Thursday, May 19, 2011

How soon they forget

On May 1st, 2011 Osama bin Laden was shot to death by American forces in Abbotabad, Pakistan. His body was quickly identified, given Muslim rites, and buried in the Arabian Sea. The administration it happened under was President Obama's. Now the right wants you to believe that the President is a enemy of Israel.

This man is #1 on al Qaeda's hit list. His Step Grandmother is #2. If he wanted to look like a "good" Muslim wouldn't he have helped bin Laden? He gives a speech on Middle East peace and now he's a enemy of civilization as we know it.

The right has been planning this for a while. Glenn Beck just didn't think of his "Restore Courage" rally. This was planned, just like the 9/12 rally and the March on Washington. This was done for one thing, to incite violence. Glenn doesn't care about people dying, as long as he gets paid. If he was really religious he wouldn't always speak of death.

What will happen when Glenn goes to Israel? well when he planned his Project 9/12 rallies the blame was put on minorities. When he did his eff Dr. King Day the enemy was the darker people. Now he's going to Israel as a friend. A friend that made anti-Semitic comments about a Holocaust survivor,George Soros. A friend that made insulting remarks about the Jewish faith.

He's planning his rally in August, the same month as the dedication ceremony of Dr. King's memorial. The same month as the anniversary of the REAL March on Washington, which happen on the same day that Emmitt Till and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois died. When Beck his anti Black people march many organizations made plans for alternate marches of other activities that day. It was done to provoke people to commit violence.

The government of Israel should try to stop his march. He's anti Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti Black, anti-Gay, anti- Woman and anti anything else you got. He's a threat to the national security of Israel. The only people that like Glenn Beck are bigots. He's going to attract all types of white supremacist there. Don't believe me then take a look at the Aryan Nation blog or Stormfront, they love him there. The blowback from this may even endanger members of his church, The Church of the Latter Day Saints also known as the Mormons.

If this doesn't get him excommunicated, nothing will.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Are there people left in this country who still watch Beck? Who's paying any attention to the self-identified rodeo clown and recovering dirt bag?

His radio show is off the air in New York:

"In case you didn’t know, Glenn Beck is currently off the air in New York City’s radio market. Back in January, WOR announced that they were dropping Glenn Beck from their lineup due to his low ratings:

WOR (710 AM), one of the city’s two biggest talk radio stations, said this morning it is dropping Beck’s syndicated show as of Jan. 17 and replacing him with a familiar New York name: Mike Gallagher.

“The reason is ratings,” said WOR program director Scott Lakefield. “Somewhat to our surprise, the show wasn’t getting what we wanted.”
--Stop Glenn Beck website

FAUX NOOZ cancelled him.

I guess the only people still listening to him are bigots and birthers. Certainly no one with an intellect above a 5 year old's.

kid said...

@Shaw Kenawe

I still feel sorry for the people of WOR. They traded a crazy bigot for a "sane" bigot. Michael Gallagher is just as dangerous as Beck AND he's sane, which makes it worst. He tried to have a school teacher "offed". I guess he doesn't have the "magic touch" to get people killed like Becky.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I've never heard of Michael Gallagher. And I think I'll keep it that way. ;)

Meanwhile, one of your more fatuous trolls was here the other day claiming I didn't know what I was talking about when I said Mr. Obama is doing just fine in the polls.

Here's more evidence to back that up:

"Last night Fox News released a new poll that revealed President Obama’s job approval ratings have swung a net 13 points and increased to 55% in the past month.

The Fox News poll has Obama’s job approval rating at 55%, which is an 8 point increase over the last month. Obama’s disapproval rating has declined by 6 points from 47% to 41%. Men approve of the job that Obama is doing as president, 53%-43%. Women approve of Obama’s job performance, 57%-39%. Those with a college degree approved of Obama 55%-41%, and those without a degree approved of Obama by virtually the same margin, 55%-40%.

Whites were split on Obama, 46%-50%, but the President remained strong with non-whites 81%-19%. Another key component of the Obama constituency, those under age 35 approved of Obama 62%-33%. People 35-54 approved of Obama 55%-41%. Those age 55+ approved of the job Obama is doing, 50%-47%, and seniors were split on Obama, 47%-48%. Those who make under $50,000 approved of Obama, 62%-32%, and those who make over $50,000 approved of Obama, 53%-46%.

These job approval ratings for Obama are his highest in the Fox News poll since June of 2009. Even before the capture of Bin Laden an improving economic picture had the President’s approval ratings trending upwards, and now it looks like they have taken off. It has been weeks since Osama Bin Laden was killed and Obama’s approval ratings are trending towards new recent highs."

Mary Mayhem said...

There you go! If Faux News says it, it is doctrine. By the way, it was Hardasssaml or whatever, who is also Ralphie......who was trying to debunk those multiple polls.

