Thursday, October 29, 2009

Help Stop Fox News' Campaign Against ACORN

As we all know FOX loves to make up false strawmen for their posse to go after. We all know that ACORN did no wrong. Anyone they don't like they go after. Who's next , the N.A.A.C.P. or the Urban League?This is not hyperbole, look at the way the right has gone after LULAC or LA RAZA.They want Progressives to be quiet.

There is more infromation here

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some people just don't get it

This is from a conservation I had with The Black Sphere a.k.a Kevin Jackson after I notified him of what J.J. Solari said about him .I will put this on Daily Kos so that someone will arrest J.J. Kevin doesn't get this , this guy wants to kill people .Below is the exact photo and article from J.J. site . Warning he has pornography on his site

kid said...

I'll pray for you brother ,seriously. You don't get it . I grew up around these people .These are the people that go to tea parties .They are the ones that bring the guns .They have no respect for you .When I was a kid they bombed my school, the name of the school Martin Luther King in Cleveland.This wasn't in the twenties or the thirties .

7:41 AM, October 22, 2009
The Black Sphere said...

@kid - I get it, dude. If you think that I'm obtuse, you would be wrong. I think you can read between the lines on me. I appreciate your message, but you need to play chess not checkers and know what I am doing. Don't worry about the JJ Solari's. If he is a punk who says what he thinks I want to hear, then goes to his site and calls me a nigger, then the joke's on him! I'm not a nigger, because what he is doing is what a nigger would do! LOL! HE is getting punked. He is getting people to see what I TRULY think about the world, and believe it or not, they are changing their minds about what they have been taught to believe. Eventually they would see his ignorance. So just chill. I know what I'm doing, and understand that I don't try to regulate what others think. I can't control it. At one point I had Aryan Nation people monitoring my site. I chuckled, because I KNEW it was blowing their minds. They didn't invite me to rallys, but it made them think.

So if JJ is as you say, fine. Do you think he is affecting me in any way? Do you think HIS ideas are "tricking" me?! LMBO.

kid, I get you...get me?!

White People Who Need To Die by J.J. Solari

White people who make the above hand gesture should be killed. It means that their contribution to the gene pool has sunk to a level below that of an algae aglutinate at the bottom of a Muslim toilet. When a white person makes this gesture it means that he has taken whatever intelligence he might have had and seared it into useless charcoal through an intentional act of will. The FIRST time a nigger did it - and it was first done by a nigger - it was kind of interesting. The trillionth time a nigger did it it was just another example of "well, they're niggers, whattaya gonna do." But the trillionth time a WHITE person did it, then it was time to start killing. You'll notice I am not recommending the killing of NIGGERS for doing this. Just white people. Hey, call me a racist.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Self Hating Negro

The photo is from Kevin Jackson site The Black Sphere.Kevin is what's known as a self hating negro .He sell anti Black shirts and anti President Obama books. When I questioned him about what a Republican did to the President , his response is always "the Democrats did it." His only joy is to ridicule a black man .His site connects with PUMA . As we know there are many overt racist on PUMA's site .One is called J.J. Solari a bigot that loves what Kevin does .The comment below came from Solari site .

The nigger in chief is all chimpy and screeching and throwing bananas all over his cage about Fox News. He's upset because it's "unbiased." Unbiased to the nigger coon in chief means "worshipful of the nigger coon in chief." It shows you how stupid this dumbass moolie really is. The only thing ON the news is Washington politics. How can you be fucking "unbiased" about what that nigger and his faggot legions of Masonic boy-loving Muslim ass-reamers in Congress are doing? Who would not have an OPINION about all this mother fucking crap? That piece-of-shit nigger. Talk about nerve. He's gotta be half Jew. His nigger-fucking mom must have been a fucking Jewess

J.J. Solari

Rupert Murdoch fires employee for defending cop killers and racist, and it's not Glenn Beck

From Huffington Post: Liberal Fox News analyst Dr. Marc Lamont Hill has been fired, News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch revealed at a shareholder's meeting Friday. Murdoch made the announcement after being asked about Hill's "reputation of defending cop killers and racists."

I can't believe it myself.The only real Liberal they had left that had any credibility, they fired.The worst thing about this was that Rupert Murdoch announced his firing himself.You don't see the President of NBC announcing the firing of a employee at a meeting in public.

First I have to say that Dr.Hill is a real Liberal.For some strange reason , he would work with the racist at FOX.I wrote his blog several times and told him to leave. There was no way to justify working there.It would be equivalent to me working at the Ku Klux Klan cookie company, I might not work in the lynching division but it's still the Klan.

