Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buyer's Remorse

Bill Cunningham and John Kasich at a Tea Party function.

Do you remember this guy? This is Bill Cunningham. He was the radio announcer from Ohio that was famous for introducing John McCain at a rally by repeating over and over the President full name. Yes he was sending out a dog whistle to get him smoked. Another thing that bill did was endorse John Kasich. Well guess what he wants to do to John Kasich now, boycott him.

Kasich has done a lot of things to piss off Democrats, but when you piss off Republicans , that's it. The cost of building the Casinos in Ohio has gone over budget by $100,000,000.00. The Democrats want to get rid of him and the Republicans want to get rid of him. Yes that's just how bad Kasich is. On top of that the Union workers of Southern Ohio where Mr. Cunningham's show originates from hate Kasich. Cunningham for some reason in now going after the Governor. Maybe he worried about his show or ratings. The right can't cover anymore for Kasich stupidity.


Knuckledraggin said...

You wanted integration, well you got it, now live it. Live with your separatist rap music and break dancing , your home boys cursing ya’all, your people milking our government, your made-up African names, and especially your so called "culture" - you've had 150+ years to adapt to our Nations' culture. Deal with it. You're American. I recognize it and it's about time you did too.

Lisa said...

(Kind of makes you wonder, hmmm?)

After Katrina, the media blamed the lack of response on the Bush administration's dislike of black people.

Can we then conclude from the lack of media coverage and response by the Obama administration that Obama doesn't like white people?

See Below:
Where are the Hollywood celebrities holding telethons asking for help in restoring Iowa and North Dakota and helping the folks affected by the floods? Where is good old Michael Moore?

Why is the media NOT asking the tough questions about why the federal government hasn't solved this problem?
......Asking where the FEMA trucks and trailers and food services are?

Why isn't the Federal government moving Iowa people into free hotels in Chicago and Minneapolis ?

When will Spike Lee say that the Federal government blew up the levees that failed in Des Moines ?

Where are Sean Penn, Bono, and the Dixie Chicks?

Where are all the looters stealing high-end tennis shoes, cases of beer and television sets?

When will we hear Governor Chet Culver say that he wants to rebuild a 'vanilla' Iowa ... because that's what God wants?
Where is the hysterical 24/7 media coverage complete with reports of shootings at rescuers, of rapes and murder?

Where are all the people screaming that Barack Obama hates white, rural people? My God, where are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt,
Oprah, and Ray Coniff Jr?

How come you will never hear about the Iowa flooding ever again? Where are the gov't. bail out vouchers? The government debit cards?
More people died in these floods then from Katrina...how come the media doesn't report that?!!!!! There must be one hell of a big difference between the value of the people of Iowa and value of the people of Louisiana ..



Knuckledraggin said...

So I guess that it’s not any surprise that black is not beautiful when we hear disgusting stories like those Lisa.

Heroes Are Ordinary Men Who Do Extraordinary Things in Extraordinary Times said...

Obama makes me sick. The bastard will take the time to play golf on Memorial Day but won’t visit Normandy.It’s probably just as well though, he doesn’t deserve to walk on that hallowed ground where brave men died fighting for this country. He’s a disgrace and so are the idiotic morons who voted for him.

Lisa said...

hey kid another gas tax increase is coming.


kid said...

KnuckledragginAndI'mFeelinNoPain said...
You wanted integration, well you got it, now live it. Live with your separatist rap music and break dancing , your home boys cursing ya’all, your people milking our government, your made-up African names, and especially your so called "culture" - you've had 150+ years to adapt to our Nations' culture. Deal with it. You're American. I recognize it and it's about time you did too.

June 7, 2011 5:47 AM


So I guess you SCARED to talk about Kasich?

1. Integration

People like YOU proved that it can't work without strong judicial enforcement.

2. Rap Music

Most of it is bought by WHITE KIDS. Younger black kids listen to something called Neo Soul, you need to stop watching Fox so much.