The Church of Latter Day Saints does not even like/respect/own up to Glen Beck. They are ashamed of him. This is coming straight from the mouths of two bishops in the Church of Latter Day Saints, my brother-in-laws...(who live in Salt Lake City AKA by me as Mecca or the Vatican or the Cradle of Civilization or Jerusalem)

Since I'm not a religious person, and I don't really care about Beck's rights or anything, and I'm not too worried about my Karma either, I hope something really bad happens to him when he goes over to that part of the world. One less crazy person to contend with is ok with me, and maybe the magical spell who wear off of some of these other crazies.

Hellpig said...


you are a Foxaphobe

seek help

kid said...

@Mary Mayhem

I know that the only way that Beck would slow his roll would be if he was excommunicated. To a Mormon it means that they will not be with their family in heaven. You think that they would have done something after people got murdered on Beck's command.


Most people I know call Fox "Radio Rwanda" or the Klan Channel. What's wrong with being a Foxaphobe? How many people have gotten murdered because of what Beck, Oreilly, Goldberg, Klannity, or Greta said? Fox is sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and downright hateful.

They are not a News Channel, they are the propanganda arm of the Republican Party. MSNBC is nt the "left version" either. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow NEVER told people to go out and kill, that's Fox's job.

Tom said...

The kid has a one tracked mind. He feels that all white reoublicans are KKK members.
And there lies the problem with black racists.
A good and typical example of black racism.

kid said...


First if you were to wear your avatar as a T-shirt in Cleveland you would be a speck of grease on the sidewalk. How can Black people be racist when we don't control the government or the businesses? Most Republicans ARE racist. Do you belong to the NAACP or Urban League? Did you support ACORN? The only Republicans I see on TV are the ones asking for a Birth Certificate. Then you have the ones that claim that the POTUS is Arab, Muslim, Gay, Socialist, Communist, or some other nonsense. What year did your Parents and Grandparents get their Civil Rights and the Right to Vote?

Mary Mayhem said...

Sorry, insurance plans don't cover Foxaphobia (or other made up ailments), nor would I use my own out of pocket money to seek help for a condition I am very proud to live with. BOISE, ID: he never said they were all KKK members, just that the majority of republicans in the current GOP carry a deep seeded racism that has surfaced with the election of the first African American POTUS. There is the problem with the current GOP; absolution: the inability to see a grey area.

Mary Mayhem said...

@ Hellpig - What are you even doing on the internet? Do the republican's even let women have access to technology? Isn't your husband going to beat the shit out of you when he gets home and sees this? Go take care of your children and cook a dinner! Fox News is only supposed to background news to you! You aren't allowed to have an opinion.

Radical Redneck said...

kid said... BOISBS First if you were to wear your avatar as a T-shirt in Cleveland you would be a speck of grease on the sidewalk. How can Black people be racist

What an idiot! You tell someone your fellow negroes would pummel him for wearing a harmless image poking fun at your Halfrican Presnit, then go straight on to blather black folks can never be racists!

It really is shameful how much of an idiot you are. Seriously.

Mary Maggot, have your cunt drippings eaten the paint of your enlightened Prius?


Darth Bacon said...

Hot Topics wishing death on someone- over ideological difference.

Without so much as a hint of irony.

And Buckwheat still riding his "Conservatives get people murdered" bullshit.

Don't you ever feel ashamed about being so blindingly stupid?

And Hot Topics- how empty is your life, that you feel moral superiority for cheerleading such a stupid bigot?

I have a feeling you're a Klan member in disguise. Nobody could be that dishonest.

OOo! And another great Ebonics verification word- Sista!


Hellpig said...

@Kid The KKK is a Dem thang


/yawn you have now game ...USEFUL IDIOT

kid said...


Now the KKK is a Republican thing. Just like in a football Game they switch sides at halftime.

Now you want me to vote Republican and yet you and youir friends make racist statements.

Radical Redneck said...

Bring back the Poll Tax, too many idiots weakening the vote!

Case in point: million meathead march for Usama Ugabe as President.

Mary Mayhem said...

Nope. I wish more than death; I wish for anything mal to happen to him. Death would be nice though. It's more than ideology. I don't have to wish for your death, Bacon Fat. You are fat enough; Death will come to you, and soon. Keep eating those fat pellets, like most republicans do.

RR would have an obsession with the "poll" seeing as he's most likely a closeted homosexual. Suppression leads to hate and ignorance. Let it out!

Mary Mayhem said...

Also, how is supporting what someone says and believes dishonest? Do you not know the meaning of the word dishonest? You should. You support enough dishonest people to embody the meaning.

Is your mom reading this Bakon? I don't want to offend her.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Some troll left this comment here:

"...too many idiots weakening the vote!"

Finally, a troll who understands what happened in November 2010!


Darth Bacon said...

Hot Topics, my parents are both dead.

I know it's asking a lot of someone who has absolutely no scruples, who wishes others' deaths, and regularly sneers that she 'doesn't care about' other peoples' rights, but leave parents out of this.

mKay, you nasty little scrunt?