Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taja Sevelle

If you had to pick which song did Prince produce you would pick "Love is Contagious". Well you would be wrong, Taja Sevelle played, sung, and wrote this. When she was in her teens she had already owned a store, did science experiments, had a radio station, and was about to go to Juillard or Berklee when she decided to go to Paisley Park. She had creative control of her album but had Prince give her a song "Wouldn't you love to love me?". You should hear the original version. The song was originally a up tempo ballad, but for some reason it got turned into some Teddy Riley "New Jack Swing". Madonna and Michael Jackson was both offered this song. Someday the original version will come out.

That's not Autotune you hear, that's her voice.

Nowdays she a advocate for hunger and even have a patent for a product to help feed people.

She occasionally does shows.

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