Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fox News gets hacked

I don't care if it's real or not (it's real), just as long as the message gets out about what a joke Fox is. They can spend money for a Tea Party Express bus and fake , astroturfed support. They can try to do the same to Palin's fake ass, but people can tell when they're being lied to.

Monday, May 30, 2011

90 years ago today

Today is the 90 Anniversary of Black Wall Street. People like Lisa and her friends don't want you to read about it. On the Conservative Citizens Council website where Lisa gets her stuff are articles concerning minorities taking the country away from Whites. BTW Darth Bacon , THEY EVEN HATE JEWISH PEOPLE which you are not!

Black Wall Street is the usual strory of a race riot. People acuse minority of raping white woman. People kill blacks and take their property. What was unusual about this particualr race riot was that it was the first time in American History that an American city was bombed from the air. Race riots were a usual occurance in America. It happened to Latinos, Japanese, Chinese, Native Americans, and Blacks.

The people Lisa "roll" with deny any violent by Whites including the Holocaust. More and more people will learn about "real" American History and not the sanitized version where only minorities were the savages. Lisa and her white racist friends don't want you to learn about the "Trail of Tears", "The Zoot Suit Riots", "The Middle Passage", or "Iran Contra". The only point of reference these people have is that everything is a minority fault.

Lisa and her friends are dangerous people. The place where she gets some of her quotes come from the Conservative Citizens Council WAS the White Citizens Council. The White Citizens Council was the group that asked Dr. King to not march. Later on they would put on their hood as also members of the Klan and terrorise blacks. They are reconized as a "Hate Group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Some of the people that write for them include Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. They ALWAYS have a excuse or reason WHY to hate minorities. Then in the next second they would quote a minority Conservative. Lisa and her friends have the mindset that when guns are brought to a "liberal" President's rally that it's funny. She thinks that there's no difference in calling a Black person a monkey because it happened to President Bush. They play a political game of "chicken" where if a liberal gets killed that it's no big loss. Lisa and her friends are a THREAT to the national security of the United States. They burn Mosques, Korans, and stab Muslims. All this because of the childish persuit to be supreior to someone. They are deep in their hatred and bigotry. When Dubya wore a codpiece and a flight suit and had a "victory lap", they all appaluded. When the POTUS wanted to show respect to the 9/11 survivors, it was that the "boy" took a victory lap, funny I didn't see his ass in a flight suit. They even want the POTUS arrested for killing a "world leader". They thought it was funny when Benjamin Netinyahu acted like a hillybilly and disrespected the POTUS. Now if it was Ronald Reagan war would have been declared.

On this day have your cookout and plant your flags and remember there are people IN THIS COUNTRY that still are not free.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What are they trying to say?

I was going to write a lengthly article about what Eric Bolling did but I feel too good about the beatdown the Republicans took in New York. America has waken up and can see and smell bull. So for all the race baiting, immigrant bashing, Islamaphobia they lost. People know that the Republicans were planning a coup. Total privatization of the government. Now who would own it...Republicans. Look like their attempt to take over EVERYTHING has been shot to hell. The middle class and the poor have gave until it hurts, now it's the rich turn.

People can translate the words "rappers" and "forties". They know what Eric Bolling is trying to say. We all know what he was trying to say. He wanted to say BLACK(or maybe the N-word). Maybe Eric should look at his kids and see if they are rapping and "crackin' forties". The first time I seen rappers on stage with 40oz was The Beastie Boys.

Right now Eric the elderly are worried about real enemies and not imagined ones. La Eme, MS-13, the New Black Panther Party, are not even in their radar. They are worried about Medicare and what Paul Ryan will do to them. You know something Eric, I think I will crack me a forty and celebrate.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome to Kasichstan

As Mel Brooks said in "History of the World" "It's good to be the King", and John Kasich knows it. He can sponge his way in line at the DMV, take photos with the peasants, and insult them by calling a guy's girlfriend his mother.

Only in Kasichstan can you have a fetus sworn in court. Yes they actually did that. While other Governors (Democrats) are trying to find ways to attract jobs, King Kasich is trying to turn Ohio into a Third World country.

The only people that King Kasich tax are Abortion providers and Casinos. The legislature in Ohio has passed several taxes on Abortion providers and anyone connected to them. Maybe the new jobs are in the law field suing the state or Women's health care providers.