They supposedly fired him for his support of Joanne Chessimard a.k.a Assata Shakur.They call her a cop killer.They also said that Dr.Hill supported racist like Rev.Jeremiah Wright.

Dr. Hill first things first,call Keith Olbermann up and see if MSNBC will give you a audition. After that write a expose' on FOX.

Next you could give Rupert some help.If he want's to start firing people that supports cop killers and racist he should fire his whole journalism department.Let's see Glenn Beck's record is three policemen killed in Pittsburgh and a census taker in Kentucky.Michelle Malkin got death threats directed to a child that had brain surgery and a school teacher for teaching Philadelphia kids a song about the President. Greta Van Susstern got the old and new minister of Trinity United Church in Chicago death threats.The new minister Otis Moss III father worked with Martin Luther King Jr. and was his best friend.Imagine him seeing his son go through what his best friend went through.

You may ask yourself why is the media (MSM) so quiet about this?People are worried about getting fired.When minorities do something we do it big time. Remember the March on Washington? How about the Million Man March?Then you had Jena 6 and Katrina.Then you can't forget when a few years ago our Hispanic brothers shut down a lot of places by not going to work for one day.Those voices that organized and promoted those causes are surprisingly quiet.You might hear a little protest but not like in those other cases.The so-called MSM is basically controlled by the right.Don't believe me just ask Sean Hannity, he had George Stephanopoulis ask the then Senator Obama about where his flag pin is.

Yes they control the media but the people are not listening,20% of Americans claim that they are members of the Republican Party.Having 60,000 racist marching in D.C. after six months of advertising on FOX and right wing radio and millions of dollars, and no one listen.This means that they are losing. Now we can't sleep on this.The veil is slowly coming off of FOX.Now on FOX Oreilly and Juan Williams are considered the only "liberals".Their conservative audience will start to ask questions.The WWE is more real than FOX now.

So Dr. Hill now you don't have to be polite to John Gibson, Glenn Beck, or Bill Oreilly anymore.Rupert Murdoch threw the book at you ,so now you can write a book about them and you won't be restricted with just Robert's Rules.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fox Organized Crime figure organizational flow chart

1. GLENN BECK → W. CLEON SKOUSEN: As documented by Salon's Alexander Zaitchik, W. Cleon Skousen, a right-wing activist and conspiracy theorist, is "Beck's favorite writer and the author of the bible of the 9/12 movement, 'The 5,000 Year Leap.' A once-famous anti-communist 'historian,' Skousen was too extreme even for the conservative activists of the Goldwater era, but Glenn Beck has now rescued him from the remainder pile of history, and introduced him to a receptive new audience." Beck frequently touts Skousen's work on his television and radio programs and wrote a foreword for the 30th anniversary edition of The 5000 Year Leap, which he promotes on his website.

2. GLENN BECK → THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY: Beck interviewed Sam Antonio, a national spokesman for the John Birch Society, on the July 25, 2007, edition of his now-defunct CNN Headline News program. Leading off the interview, Beck said to Antonio: "I have to tell you, when I was growing up, the John Birch Society, I thought they were a bunch of nuts, however, you guys are starting to make more and more sense to me." Beck was discussing with Antonio the Security and Prosperity Partnership, an economic and security initiative of the United States, Canada, and Mexico that the John Birch Society believes is a vehicle "to stealthily merge the three North American nations."

3. GLENN BECK → ABC NEWS: In January 2007, ABC News hired Beck to appear as a "regular commentator" on Good Morning America. The announcement was made not long after Beck's interview with Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim elected to Congress, during which Beck said, "I have been nervous about this interview with you, because what I feel like saying is, 'Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies.' " Beck appeared on Good Morning America several times as a "commentator."

4. GLENN BECK → SIMON & SCHUSTER: Every one of Beck's books has been published by Simon & Schuster or one of its imprints. Beck's latest offering, Arguing with Idiots, was published by Threshold Editions, Simon & Schuster's conservative imprint.

5. GLENN BECK → NEWS CORP.: In October 2008, Fox News announced that Beck would be joining the network in 2009. The first episode of Glenn Beck aired on Fox News in January 2009.

6. GLENN BECK → HANNAH GILES: Beck was the first to air excerpts from James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles' undercover videos, in which the two dressed as a pimp and prostitute and attempted to solicit advice from ACORN employees on how to operate their proposed brothel. Giles appeared on the September 10 edition of Beck's Fox News show to discuss the videos.

7. GLENN BECK → ANDREW BREITBART: Beck has relied heavily upon Matt Drudge protégé Breitbart for the content of his radio and television programs and has praised Breitbart highly, calling him a "great journalist" and his work "instrumental."