3. Culture

I thought there was a AMERICAN culture. We ALSO been in the Americas for 500 years.

4. You're right Rap is separatist. The people that buy the MOST of it like the violent, graphic, sexual rap. Guess who THOSE PEOPLE are? First you need to find out what YOUR kids LISTEN TO. Are they wearing FUBU, Rockawear, Phat Farm, Shady, Sean Paul, or any of the other Hip Hop clothing companies? I know more about your kids than you do.

Can't talk about Kasich hun?

kid said...

KnuckledragginAndI'mFeelinNoPain said...
So I guess that it’s not any surprise that black is not beautiful when we hear disgusting stories like those Lisa.

June 7, 2011 7:19 AM

We can't be as beautiful as the white mother that killed her kid/kids. Now which white mother am I talking about?


You know why people rushed to save all those white people, BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T BLACK.People like you and Knucklehead LET US DIE! There is also bias from ALL MEDIA. When blacks were in New Orleans trying to live Klannity said they were stealing. When whites did it THEY WERE TRYING TO SURVIVE. Stop with the false caomprison bullshit.


President Obama didn't read "My Pet Goat" while America burned. He didn't invade the WRONG country for oil and revenge for his daddy. He didn't stop looking for bin Laden after four years. 3000 dead in New York and 4000 in Iraq and your pissed at the man that is trying to do something about it? You're ignorant. They gave Dubya information they America was going to be attacked AND HE THREW THE PAPER AWAY! When Dubya first got to the White House President Clinton told him the most important thing is to get bin laden. That day the White House Press Secretary released a FALSE story that President Clinton's staff took all the G,B, and W, out of the printers and typewriters. that is damaging Federal property and illegal. You're angry at the wrong person. Be angry at the guy that let 7,000 Americans die in vain because of his own ignorance, not the other guy because of his color.

BTW, why haven't you mentioned Kasich?

kid said...


You really are a racsit ass bigot. There is video and DVD of WHITE AMERICA being cavalier about those black people that died in New Orleans.

You need mental help.

BTW, you're not going to mention Kasich are you?

kid said...


If they had sent FEMA trucks maybe they might have SHOT AT THEM BECAUSE Glenn Beck said that they were going to take away their guns. You can't do the comparison and contrast bull. The world know that White America LET Blacks died because they were poor.

Hellpig said...

Kid you are the reason why people on welfare should not vote.


Hellpig said...

BTW if it wasnt for WHITE AMERICA ..you would be running around Africa with a machette hacking arms and legs off in the name of Allah....be thankful you worthless RACIST POS

Darth Bacon said...

My kids don't wear your prison-inspired ghetto clothing.

They don't listen to your violent, misogynist music.

On the other hand, the blacks in Philly are always walking down the street, doing a combination of dancing, and throwing out gang signs (tribal affiliation- one more African pathology we have to 'embrace' and 'celebrate'), and shouting rap lyrics. Maybe that's just to frighten whitey.

Nobody's walking around singing Jill Scott songs, you idiot. They ARE, however wearing the sports jerseys whose colors match their gang/tribe identity. That's why blacks tend to have a given, legal name, a 'street' name, and a 'muslim' name. Reginald goes by "Boo", and "Rashad", depending on who he's trying to be 'down' with, or who he's hiding from- like the cops. They also refuse, almost to the one, to carry any form of ID. That's been my overwhelming experience with the vast majority of the young blacks I deal with in my professional capacity. They're unhirable for the reason that they lack the most basic socialization, such as having a 'work ethic'. They don't care if they get fired for not showing up to work without so much as a phone call, because there's always whitey's handout, or selling crack. Why work, when you can sit on the steps all day, smoking blunts and drinking Four Loko, like the gondies in the Section-8 palace next door? I get up and go to work six days a week, so why should they? I pay my way, AND theirs, so why would they change that? They get to sit in a nice park across the street that isn't strewn with broken 40 bottles, and where nobody's shooting at them. But why get a job?