Then you have the Casinos. Many of Kasich's buddies get good jobs with the administration. The people on the Casino commission get $5,000.00 for an hours work. That's $60,000.00 a year. He's also asking for more money.

Kasich is busy having a fire sale of Ohio's many assets such as the prisons, the turnpike, and anything else that isn't nailed down. He's giving school vouchers TO RICH FAMILIES. How is that going to save money and bring jobs to Ohio?

He also want's to stay in power any way he can even if it means voter suppression.

From Progress Ohio:
The primary concerns with House Bill 194 are listed below:

Restricts Voting Opportunities

•Dramatically reduces In-Person Early Voting from 35 days to 6 days
•Prohibits In-Person Early Voting during busiest 3 days of early voting (Sat/Sun/Mon before Election Day)
•Limits In-Person Early Voting to just one Saturday
•Prohibits In-Person early Voting on Sundays
•Cuts mail-in voting from 35 days to 21 days making it harder to receive and return a ballot in time
•Implements more aggressive registration purging without adequate assurances that qualified voters are not being removed from the rolls
Needlessly Disqualifies Eligible Votes

•Requires that votes be thrown out if every single field - including non-essential fields - are not completed for a provisional or absentee ballot request form.
•Throws out ballots where voter choice is clear, such as when a voter fills in the oval by a candidate's name and also writes in the same name. There were 12,207 of these in 2008.
•Instead of finding a solution to prevent poll workers from misdirecting voters to the wrong precinct, this bill removes the current requirement that poll workers assist voters in finding the correct voting precinct.
•Increases the number of provisional ballots, which are less likely to be properly counted, by eliminating the requirement that poll workers will be required to direct voters to their correct precinct and by prohibiting poll workers form helping voters complete forms.
Eliminates Local Control

Boards of elections would be forced to comply with a one-size-fits-all rule, which means:

•NO setting up satellite locations for early voting that are more accessible unless 3 of 4 members approve
•NO setting early vote hours that make sense for their county
•NO mailing of absentee ballot request forms to all registered voters to shorten election day lines and add convenience for busy working voters as well as elderly voters
•NO paying for postage for ballot return to ensure voters complete voting process

Hey Kasich, where ARE the jobs you promised?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Next time they might bring their guns

Newt should thank God that the person that threw that glitter on him was a Liberal. Conservatives throw lead and bombs, Liberals throw Cream Pies and glitter. What will happen next time? All this could be nipped in the bud if Fox and their minions would stop throwing out the violent cues. They didn't think this "let's get Obama" thing all the way. Maybe next time it might be some Hispanic protesters with their LEGAL guns expressing their Second Amendment rights at a Tancredo rally. Maybe it might be Black people at a Bachmann rally. Maybe it could be people at Greta van Susstern's church. So far using the "both sides do it argument" is moot. I don't have to put up Glenn's stats, or Oreilly's , or Goldberg's, or anyone on the right to prove my point. It would be nice if people can discuss their problems instead of trying to kill one another.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How soon they forget

On May 1st, 2011 Osama bin Laden was shot to death by American forces in Abbotabad, Pakistan. His body was quickly identified, given Muslim rites, and buried in the Arabian Sea. The administration it happened under was President Obama's. Now the right wants you to believe that the President is a enemy of Israel.

This man is #1 on al Qaeda's hit list. His Step Grandmother is #2. If he wanted to look like a "good" Muslim wouldn't he have helped bin Laden? He gives a speech on Middle East peace and now he's a enemy of civilization as we know it.

The right has been planning this for a while. Glenn Beck just didn't think of his "Restore Courage" rally. This was planned, just like the 9/12 rally and the March on Washington. This was done for one thing, to incite violence. Glenn doesn't care about people dying, as long as he gets paid. If he was really religious he wouldn't always speak of death.

What will happen when Glenn goes to Israel? well when he planned his Project 9/12 rallies the blame was put on minorities. When he did his eff Dr. King Day the enemy was the darker people. Now he's going to Israel as a friend. A friend that made anti-Semitic comments about a Holocaust survivor,George Soros. A friend that made insulting remarks about the Jewish faith.

He's planning his rally in August, the same month as the dedication ceremony of Dr. King's memorial. The same month as the anniversary of the REAL March on Washington, which happen on the same day that Emmitt Till and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois died. When Beck his anti Black people march many organizations made plans for alternate marches of other activities that day. It was done to provoke people to commit violence.