8. GLENN BECK → 9-12 PROJECT: Beck is the founder of the 9-12 Project, the creation of which he tearfully announced on the March 13 edition of his Fox News program.

9. GLENN BECK → MICHELE BACHMANN: On the October 14 edition of his radio program, Beck interviewed Rep. Bachmann and offered to "have a fundraiser" for her after Bachmann claimed that "Speaker Pelosi has made me her number-one congresswoman to defeat next year." Bachmann herself has called for an investigation to root out the "anti-America" members of Congress.

10. JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY → W. CLEON SKOUSEN: Though he claims to never have been a member, Skousen was a staunch defender of the John Birch Society. He authored a 1963 pamphlet titled "The Communist Attack on the John Birch Society," in which he alleged that people who criticized the group "usually did so without realizing they were promoting the official Communist Party line." Salon's Zaitchick wrote that Skousen "aligned himself" with John Birch Society founder Robert Welch's accusation that Dwight Eisenhower was a "dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy."

11. W. CLEON SKOUSEN → 9-12 PROJECT: On the March 13 edition of his Fox News program, which was the official launch of the 9-12 Project, Beck provided his studio audience with a selection of books, one of which was Skousen's The 5000 Year Leap. Beck lauded the "fantastic" book," telling the audience that "it is the 29 principles that our founders put together, and how they put this genius country together."

12. SIMON & SCHUSTER → MARY MATALIN: Matalin, a Republican political consultant and former Bush White House aide, is the chief editor of Threshold Editions, Simon & Schuster's conservative imprint.

13. SIMON & SCHUSTER → CBS: Simon & Schuster is a division of CBS Corp.

14. ANDREW BREITBART → JAMES O'KEEFE: Breitbart worked closely with O'Keefe in promoting and distributing O'Keefe's undercover ACORN videos, which were first posted on Breitbart's Breitbart is also one of many media conservatives who have offered to raise money for O'Keefe and Giles' legal defense fund after the two were sued by ACORN.

15. HANNAH GILES → JAMES O'KEEFE: Giles and O'Keefe collaborated on a series of undercover videos shot in ACORN offices in which they would pose as a prostitute and pimp, respectively, and solicit ACORN employees for advice on how to run a brothel. O'Keefe later claimed that he and Giles were not rebuffed at any of the ACORN offices they visited -- a claim that was later undermined by ACORN officials who produced a police report showing that ACORN had contacted police about O'Keefe's visit to their Philadelphia office.

16. HANNAH GILES → YOUNG AMERICA'S FOUNDATION: Giles is an alumnus of the Young America's Foundation's National Journalism Center.

17. GLENN BECK → CBS: Beck was interviewed by Katie Couric for the September 22 broadcast of the CBS Evening News. Couric disclosed during the program that Simon & Schuster, the publisher of Beck's Arguing with Idiots, is owned by CBS.

18. JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY → JOHN McMANUS: McManus is the long-serving president of the John Birch Society. A June 25 New York Times article on the John Birch Society reported that former members of the group had released "recorded snippets of Mr. McManus lecturing to Catholic groups that Judaism became a dead and deadly religion after the establishment of the Catholic Church."

19. MICHELE BACHMANN → 9-12 PROTESTS: On September 12, Bachmann spoke at a "tea party" rally in St. Cloud, Minnesota, during which she attacked President Obama's health care proposals. Bachmann has been supportive of the tea party movement in general, videotaping a message of support to the Minnesota Tea Party Patriots, telling them, "Sign me up for your tea party, patriots."

20. 9-12 PROJECT → 9-12 PROTESTS: The connection between the 9-12 Project and the 9-12 protests -- in particular the "March on Washington" -- should be obvious. As CNN's Howard Kurtz put it, the protest was "something that Glenn Beck practically conceived, promoted." The 9-12 Project website worked closely with other groups in organizing the march, and Beck was chief among the Fox News personalities hyping the event.

21. YOUNG AMERICA'S FOUNDATION → 9-12 PROTESTS: YAF was a "bronze co-sponsor" of the 9-12 "March on Washington." YAF receives funding from the Castle Rock Foundation, the F.M. Kirby Foundation, the John M. Olin Foundation, and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

22. JAMES O'KEEFE → LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE: O'Keefe reportedly received funding from the Leadership Institute while in college and worked for the group after he graduated.