It's called tribalism, and you wallow in it.

Now, if Gov. Kasich actually succeeds in pulling the plug on your Generational Welfare Dependence, I'm all in favor of removing that burden from the honest, hardworking Ohioans, be they black or white.

You're a mooching piece of shit, whose every stupid utterance can be reduced directly to "Gimme yo' money, honky, 'fo I bus' a cap in yo' ass, foo'!"

I wish you'd actually try it.

Terrorist-worshiping Scumbag.

Darth Bacon said...

A side note, for my readers (Not Kid's readers- he doesn't have any):

Nobody-NOBODY- comes here to defend Kid. Not his fellow Negroes, not his fellow moochers, not even the likes of Kayinsane, who can only comment on her own blog, because that's the only place she can delete the comments that expose her foolishness.

Kid still thinks he's sitting firmly in the mainstream, as opposed to being a hapless brown pet for the radical white elitists who control his vote.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Darth Bacon hasn't the talent to run his own blog so he comes here and infects kid's with his racist talk and worthless opinions

No blog. No readers. So pig's meat sucks off of kid's blog. How amusing.

If there's a sorrier, sadder, attention needing adolescent than Bacon, I haven't met him yet.

And yet, bacon thinks his ideas and comments merit anything but utter contempt, mockery, and derision.

His comments are about as incisive and interesting as are the list of ingredients on a box of Gerber's cereal, but not quite. The cereal box is at least informative, while this winger's writing is excruciatingly boring and worthless.

kid, as long as you allow this needy little narcissist to pee all over your comment section, no one will bother coming here anymore.

He and his other sock puppets only talk to themselves and apparently believe people are interested in the equivalent of pig slop that they leave here.

Wait. That's not fair to pig slop. At least that can be used as fertilizer, whereas, their ignorant rants are entirely useless, and worse--boring as hell.

Hellpig said...

pShaw boring and useless yet you took the time to read it all and comment.....LMAO

Boston sucks

Darth Bacon said...

She's onto us, Cletus!


Darth Bacon said...

pSilly pShaw pShit-for-brains.

She's never once addressed the substance of anything I've posted as a comment.

If I'm so facile, and my beliefs are based in such standard, retrograde racism, tben why won't you expend the cursory effort to debunk them?

Darlin', it says more about you than it does about me, that you can't seem to muster even a cursory defense of the silly bullshit you promote. Let alone can you offer an argument against the color-blind ideas I promote.

Terrorist-worshiping Scumbag.

A Blue Girl said...

Iv'e had the misfortune of reading your junk on another blog where you since have been banned from.
Now I can understand why you were banned from there.
You are a self-pitying ahole. You think that because you are black everyone owes you something. I owe you nothing. Why is it that blacks always pull the race card, or the slavery card every time they or in any discussion? Because they were kept as slaves over a hundred years ago. Or maybe because they were lynched during Jim Crow. Tell me something were you or either of your parents or even grandparents slaves?

kid said...



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darth Bacon said...

I mentioned him, you terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Hellpig said...

Hey Kid:



Anonymous said...


Hellpig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darth Bacon said...

Once again, Kid Illiterate, the terrorist-worshiping scumbag, is sock-puppeting in his own comments, then deleting them.

What a sorry-ass loser.

And terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Knuckledraggin said...

Listen, you stupid motherfucker.....If you want to make a
political statement, then make sure that it’s factual. Or stick it up your ass.
If I pissed you off, sorry 'bout that. Take your shitty comments down the road and tell them to your liberal Obama ass kissing friends. .

Princess Natasha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Princess Natasha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Princess Natasha said...