The government of Israel should try to stop his march. He's anti Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti Black, anti-Gay, anti- Woman and anti anything else you got. He's a threat to the national security of Israel. The only people that like Glenn Beck are bigots. He's going to attract all types of white supremacist there. Don't believe me then take a look at the Aryan Nation blog or Stormfront, they love him there. The blowback from this may even endanger members of his church, The Church of the Latter Day Saints also known as the Mormons.

If this doesn't get him excommunicated, nothing will.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Weak Field"

No this isn't the excuse the Browns will use this season. This is the reality for the Republican Party. How deep is their bench? Who do they have that can win it all? Let's look shall we?

John Huntsman: WORKED for the POTUS and is also a Mormon, either one won't work down South.

Mitt Rommey: Ditto on the Mormon part and also the founder of "Obamacare" (BTW, President Obama does care).

Newt Gingrich: Once, twice, three times a adulterer. Strangely he was one of the "founders" of a Tea Party, you know the guys, the ones that want to get rid of Unions and Medicare.

Herman Cain: Worked for the Federal Reserve and is AFRAID of it being investigated. BTW, don't let the word "Federal" fool you, it's privately owned. Also enjoys MAKING Black deprecating jokes.

Sarah Palin: Here's a actual quote from her resignation speech, "dead fish don't swim upstream". It's so Zen like. It as if she emptied her head of all thought. The problem is she forgot to put the thoughts back. She also believes that when Israel is destroyed , Jesus will come back. Israel do you want her finger on the button?

Michelle Bachmann: She sent out "dog whistles" for someone to "get" the President. She's also is a Fascist. She once "boycotted" having longer lasting light bulbs. How prejudice are you when you are a racist and don't want to save money?

Ron Paul: Wants to get rid of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Like father, like son.Anyone want to shoot up? Ronnie baby is paying for it. we don't need ANOTHER Ronnie after the damage the other one did.

Donald Trump: He always gets a divorce and gets into bankruptcy.

Rick Santorium: He's named for a SICK sexual position and he's a bigot too.

There are other but why talk about them? No amount of BS, publicity, or Fox can fix this lot. This is a weak field and I hope it get worst.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It came from Ohio

OK kids sit down and let me tell you a real scary tale. Now this one is true. It's about a evil ogre name Kasich that wanted to destroy a enchanted kingdom called Ohio. In steps in our hero Dennis Kucinch, the most Progressive Liberal in Ohio. His fiefdom is threatened by the 2010 Census reassignment. Now wait it gets better; while the population of Ohio went down, Northeastern Ohio didn't. Now the law is the law and Emperor Kasich can eliminate two Congressional Districts and it don't matter where. Now if you're a Republican this is the scary part, Dennis is considering running in another state.

Dennis is cool with my Congressperson Marcia Fudge and the others here. That's why he's leaving. He considering Washington State and other areas. He has the name recognition and rich Hollywood Liberals to help him. We see that in New York's solidly red district there is a three way race between the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Tea Party.

So somewhere in your state, you may hear a a Toyota Prius (or maybe not they're quiet). You will see the most Progressive Congressman in the United States coming to your all red district that has several angry elderly former Republicans. He's coming for ALL the votes this time. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Taja Sevelle

If you had to pick which song did Prince produce you would pick "Love is Contagious". Well you would be wrong, Taja Sevelle played, sung, and wrote this. When she was in her teens she had already owned a store, did science experiments, had a radio station, and was about to go to Juillard or Berklee when she decided to go to Paisley Park. She had creative control of her album but had Prince give her a song "Wouldn't you love to love me?". You should hear the original version. The song was originally a up tempo ballad, but for some reason it got turned into some Teddy Riley "New Jack Swing". Madonna and Michael Jackson was both offered this song. Someday the original version will come out.

That's not Autotune you hear, that's her voice.

Nowdays she a advocate for hunger and even have a patent for a product to help feed people.

She occasionally does shows.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How much do they hate him?

For awhile a little troll has been running around to different sites posting my site address. I wouldn't mind if BOISBS would be man enough to have a site of his own so I could go there and comment. Many of the Blogs he visit are either white supremacist or anti-Muslim sites. I have wondered if anyone could reason with them. Some of the people on these are of course being paid to say these nasty things, others are that bigoted.