23. COMPETITIVE ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE → 9-12 PROTESTS: Hosted a "BureauCrash Happy Hour" as part of the 9-12 March on Washington. CEI has extensive links to corporate interests and once reportedly claimed Exxon Mobil Corp. as a "major donor" due to the group's position that the burning of fossil fuels does not contribute to climate change. CEI also receives funding from the Earhart Foundation, the John M. Olin Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, and the Sarah Scaife Foundation.

24. TEA PARTY EXPRESS → 9-12 PROTESTS: The March on Washington was the final stop on the Tea Party Express tour of America. One of the Tea Party Express organizers told CNN that a racist sign depicting Obama as a witch doctor "says to me that a lot of people in this country are angry about the direction that the administration and Congress are taking us."

25. OUR COUNTRY DESERVES BETTER PAC → 9-12 PROTESTS: Our Country Deserves Better was a "gold" co-sponsor of the March on Washington. The group ran an advertisement comparing Obama to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and is the home to birther Mark Williams, who promoted the tea parties on Fox News.

26. FREEDOMWORKS → 9-12 PROTESTS: Led by Dick Armey, FreedomWorks aggressively promoted the first round of tax day tea parties, was the national sponsor of the 9-12 March on Washington, and disseminated wildly inflated estimates of the crowd size at the march.

27. AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY → 9-12 PROTESTS: Americans for Prosperity are major tea party promoters and brought its "Patients First bus" to the 9-12 March on Washington. AFP representatives frequently appear on Beck's radio and television programs.

28. LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE → 9-12 PROTESTS: The Leadership Institute was a "bronze" co-sponsor of the 9-12 March on Washington and put on several "grassroots activism" seminars as part of the 9-12 March agenda. The Leadership Institute receives funding from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the F.M. Kirby Foundation, and the Castle Rock Foundation.

29. TEA PARTY EXPRESS → OUR COUNTRY DESERVES BETTER PAC: The Tea Party Express "tour delegation" featured two members of Our Country Deserves Better, one of whom is birther Mark Williams.

30. FREEDOMWORKS → AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY: AFP is a splinter group of Citizens for a Sound Economy, which was later renamed FreedomWorks.

31. GLENN BECK → LOU DOBBS: During his time with CNN Headline News, Beck interviewed Dobbs several times on immigration-related issues. During a 2007 interview on the immigration reform legislation before Congress, Beck introduced Dobbs by saying: "[T]here's no more leading authority on this congressional debacle and just how badly it's hurting our country than Lou Dobbs." For his part, Dobbs has enthusiastically embraced Beck's reporting style and news sensibility and has praised his former colleague for having "the guts to stand up."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The KKK has threatened Heather Ellis,who faces 15 years for cutting line at Walmart.

This was in a e-mail I got.

Dr. Boyce Watkins

Hey family,

as you know, I sent you an email the other day about the case of Heather Ellis, a young woman in Kennett, MO who is now facing 15 years in prison for cutting line at a local Walmart. My assistant Shauntay told me about the case after seeing Heather's plea for support on local television down in Memphis, TN. As the father of a college student, I can readily empathize with what her family must be feeling.

I reached out to CNN, who agreed to cover the case (the video is here is you want to see it: The KKK has gotten involved, threatening Heather and her family when they were going to hold a rally in town. The head of the NAACP in the area, Rev. Jessie Bonner, informed me that he received some resistance when attempting to file permits for the rally, and he believes that many of the town's officials might be colluding to violate the civil rights of many African Americans.

Also, we discussed the issue on AOL Black Voices, and I spoke with Rev. Al Sharpton, who found the case very interesting (I'll speak to Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson this week to get their takes). I've got some ideas on how we can use this terrible situation as an opportunity to achieve lasting change in the system (I welcome your ideas that you can share on the support form for Heather's case). Injustice against African Americans is like having 10 million roaches in your house - you can't kill them all one by one - you need a wider blast radius to clean the entire house.

I have 3 objectives in this case:

1) To help this young student - She deserves our support. But the many emails I receive every day are reminders that Heather is not the only one who needs our help.

2) To get the US Justice Department to investigate all of the cases tried by Stephen Sokoloff, the prosecutor in Heather's case. Sokoloff has been accused of unleashing harsh and unfair treatment on people of color in this county for a long time. Whether this is true or not should be determined by an independent third party.

3) Further push the bigger issue to the United States Justice Department in hopes that we can convince them to create broader and more effective infrastructure to investigate violations of civil rights that are occurring throughout the country.

My heart cries for every mother who emails me about how the justice system has unfairly taken the life of her child. Many people plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit primarily because they have inadequate counsel, no money and have been threatened with a massive sentence if they choose to fight the charges (it's happened several times in my own family). This is hardly a humane way to administer justice.