Stop with the bullshit, Rather than respond with some degree of intelligence , all you can do you is call people names for disagreeing with your lame posts.. Even your attempts at name calling lack any semblance of intelligence .
I think it would benefit all of your followers and contributors if you stop trying to defend the thugs that you seem to admire so much. As I have stated repeatedly, both on this website and elsewhere on others, people repeatedly acting like barbarians, fighting, shooting up with dope and booze, and shooting people in the street at the drop of a hat seems to glorify your race. The gangsterism in the rap singers are idealize by your children. You people demonize hard work and the rule of law while supporting leeching off of the system. The Black males encourage the breeding of bastard children, and promotes acts of violence? What other group do these things? Polish? Swiss? Asians? I think we all know the answer.. Anyone who raised their children with the "American values" do not teach our children to idealize that sort of behavior.

Hellpig said...


ALL Jim Crow laws were enacted by Dem legislatures.....you know by your Slavery Party

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Aren’t you the whining racist, anti-Semitic bonehead who was banned over at BNI?

Hellpig said...

LMAO KASICH/Boehner VS ObaMao/BiteMe in golf next week


America patriots vs. Treasonous commie progressive insurgents

Dave Miller said...

Kid, interesting stuff...

Most of the right wing extremists commenting here just set up their profiles this month...

Only Lisa of "I use a mix of true and false facts" fame has a blog, the rest nothing...

It does look as if these folks, or this person, exist(s) only to post racist drivel on your site.

All very interesting...

Are you always right? Nope, but i dare say you are a darned bit sharper than these, or this responder...

Darth Bacon said...

Really, Dave? Sharper?

The guy can barely communicate in English, let alone can he honestly construct a persuasive argument.

As far as the comments left here, does it make one more, or less 'right' if the have, or do not have, their own blog?

And since when is the notion of limited, Constitutional government 'extremist'?

I'll tell you what's 'extremist':

Forcibly (and perhaps illegally, we shall soon see) ramming through transformative policy, forged behind closed doors, that gouges ordinary citizens in order that preferred constituents may be free of the burden imposed by that policy.

Extremism is basically shutting down domestic energy production- causing most distress to the poor he's supposed to champion- while funneling tax money to Soros-owned PetroBras.

Extremism is saying 'under my policies, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket', and 'I intend to tax the coal industry out of business', which has China buying up the coal we would have been generating electricity with.

Extremism is thumbing his nose repeatedly at England, Israel, and any number of traditional stalwarts.

You've elected a left-wing ideological extremist, and look at the mess he's making.

kid said...

@Dave Miller

They get their marching orders from The Conservative Citizens Council. It's happening on other Afrocentric blogs. They also use the tricks that they learned from all those Tea Rallies.People keep telling them that these ARE the tricks Saul Alinsky did, no they weren't. Several fake blogs and identies, that's all they got. Do you really think that Glenn Beck has more people coming to his site than The Daily Kos? Many of them are paid. One day I will post the number of Premier Radio Network that offers $40 dollars a day to call right wing shows and agree with Republicans. The elderly sheeple that followed them at those Tea Parties woke up when they realized that they were next. All the Lee Greenwood songs in the world couldn't make them give up their Medicare.

kid said...


I guess by your standards Germany should be forgiven for that WWII thingy, after all most of the people involve are gone and their kids had nothing to do with it. I guess you can't READ the racist bigoted remarks people make TOWARDS ME. go use some of these words to a African American and see what happens. So Darth now one of your multiple personalities is female. They seem so concerned with me not being allowed on a racist blog.

Darth you and your sick racist friends need to look in the mirror. You try to "claim" that you live by the teachings of Dr. King but ALL you talk about is violence. I don't have to LIE to myself, but you do. You're pathetic.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The truth is Dave Miller, at least in my case, is that Yes, I did create my blog only this month for the express reason to allow myself to comment here. As this blog allows only blog holders to comment.
I happen to be a regular contributor to another blog called BNI where the Pirate had also been a commenter for a while until he was banned from there for the anti Semitic remarks, anti white, and racist comments that he constantly posted there until the blog author of the said blog warned him not to. He did not heed to her warning and continued with his racist anti white, anti Jewish,and his Glenn Beck smears,and his pro Muslim comments until he was thrown off her blog and she refused to publish any more of his comments. Why don't you ask him, see if he would deny any of that.
This is what brought me here. But in order to post here and say my piece, I needed to have a blog. So why is that “All very interesting”? If you find it to be “All very interesting.”, then so be it.. I find it to be “All very interesting” that a white person, any white person would want to defend him.

