Thursday, July 21, 2011

America is fed up with the Murdochs

It's official, America HATES the Murdoch. They have spied on American companies and bought their silence. They have probably spied on the 911 families. They have spied on politicians and celebrities. they have lied on people. Now it's time for them to pay. Pretty soon Congress could probably get the families of the three dead policemen in Pittsburgh to testify how they felt when one of their loved ones died because somebody watched Fox. Maybe Dr. Tiller's family could testify. Maybe Rev. Wright could tell people how many death threats he got over Fox's lies. Maybe Dr. Otis Moss Jr, Dr. King's friend could tell a jury how his son got death threats because Greta stalked his son Otis Moss III when he got installed as minister of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. It's time for Fox to pay for their treatment of the little people.


Chateau Robert said...

You know what? Screw Murdoch and Rev. Wright, you too. Who give a good shit about any of the three?

Lisa said...

kid said...


No Rev. Wright SAVED a President's life and volunteered TWICE to serve during the Vietnam War. He had a deferrment but joined the Marines and the Navy. So Robert GFYS. Ablack man has to overcompsenate when doing something for this country and draft dogers like Ted Nugent, Oreilly, and Limbaugh can bitch all they want.

Chateau Robert said...

I noticed that you so conveniently left Bill (Blow Job) Clinton’s name off of that dumb list draft dodgers of your! How strange was that. And don’t you dare to even try and defend that ASS-HOLE anti American Jeremiah Wright. There never was such a LOWLIFE RACIST SCUMBAG like him in the history of American Clergy before. And so are all the members of his Church, including "you-know-who!"
I'm still waiting for the “Racist” signs and the proof of the spitting that went on at the Tea party gathering.. … still waiting and waiting waiting… Ever wonder why NOBODY was able to prove it for 100k? Andrew Breitbart put up 100k for evidence of racism during the heatlhcare DEBACLE in congress that was alleged by another racist of the black caucus. many camera’s many recording devices in the area NOT ONE SHRED of evidence. But the cry of the victim is “We’re always the victim” You’re lying, you’re scared I understand. bro I truly do.
I hope you and the other sheep like you sheep wake up while there is still time, and American still is the great nation that it Once WAS.

Chateau Robert said...
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Darth Bacon said...


I've definitely killed your shitty little blog, you loser.

You're a liar, a racist, and a moocher.

And a terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Shaw Kenawe said...

ROBERT wrote: "There never was such a LOWLIFE RACIST SCUMBAG like him in the history of American Clergy before."

Oh yes there was. JERRY FALWELL!

Of whom the inimitable Christopher Hitchens wrote on his death:

"If they had give Falwell an enema, they could have buried him in a match box."