If you would like to help Heather, please visit and sign the petition. The signatures will be submitted to the Attorney General of Missouri and the Attorney General of the United States. We will also put forth other initiatives before her trial date on November 18th. If you have legal or other expertise that you would like to lend, please let us know on the submission form. Perhaps if we work together, we can make a difference - but I certainly can't do much by myself - I really need all the help you can offer.

God bless you and take care,

Dr. Boyce

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why we never ever bring up Hitler, never

Jed Lewison of Daily Kos got this from the National Republican Congressional Committee Twitter feed:

The page they link to features a depiction of Adolf Hitler (who they call "a famous progressive", furious that "ObamaCare" will allow people to remain with private insurance plans if they so choose. And the punchline that the GOP's congressional wing finds so funny?

"Not to worry, Adolf. Chairman Zero's goals are the same as your own: absolute slavery to state for everyone."

Yes the right is calling the President a Fascist/Socialist.Funny in the real world both do not go together. Then the right always says that they would never bring up Hitler, well there's photographic proof.Did I say that this is from the National Republican Congressional Committee's twitter?

BTW, a very strange thing happened, the page mysteriously disappeared.As we know there is no proof that the Republicans put out the Obama is Hitler meme, right?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

today's news


Maybe he should stop reading The New York Post.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Noble of you


The reason why the President won the Nobel Peace Prize was primarily he wasn't Bush.

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Ain't no pimpin' like whitefolk pimpin'"

First, the title is in quotations which means that someone actually said it.Second, it wasn't me.The guy that said it was a real pimp by the name of Mr.Whitefolks.He resembles Bob Hope and dresses outrageously.BTW, he's also white.He was one of the featured pimps in HBO's "Pimps up,Ho's Down".Funny, he don't look like James Keefe.

Recently when Hannah Giles and James Keefe did their ACORN sting they dressed like a Hollywood version of a prostitute and a pimp... thirty years ago.They made up a imaginary story about prostitution.Many people on Progressive blogs were outraged at ACORN .Government funding was cut by Republicans over the "imaginary prostitution".

A few days ago Sen. Al Franken introduced legislation that would prosecute government contractors that participate in rape or prostitution.As you can guess a majority of the Republicans voted against it. When it comes to real prostitution the right is quiet . Don't believe me, well let me introduce you to Dennis Hof.

Dennis is a pimp, frequent FOX guest and owner of the Bunny Ranch, the largest bordello in Nevada.Dennis resembles Archie Bunker right down to the cigar in his mouth and membership in the Republican Party.He has a directory of over 500 women.He offered a virgin's services to the highest bidder. He even offered a "anal virgin" as well.From Geraldo to Sean Hannity many shows were filmed at the ranch.Some brothels stocks are even traded on the stock market.It's safe to say that Dennis Hof has pimped hundreds, if not thousands of women.Did I mention his HBO TV series and web site?Like Dennis says ,"there's no business like ho business."

So let's review, the right boycotts and stops funding for a group because of imaginary rapes and imaginary pimping.

The rights politicians,media outlets, and others support legislation that doesn't outlaw rape or prostitution.

One media outlet of the right supports one of the largest pimps in America , if not the world .Someone should call FOX out for their hypocrisy.

"Ain't no pimpin' like whitefolk pimpin'"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

WTF, is up with Australians?

I guess where Rupert's from making fun of black people is wholesome fun.So what is offensive, making fun of a deceased personality so soon, showing lack of respect for a culture, or the blackface? I would say all three especially the blackface.There is no white equivalent of what was done.

Democrats will finally get Medieval on their ...

From The Rachel Maddow Show:

"We can report exclusively tonight, that two major power brokers on the left have told MSNBC that they are encouraging a Senate strategy now, in which the leadership would revoke chairmanships and other leadership positions from any Democrat who sides with a Republican filibuster to block a vote on health reform."

"Regardless of how individual senators would vote ultimately on the bill, committee chairmen or subcommittee chairmen who allowed Republicans to force a 60-vote requirement for passing health care...under this type of strategy would be in danger of losing their chairmanships."

"That would be the Senate equivalent of busting a Lieutenant Colonel down to Private."

"This is cracking heads time in the Democratic Party right now. This is arm-twisting, vote-counting, "are you a real Dem" time for the proponents of health reform."

Excerpts from Daily Kos diary Maddow Blockbuster: "This is Cracking Heads Time"
by MeMeMeMeMe

Hopefully the President will finally kick a little ass.After he knocks the Democrats into shape he can start on the Republicans.I hope Rachel's right on this.