PS. I do recognize at least one other poster from that blog that has come here. Ask the Pirate, it would be very interesting to hear his answer. It's a fair question, I look forward to hearing the response. I'm sure that he recognizes my name from there.

Princess Natasha said...

Dave Miller I just had posted a comment to answer you with nothing rude or tasteless, but I explained why my blog is new as are some of the others ..
To reiterate, it is because I needed a blot to reply here about the reason the Black Pirate was banned for his racist and anti-Semitic remakes over at BNI where HE was banned from. but he chose to delete my comment. Ask him if what I am saying is true or not.

So please don't blame the messenger.

Black Private, if you delete this, I'll post the message on everyone's person blogs. You gutless racist coward.

Anonymous said...

What GrouchyFogie said is absolutely correct. ...Kid a definite antisemite, he has made some disgraceful comments over at the BNI blog that were full of racist white and Jew haters stereotypes It just pains me that he's allowed to make these accusation with impunity and have them unchallenged. . Seeing his posts on BNI a few days ago made me snap. So I also had to make a blog in order to come here and speak up.
Dave Miller, I assume you challenge us because you find it inconceivable that your fellow liberal blogger he hates whites and Jews. Well, the constant and endless stream of anti-semitic posting from Kid is evidence of his antisemitism and anti whites.
Any other of his loyal posters listening? I suggest that if sort of nonsense and racism continues, we just stop posting here and let it become the hate site that it is. We all should have zero tolerance towards bloggers like him.
Lets see if the gutless wonder deletes this post.
And Dave Miller, please have respect for other peoples opinions without making foolish accusations like we are right wing extremists. I am not a right wing extremist, but I am Jewish and I have the right to rebut the antisemitic remarks of this Left-wing extremist. Thank you..

Anonymous said...

I see that the coward has now resulted to moderation.

Anonymous said...

Dave Miller, I had just posted a log post to back up what GrouchyFogie had said. I also come to this place because of the outlandish things that Kid had said on the BNI blog where he was banned for his racism and antisemitic postings. I am Jewish and i take my faith seriously. And I an deeply interesting in stopping people like him from spreading their hatred. And i have zero tolerance towards Nazi like groups and individuals. And until you realize and understand where I am coming from that, I am afraid you are in no position to criticize what I say. I find people like the Kid here to be extremely offensive to those who are Jewish and even those who are white and those who choose to march with his views are just as bad.If you are one of his supporters, then I think you should be ashamed to call yourself an American. If he attracts an entertains anti-semites on his blog and you support him then you are part of the problem.

A Blue Girl said...

The proof of the pudding and all that is in what GrouchyFogie said

And in his own words the Kid is a Farrakhan supporter.

Lorenzo Russo said...

Hey Buckwheat, you need help, you are a sick bastard. Both you and Obama makes me sick. The bastard will take the time to play golf on Memorial Day but won’t visit Normandy.It’s probably just as well though, he doesn’t deserve to walk on that hallowed ground where brave men died fighting for this country. He’s a disgrace and so are the morons who voted for him. Kid, I thought you were just a slug, but now I know you are ignorant. Satellite pirate, you are a prime example of Muslim inbreeding. The majority of blacks, brainwashed by Muslims don’t even know that in Arabic a word used for a black person is a slave. Yes, black and slave are synonymous in this language. Most probably, you wouldn’t know what the word synonymous means, but look it up. Read some history on a subject to learn who concentrated the entire slave trade business and managed it for hundreds of years. Also read your little nasty book, and learn the place you are allocated in this bloody cult. What could be worth than this mankurt ideology? The horrifying ignorance of people who wouldn’t even bother to ask questions.
GrouchyFogie, well said indeed sir!

kid said...

