Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fox News gets hacked

I don't care if it's real or not (it's real), just as long as the message gets out about what a joke Fox is. They can spend money for a Tea Party Express bus and fake , astroturfed support. They can try to do the same to Palin's fake ass, but people can tell when they're being lied to.


JimsWord said...

I found your comments on another blog and I had to come here to see if you were for real. And I found that You're not only dumb, but your stupid and dumb.

kid said...

What's stupid and dumb is for any minority to vote RepubliKlan. You want lower minimum wages? Vote Republican. Do you want Medicare eliminated? Vote Republican. Do you want 2% of the top earners that hardly pay taxes that are sitting on their money and not hiring to get more money? Vote Republican. Do you want to get rid of Unions? Vote Republicans. The rich want the middle class and the poor to pay more taxes and the rich to stick it to all of us and GET MORE FREE MONEY.

If you want a Plutocracy by all means vote Republican. If you want to eat , you better vote Democratic. Your life may depend on it.

Darth Bacon said...


Didn't anyone ever teach you not to covet your neighbors' goods?

You don't earn shit. Therefore you don't deserve shit.

You know very well that the top two percent of taxpayers pay more than half the total taxes in this country, but you stick with the ridiculous lies you repeat (handed down to you by white multimillionaires like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid via MSNBC and all the Soros-funded sewerhole websites you quote from) because they enable you to screech for more More MORE! of other peoples' earnings.

It's whitey's fault you can't read or write above a fourth grade level. Whitey forced Tookie Williams to found the Crips. Whitey makes you smoke crack and microwave babies.

Meanwhile in the real world, millions of decent, hardworking black peoples' stomachs turn when they hear of someone like you. They don't speak Ebonics, they don't demand other people pay for what they want, and they damn sure don't want to be associated with a mooching scumbag like you- that's why you have no black commenters. Come to think of it, I don't think you're even black, you liar. It seems far more likely that you're some pasty white kid in his mommie's basement, pretending to be black because it gives him more 'cred'.

People like you are the ones I see riding around in a raggedy car, with chrome rims. You won't move out of the ghetto, but you drive an Escalade on deuces. You spend time making up stupid names for your kids, but then you won't even buy a child seat for when you take them on a drive-by shooting with your homies.


Darth Bacon said...


I think I've got an idea:

I can prove I'm Jewish by showing you my birth certificate.

Then, you can prove you're black by showing me your EBT card.


kid said...

@Darth Racist

The only thing you proved is that your a punk, coward, and a racist. Antisemites like Mal and Lisa give a boot licking Tom like you a good ole' pat on the head.

I will have the one thing you will never have or get...self respect. So keep going to right wing, racist sites spoofing my name like the coward you are.

When you have to make up a LIE ABOUT ME it shows THAT I HAVE THE POWER, NOT YOU. You lost any argument when you have to resort TO LYING ABOUT ME.

So keep making racist jokes so I can show people that you are a fake.

Hellpig said...

yes people can tell when they are being lied to ...let me refer you to Nov 2nd 2010 the start of America's 2nd revolution....in a HISTORIC REJECTION of liberal agenda's the Dems lost 800 seats nationwide...retook the house form the commie progressives and shut down the Senate's commie grip ....more state houses switched then ever before in US history......Now kid you RACER!! "we the people" are listening and are awake NOW!...America's 2nd revolution will end on NOV 3rd 2012 when "we the people" send Obama the America hating racist to the Dem created unemployment lines ...

MLK R.I.P....Sorry you were assassinated by a DEMOCRAT

kid said...


Dr. King was assassinated by people much like you that kept calling a Black Man Socialist, Communist, and Marxist. The same people that have guilt of minorities getting in power because they fear payback, which is not happening. Some of these fools might have a Black Man testicles in a jar in their basement as a souvinir of a lynching.

The FAKE Tea Party shit is OVER. This stuff has been in the works for 30 years and the Koch Brothers failed. Their plan was to control all the financial structure of America and they lost.

no_slappz said...


Some day you might have an awakening and realize that your head is filled with nonsensical opinions generated by experts in the field of victimology.

At this point, however, you're still a victim of your own willful ignorance and your own determination to reject all the elements of life that lead to individual prosperity.

You are a leading citizen in the alternate universe in which millions of blacks live.

JimsWord said...

Pirate you POS, for Gods sake, put down that crack pipe and grow up.. Don’t you have anything else to say other than that race shit? Don’t you realize that you are the problem? Your constant bullshit about the whits bing KKK members and white supremacy, make you sound so brain washed that’s it’s a joke. You have exposed yourself for the racist you really are. Why don’t you try to take up playing basketball where you can make some honest money or tap or break dancing, or maybe rapping? You are both delusional, and full of shit at the same time. The real racists are the blacks who constantly play the race card against the whites! Don’t you read, or are you so dense that you believe everything you hear in your racist church? . I presume you are a “Black Muslim”? Well, I have no problem with Blacks, but have lots of problems with Muslim that have that Islam philosophy. I’m talking about those psychotic inbred murdering scum that want to destroy the USA. So if you are any part of that bunch, then go screw yourself. And have a nice day.

Darth Bacon said...


I hope you'll be devoting a post here at Butt-Pirate Satellite to Weinergeddon.