been a Republican that crossed over and voted Democrat in the presidential election. Now go down to the Cuyahoga County board of elections and admit that you committed voter fraud. Make sure that the affidavit is on file when you committed the fraud. Now you might have to pay a little fine but it's ok you will soon get riches.Find more of your friends that have done the same thing. The next step is you might have to go to jail a little bit , don't worry you will soon be rewarded. Next, now this is most important have a class action lawsuit against Fat Boy. He told you to committ a crime. He used the public airways to do this. that right ,you can sue the Mississippi SH!T out of him. That's right you'll be helping democracy while sending a fat drugged out racist to get plenty of excercise, thanks to the citizens of Cleveland and its surrounding communities.Yes I know I can't make you vote for a president for the right reasons, but money trumps racism all the time.You can sent Rush somewhere he can't and don't want to use that Viagra.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meet John Doe

One of my favorite directors and screenwriters is Frank Capra.If you seen "Its a Wonderful Life" you know what I mean. He also did "Mr. Smith goes to Washington. " Capra's movie stood for what America should stand for, unity.I know that every Christmas you get sick of that movie, but deep down you love it. One that is not widely known is "Meet John Doe." In the movie Barbara Stanwyck is a journalist that need a story to help revive the paper.She makes up a story about who will comitt suicide if he doesn't get a job. She prints the letter. People from all over want to help. People start clubs. Everybody wants to help their fellow man, but where is the author of the letter? Barbara looks for someone to claim authorship of the letter. She finds Gary Cooper a washed up pitcher, who needs expensive surgery. He gives speeches. The people are touched .Americans want to help their neighbor. Everyone cares about each other. Now you know what happens next, the politians want to use the movement to put their people into office,(sound familiar huh?) When they can't control the movement then they try to distroy it. Now Gary Cooper really wants to commit suicide.When he goes to the location he's about to jump. The politicians call his bluff.Before he jumps ,average people come and stop him. While they take him past the politcians a man screams "you know what that is that's we the people, you can't stop that."almost just like "Its A Wonderful Life".

The movie reminds me of 9-11 when people started to really care about each other.It also reminds me of another thing, when Hillary started to use Rev. Wright to fix the Bosnia problem she has. How much does she want to damage the party. She would have to get 64% in the rest of the states to win. She doesn't loves America. She only thinking of herself. At one time I had much love for her and her family. Now it seems she get up every morning like what can I do to piss people off today? I don't understand her. I can't think of a happy ending for this. Damn, where Frank Capra when you need him?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

He was riddin her dirrty, he was riddin her dirrty.

Many people said that the races can come together and talk about problems. That sh!t ain't happin' on Fox. Fox stands for Fuckin' Old Xenaphobes. His minister said something anti-american and racist, yea when the FUCK that happen ?. Now while I was watching the channel that Barack and black people control .Ohh.. I.. sorry there is none. While watching Fox I heard everything, even that Rev. Wright was the problem on the stock market.

Radio is diferent people are more polite and truthful. I heard Michael Gallagher and Liar Ingrate, Oops I mean Laura Ingraham say that that Rev.Wright said Bill was Riddin' her dirrty, riddin' her dirrty. How can you talk about such things in front of children ? Shame on you , what type of ministry is that. For anyone that haven't got their Michael Medved Ebonic to Idiot(Asshole Edition ) translation let me explain. I do not know what Mike and Liar means by riddin' her dirty. I do know what riddin' dirty is. DWI, no license,fake license plates, drugs, or guilty of a crime is riddin'dirty. Don't believe me ? Ask your eight year old. They made it sound like it was oral sex. I just laugh while they spoke of it for a while. Damn, they can't understand fuckin' english.Let's throw them out of the country. Dammit, this is America learn to speak American, just like the rest of us. I know the good Rev . must have fooled you into thinking that it was about head , because when he was on stage he leaned his head back , got patted on the back andput his left hand up as if he was driving a car. He even swung his hips while doing that. If you are driving a car listening to music and having fun (no sex) , your ass would be riddin' dirty too.

Now fox said he said something racist, hell you can't even tell he wasn't riddin dirty.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I ain't going for da Okie Doke.

I was listening to the radio when suddenly my racist fiend...oops I mean friend Michael Medved started to go off about Barack, Mike has said several things about the Senator. One day he quoted Shelby Steele's book about black/white identity. Shelby's from the same background as Barack. One black parent , one white parent. He says that Barack is confused and hate being black, of course the guy that loves slavery agreed with him.The hatred for Barack is unbelieveable.They bring up his religion(he's church of christ), his middle name and now he's lucky to be born black.The only person who had a tougher job than me and Barack is James Brown and he's the hardest working man in showbiz.They tried the race card , the gay card,and they even said perverted things about his wife.I was one of those people that wanted a "united" ticket,but I would vote against him if he put that racist on his ticket.Many in the Afrosphereare now thinking that if Hillary wins start a third party. Some white people are really disrespectful to blacks.Hell, my mother said she will not vote for Hillary, she interested in a third ticket.

So while listening to Medved he played a speech of Obama's . Hell Mike even compared him to MLK(well he does have the cadence).Then Medved said he heard something he did not understand. Barack said hey yall don't go for the Okie Doke. Medved ask a BLACK audience to tell him what it means. He told him were not getting fooled again, that what it means. So Barack not black enough huh Mr. Medved? Well why did you have to get a translator?Next time I drop you a Ebonics to Nerd dictionary.