@wyattearp1949 aka Darth Bigot

If the Minister Farrakhan is so bad why was Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania always hanging around him? Darth or whatever of your multiple personalities you pick today YOU ARE STILL A RACIST, HOMOPHOOBIC, XENOPHOBIC, BIGOT. So I'm supose to be "BANNED" from a pro -Klan website? A site where you "spoofed" my name and wrote in fake ebonics because the bigots there believe that Black people are illiterate.

I'm glad you come here so I can show Black Republicans how to be "former" Black Republicans. So they can see that you have no respect for us or our culture. All you speak of is violence and war. Dr. King didn't do it that way. So keep calling me Buckwheat and Dr. King a Republican, it only make the world have fewer and fewer Black Republicans. How are Republicans going to recruit minorities when the insult them AT THE SAME TIME? The Republican Party is dying. PUMA and Tea Baggins gave them a small repreive. No it's time for the New Klan TO DIE!

BTW, why do the ONLY solution your racist, pathetic, bigot friends at Klanwatch or BNI only is whiping out Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, and Gays?

sendmeyourmasses said...

pirate satellite you are so full of shit that whenever you open your mouth you need toilet paper.

Best regards from Bare Naked Islam.

kid said...

@Dave Miller

Dave even Stevie Wonder can figure it out,they're all Darth Bacon's sockpuppets. He came here via Lisa who gets her talking points from the Conservative Citizens Council formerly the White Citizens Council. Darth then "salted" my name on white racist site like "Ace of Spade" and "Bare Naked Islam" , which calls for the annilation of ALL ARABS AND MUSLIMS. You have seen how "polite" they are calling me "Buckwheat" and worst. Their M.O. is to paint me as a anti-Semite, which I am not. Darth usually writes in some sort of pidgin English that is supose to simulate Ebonic. Because the sights he goes to are racist they think that a black person wrote it. Start at the beginning of my blog and come to this point, you won't see any anti-Semitism unless it came from Darth friends Raphie, Lisa, or Darth himself. Darth isn't even Jewish, it's one of his fake identities. It's called niche marketing. Daarth thinks that he can say all the anti Black things in the world and that I won't respond. I respond without being a bigot. When people have to put their thumb on the scale while you behave like a honest broker it shows how WEAK they are.

BTW Darth is so stupid he forgot it was Knuckledragger that HAS THE BLOG not the others. He can't keep his sock puppets memorized. so this is his game. He think by faking that he's a Jewish he can be a racist. He forgets one thing, people can recongize B.S.

Darth Bacon said...


You stupid, lying assclown.

Do yourself a favor, and learn how to check IP addresses. You'll see all my posts originate from one geographic location.

Sockpuppeting is what failures like Keef Olberdouche and Glenn "Pussyboy" Greenwald do, to fake support for their bullshit.

I don't need to do that, because my replies to you make you look like even more of a dunce that the drooling that prompts them. You're an idiot, and I don't need anyone's help to show it.

I found your blog on another black racist website where you left a comment. Want me to post the screen shot? I don't think you'll be very happy when your fellow liberals see where you've been posting, and the disgusting racism you spew.

You are nothing but a barely-literate, lying, avaricious would-be thief, who is a terrorist-worshiping scumbag. You call a man a hero, who dedicated a book to the man who MURDERED Robert Kennedy. You are one of the vilest products of the repulsive marriage of socialism, and black racism.

Dave Miller said...

Wow... you don't check back for a couple of days and the place goes bananas...

For you folks that came over from whatever BNI is, since you can't stand Kid, why are you here? Is it simply to write hateful stuff?

If you really believe that Kid is being hateful in his rants, how is what you are doing different?

Aren't your responses just as hateful?

Maybe someone can tell me how responding to someone in the same manner they condemn, is how adults should act.