When I went to one of the sites BOISBS was tagging my name at I noticed something strange, they were beyond reason. I told them that their anti-Muslim comments could get our troops killed, they didn't care. I told them that al-Qaeda was going after the POTUS Step-Grandmother, they didn't care. I told them that in his journal bin Laden wanted to make their prime target the POTUS, they didn't care. It shows how much hatred they have for this man. Some of the visuals are from BOISBS friends sites.

This is from the blog Bare Naked Islam:

May 10, 2011 at 12:12 PM
Amen to that, This whole event stunk from “go”. The timing, the announcement, the quick Muslim burial, the victory laps from the White House, and Obama’s complete lack of dignity and humility in the last nine days, including the release of the so called birth certificate. makes me sick to my stomach.
And they call anyone who dares to disbelieve a racist conservative right wing nut.
Take a look at this blog and tell me who the racists are.


May 10, 2011 at 1:51 PM
Obama is so full of shit that it pours from his lips every time he speaks.There’s the official narrative of the raid, which has already gone through more versions than the Star Wars movies.
First Bin Laden had a gun; then he didn’t.
He hid behind one of his wives, who was killed; wait, no, scratch that, she’s alive and wasn’t his wife. Maybe?
Now Leon Panetta says he and President Obama didn’t actually see the whole thing go down, after the White House made a point of releasing that instantly iconic picture of the whole gang watching it go down.

liam s
May 10, 2011 at 4:26 PM
its a pity the spring isnt coiled tight enough to propell them all into space


May 14, 2011 at 5:41 PM
BOISBS I would say that the racist is you and the rest of the bigots that post here. You do know that al-Qaeda has put a “hit” on the POTUS Step-Grandmother? Also bin Laden has in his journal has said that their main purpose should be going after the POTUS. I’m not a traitor like you. I know that it was Ronald Reagan’s al-Qaeda that struck the United States, not all Muslims. It was Reagan’s Salafist not Sufis, not Shiites, not all Sunis. It was Ronald Reagan’s specially trained al-Qaeda. This stuff here isn’t going to help SEAL Team Six or the rest of the troops. Do anyone here LIKE the troops? It sure don’t seem like it. THIS IS PUTTING THEIR LIVES IN DANGER.
But I guess being a bigot is more important than being American. Burning Korans and ridiculing their religion GETS THEM MORE RECRUITS!


May 14, 2011 at 6:38 PM
kid, garbage like you gets banned automatically. Now go kill yourself.

Beck quits job to help the"kids"

Oh my God what a great American. It seems like Glenn Beck wasn't fired, but quit Fox to save the young people of America. Last time I heard that Glenn help the young was in 1990 and it was allegedly some sort of murder. He doesn't have too good a track record with young women. This week he attacked Megan McCain for making a skin cancer awareness commercial.

Where did Glenn get this audience of collegians? Maybe they don't know that Republicans are trying to take money away from college programs or that Republicans are trying to "spoil" the votes of college students. Too bad there wasn't any students from The University of Wisconsin, the University of Madison, or any of the other fine institutions in Wisconsin. Maybe they could have told their companions how the right treats college people. Many times on Fox they're called stupid. Maybe they don't know who Beck is or maybe the Fox florist found some pretty cheap "plants" for Beck's studio.

Speaking of brainwashing it looks like Mike Huckabee will not run for President. I think he's too busy selling his fake revisionists history. I wonder if there are any episodes on COINTELPRO, Civil rights, or Women's Sufferage? Believe me this is NOT for Children, this is being marketed for old bigots to buy for their Grandkids. If you don't want them to flunk or being humiliated by the other kids please don't buy it for them. It seem s as if the Republicans want to indoctrinate another generation to hate people. Hate is taught it's not born into people. It's passed on from generation to generation.

From the Broadway Musical South Pacific:

You've got to be taught to hate and fear,you've got to be fear year to year,It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear, you've got to be carefully taught.You've got to be taught to be afraid of people whose eyes are oddly made,and people whose skin is a diff'rent shade,you've got to be carefully taught.You've got to be taught before it's too late, before you are six or seven or eight, to hate all the people your relatives hate,you've got to be carefully taught!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Big Picture May 13th, 2011

Yes Blogger took down my last article just like everybody that uses Blogger. I mentioned that Sarah Palin should comment about Kid Rock and his hero worship of David Allen Coe. Coe's specialty is writing racist Country songs.

