Friday, August 12, 2011

It's happening again

Looks like it's happening again. The right is going on a hunt for people to dog out the POTUS. On several racist websites this was posted. He's getting love from Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and all the other Tea Baggers. Well I guess Amy Holmes is in good company with Felonious Munk at The Blaze. BTW, does Beck call his site that because of the way he likes his cross? This guy says he's a comedian, well he's won't get any work in a black club and white racist will hate him because he's black. Maybe he should learn about finance and learn that when a bunch of Tea Baggers and the Republican Party sandbag a Democratic President, this is what happens to the economy. Even Standard and Poor says it was the Republicans fault. Don't spend all of your thirty pieces of silver in one place.


An Angry, Old ,Rich, White Guy, who happens to be a Republican said...

You have that right. Why blame the messenger?
And pardon me but when did Standard and Poor says it was the Republicans fault.

Standard and Poors dropped the ranking, after warning that it would reduce the rating if the plan to lower the deficit of the nation’s $14. trillion debt limit wasn't made

I was waiting for BO to blame anyone but himself.

Princess Natasha said...

Can’t argue with the chosen one... So I guess it’s these dumb S&P people, as well as those stupid Teabaggers.
And I guess that the 14 trillion debt and going on 17 trillion, is only a figment of our imagination.

The Truth Will Set Us Free! said...
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kid said...

@Skippys Mom

S&P said it three times. It was played and available on Maddowblog and Lawrence O'donnell show.BTW he's the President NOT BO. I know that whites have more respect for their dogs than black people.

kid said...

@Grouchy Fat Ass Racist

YEAH THE TEA BAGGERS DID EFF THE ECONOMY UP! Mitch Miconell did say that he was holding the country hostage. Fat Assed racist Limbaugh did say he wanted the country to go in default. When you bigots teach the POTUS a lesson don't you know that you are destroying your own 401K. You rather destroy America than share it with Black people.

kid said...

August 13, 2011 6:31 AM
Real Men said...

When Tea Baggers say it's not about race I have to sometimes stick their face in the crap and show them. The worst offender is Ralphie aka Tha Malcontent. You rather destroy your country to get one black guy and help all the billionaires and millionaires.

YOU'RE IGNORANT! You're just trying to disrespect Black people so much to make them riot.

Darth Bacon said...

You don't need any excuse to riot.

You do it over basketball games.

Kid- you sound like you're under a lot of stress. Your writing is increasingly disjointed, and you're increasingly detached from reality.

And, you're a terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

kid said...

@Darth Racist

And your ass will riot over lightbulbs that save you money you punk ass munt gondie. BTW I don't worship terrorist, believe me I don't like Republiklans at all. don't you have to do some more recruiting in Norway Darth Punk? BTW Rich Perry may have another anti-Semitic prayer service soon.

Darth Bacon said...

You called Billy Ayers a hero.

Billy Ayers is an unrepentant murderer who dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan- who murdered Robert F. Kennedy.

That makes you a terrorist-worshiping scumbag. All you have is your pathetic accusations of racism and wild distortions. I've never rioted over anything. And nor has any other conservative. I don't know any racists.

Except your pathetic black ass.

As a wise man once said, "Jy kan die kafir uit die bos vat, maar jy kan nie die bos uit die kafir vat nie."

And your subliterate gondie ass proves it every day.

Les Carpenter said...

Yeah, ya must be right kid. Us white folk all disrespect black folk. Must be why I respect my boss who is black, my wife's best friend who is a black dude, and the reality some of my best employees over the years have been black.

Must be this conservative/libertarian missed the f'ing memo huh?