As for the non blog people, a group of us went through this awhile back. There was a whole group of bogus blogs set up to steal material from other sources and identities of other bloggers so they could present themselves as "real" and "serious" bloggers.

It is interesting because most of you guys all fit in the same category and exhibit the same styles of those bogus blogs... recently registered names... numbers in your names... off the charts anger from the extreme right... bad grammer... bad spelling...

Now to Kid's post... there does seem to be some real remorse on Kasich just like his doppleganger Walker...

It was reported today kid that Walker is backing a new law that will make it illegal for a microbrewer in Wisconsin to deliver his own product to bars and markets. This of course is 100% backed by one of his biggest campaign contributors, Miller/Coors.

So much for GOP support of small businesses...

I am sure that is going to go over real well in beer happy Wisconsin...

Dave Miller said...

To whichever of you wondered why a white person like me might want to support Kid, I would just say that even though I may agree with everything he posts, to me it ain't about color...

It is about what is right, regardless of color... look at the language of the people disagreeing with Kid... would you use that language to talk to your grandmother?

Disagree with his take on things, but be real men and do so in a way that would make your granny proud...

Madam Queen said...


I've known Darth B for a few years and I can attest to the fact that he IS Jewish.

But of course you'll call me a liar because I have disagreed with you. And I won't be insulting you like I can be almost 100% sure you will do that to me.

Hey DB, it's Lady H.

Darth Bacon said...

Point taken, Dave.

However, the very reason I first came here was to dish out a little of the abuse that is the entire stock and trade of lefty hatescreechers like Kid, Shaw, Octopus, and the interlocking cadre (strange how you guys see nefarious connection and intent in the motives of commenters you disagree with, but not Kid et al's coordinated droning) of bloggers you see here.

I'm not responding with any civility to someone who reflexively labels me, the people whose ideas I think are important, and those I admire as a racist, a fascist, a bigot, and all the other calumnies Kid and his Stalinist comment-deleters hurl in order to demonize and preemptively silence any dissent.

Kid IS what we say he is- a liar, a bigot, a hypocrite, a fabulist, and a lover of terrorist Bill Ayers. Further, he's a Jew-hating libelist.

AFAIC, he's the enemy. My enemy, and an enemy to the ideas that animated this experiment in self-rule: the primacy of the individual, and the rights to work, and to keep our earnings.

I can't speak for the others here, but one of the reasons I come here, is simply to abuse Kid. He's too dumb to argue with, but he's fun to wind up into a frothing frenzy of OMFG KOCHBROTHERS SEANHANNNITYKUKLUXKLAN CONSERVATIVEBLAHBLAHBLAH YOUWANTTOKILLGRANNYANDBRINGBACKSLAVERY!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

That, and it entertains me to be told by a Jew-basher that I'm not Jewish.


Darth Bacon said...

Hey, Lady H!

Stop by H&B and chat with us some night. The whole gang is there.

Kid- you should stop by, too. At very least, you'll see all of us in one place, at one time, so you won't be so afraid that we're sockpuppets- a word I taught you.

Dave Miller said...

Darth the difference is that for the most part, those you listed, myself included, do not generally go to other sites just to "abuse" people to use your words.

I'll admit I've seen some colorful language from some pretty lefty libs, but rarely, if ever, can I remember anyone coming remotely close to calling into question the Americanism of GW Bush.

The systematic attacks on Obamas citizenship can only be understood as an attempt to portray him not as an American with whom we differ, but as a non American who does not have a right to even run for, let alone win the Presidency.

Seriously said...

Dave Miller, we are not the bogus blogger that you are referring to, most of the people that I can recognize do come from BNI

an abbreviation for Bare Naked Islam a blog where the Pirate was banned from for his antiisms

You can find us there.


and why not just ask him if it's true or not?

Princess Natasha said...

Dave Miller, Most of us that came here from BNI know all this already.
I guess that we respond hatefully when hatefulness is deserved and a hateful bigot deserves our best shots. Bigots come in all colors. Unfortunately, we live in a bigoted world. .