The right has Reverend Wrighted Actor and Rapper Common for some BS. People are starting to wake up and see how corrupt the Republican Party has become. It's Party first and Country second.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Do the Republicans have ANY Common sense?

The only Rapper that it would have been worst to go after for Fox would have been Will Smith. Common is called "The Conscious Rapper" for a reason. He raps about taking care of kids, going to school, and respecting women. This will only play to old dumb bigots. He don't have "hoochies" dancing on stage buck naked. He don't "pop the Chris" like Donald Trump's friend Lil' John . He don't run around with "blunts". He not like Michael Franti or Chuck D talking about rebellion, he raps about responsibility. It makes the right look dumb. When George Bush "got" Saddam Hussein the left didn't go after his musical taste. It shows how unAmerican Republicans are.

Now Sarah Palin has a friend and supporter that's a rapper called Kid Rock. Now should we judge Sarah for her taste in music? Kid Rock once told Rolling Stone magazine that Robert DeNiro have some good looking "black bitches". Will Sarah respond to that? Then Kid Rock always name checks in his songs David Allen Coe. David Allen Coe makes racist music and that's a understatement. Many of his songs describes killing black people in many ways. He uses the N word liberally in his songs. He basically Sean Klannity with a guitar. He's Country Music's crazy secret Uncle. He's like the white version of Rudy Ray Moore without the comedy. Did I also say that he's a punk? Maybe I didn't, but he is. He embellish his resume to look more "thugged out". He couldn't have been running around the Ohio Reformatory popping that junk when you had the "Brick City Outlaws" there. Even the white guys that were there don't remember him. So will Sarah Palin renounce Kid Rock or David Allen Coe? Hell naw, that's where ALL of her supporters are from.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Martin Bashir shows how to make Smoked Tancredo

First you start of with a lot of ham and tons of boloney, and grill to perfection. Looks like Martin is 2 for 0 on smoking bigots. Tancredo was ask if he STILL thought that the POTUS was a bigger threat to the country than al Qaeda? Then Martin really let him have it when he asked him if he wanted him dead? All I have to say is keep it up Mr. Tancredo, we want the Republican Party to become a memory.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wag the Dog

No this is not about George Clinton. It not even about Bill Clinton, it's about Number 41 Bush Sr.

Larry Beinhart wrote a book called American Hero, about a politician that uses a war for political purposes. The war was Desert Storm and the guy was Pappy Bush. When it got to Hollywood some of the things were changed like making the President and war fictional. Still the original premise was there that Hollywood and Madison Avenue sold us a war.

When this movie first came out the right said it was about President Clinton. See how that worked out. They said it long enough and now when you say "Wag the Dog" you're transfixed to "Monicagate" and when the President launched missiles. No this was originally about Bush trying to copy Margaret Thatcher "doing" the Falkland War.

Now the spin doctors want us to believe that President Obama is doing a "victory lap" when he went to New York. No I never seen the President get off a jet carrier in Times Square in a flight suit with a giant codpiece, that was the other guy. People are calling his Presidency "imperial". The usual suspects are saying that he's acting like a dictator. They're trying to turn him into Bush. They're even calling him stupid. Madison Avenue and Billionaires can really change reality.

There is no "victory lap" by President Obama or "victory Mosque". Now there were several victory churches build after Europeans "conquered" people of other races, those were called Missions. Now there were some victory churches that weren't Missions such as the ones that were built by the Ku Klux Klan in Tulsa 90 years ago after the Memorial Day riots. That day America was bombed for the first time from the air and maybe more that 3,000 died. Sound familiar? It's also known as Black Wall Street. Black people had their lives and money taken from them that day. They were chased from the area of Greenwood, Archer, and Pine. Then the Ku Klux Klan set up a government in Tulsa. Imagine if al Qaeda set up a government in New York and a so called victory Mosque. No that happen to Black people in Tulsa, Rosewood, St. Louis and other places.

You still want to talk about victory laps and who celebrated them?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why does Bill Maher STILL have Bigot Breitbart on his show?

After going after a little old lady who had a father lynched and a group that houses the poor and gets them to vote, Andrew wants to go after Unions. People are prepared for him already. Maybe he thinks it's funny to get rid of their jobs, but they don't.

Well to all the Mother's out there Happy Mother's Day. Don't worry Andrew I consider you a Mutha too.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who cares?

"South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum" - James Louis Petigru, South Carolina native, 1860.

Be afraid, be very afraid. The Republiklans had their first Presidential Debate in South Carolina. After Bill Sammon was caught lying on tape about the POTUS being a Socialist, this Focus Group thinks he's a Socialist. Frank Dunce sorry I mean Frank Luntz conducted his "fair and balanced" polling with a group of bigots,... oops I mean voters. The President could give people health care, $3,800.00 for a new car and have Seal Team VI kill bin Laden and they would still hate him. Now no one's that prejudiced. It's not like they want to put the POTUS in jail for killing bin Laden, oh wait Judge Napolitano, Glenn Beck, and Mike Gallagher ALREADY want to do that.

Don't worry I have hope. Oil is going down and some of the elderly have been scared sh!tless by the Republicans plan for Medicare. They also energized the Unions.

Now the events of May 1 are great but we can't let the people forget why the country is in the shape it's in. Boehner wants to KEEP giving Oil companies billion dollar welfare checks. The only bills the Republicans have passed have been for taxing Abortions and defunding them. Not one job was created by them.

Let's keep reminding the people why they need to be thrown out.

How dumb are Republicans?

I tried to call Michael Gallagher's show when one of my friends contacted me. They were pissed that Gallagher wanted the President arrested for killing bin Laden, you can't make this stuff up. Each time I reached his show they put me on hold and then hung up on me. On another occasion I have called his show and read him the riot act. After the third try the screener ask me if I wanted to relay a message to him. I told the screener that Mike was a racist, coward, and a traitor. If you haven't heard Mike's show let me let you know that he does the same thing that Glenn Beck does. One time Mike, Rush, and Malkin had a teacher quit because she taught students a song about the President. She had to "retire" because of all the death threats she was getting from Mike's fans. He broadcast her name and school on his show. While people on the left may pass out petitions or boycott someone, Gallagher have people in fear of their life.

I decided to go over to his site and I found this, the fake senior's organization AMAC that was founded to stop health care. They didn't exist until a couple of years ago. Below are some of the things they believe in.

How is AMAC different from the AARP?
AMAC stands for lower energy prices, demanding an immediate expansion of oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear production in America. AARP is silent.
AMAC opposed ObamaCare, and is fighting to Repeal and Replace it. AARP supported it (see video below to learn why).
AMAC stands against high taxes, which harm seniors living on a fixed income. AARP is silent.
AMAC fights for 2nd Amendment rights. AARP supported the Brady Bill.
AMAC speaks out to preserve the values that have made America a great nation. AARP’s liberal leadership does not.

Didn't see too much about health in that statement did you? Now look at the video and you will see Rev. Wright with the President. What the HELL does Rev. Wright has to do with health care or the President? This is a dog whistle for all racist bigots to hate the POTUS. Not a mention about health at all. They think that the elderly are stupid. You just have to shake your head when you look at this stuff. AMAC will never have the membership as AARP does. I think that the seniors are waking up now. They seen what Paul Ryan wants to do with their Medicare.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bunker Mentality

Listen to former Judge Andrew Napolitano call Osama bin Laden's death an assassination. This is what the right has come to. Now they're trying to paint the current POTUS as the last POTUS. He's worried that he'll just go out and kill all the dictators and Glenn Beck. Maybe Glenn is a dictator too, I don't know why he listed him on the list. He said he's worried about the POTUS killing Glenn Beck. Wasn't it Beck that got people to kill some of Pittsburgh's Police Officers?

Fox is now a parody of it's former self. They hate the black man so much that they are now siding with dictators and terrorists. Should this network of TRAITORS even be on the air? He's upset that people like Khaddafy, Hugo Chavez, and Osama bin Laden aren't going to be treated fairly.

Judge Napolitano why do you and Fox HATE America so much?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Guess who won a wet T shirt contest?

FOX NEWS' TAKE: "African American Male in Washington Confesses to Murder of Elderly Man.". I got this from Media Matters. I first seen on my last posting that bin Laden was taken out. I of course thought it was a rumor. I tried to avoid the media because of the Trump birther bull. Then I turned on MSNBC, but not before I checked Wikipedia. Now the right is saying that Former President Bush was the reason he was caught.

When I downloaded this Media Matters video I was going to write about Trump. That's why I wasn't looking at any media on Sunday. On the Tom Joyner Morning Show they made fun of Donald Trump's show being preempted by the President's speech.

Well I guess now we all know that the President is not Muslim now. Is he American enough for you now Franklin Graham?