Friday, July 8, 2011

Murdoch is going down

First Beck, now Rupert. How long can America live off their bullshit? Truth crused to the earth will rise again.


Brer Rabbot said...

"Murdoch is going down" Just like your Mother.

Lisa said...

you crack me up if you think people need FOX to know what is going on. If they go after FOX it will hurt not help the left because that is shutting down free speech and it will further fuel people's anger to come out and vote against the democrat party. Besides people's minds' are already made up and are quite aware of the BS the democrats are full of.
People don't need to see it on TV because they can feel it.

kid said...

Fox isn't free speech, it's a lynchmob. "Hoodlums in 'da hizzouse", "crackin' 40's", how much longer do you think that black people will take this shit sitting down? The POTUS has tried to outreach to Republicans so much , some on the left thinks that he's week. I don't see ANY Republicans coming to speak with minorities. Name a Republican that's reaching out to the minority communities?


Lisa said...

stay in your hate filled haze kid. It's really so unbecoming

Lisa said...

Democrats only reach out to minorities for political gain,they could give 2 shits about them.
Republicans believe in equality for all.
You are so delusional that you can't even see the only time the democrats court minorities is around election season.
They are he ones looking down their noses at you but you believe they are racists because someone tells you to believe that.
Last time I checked we were "one" nation under God not you,them and us.That's why the democrats are dividers they like to play the class warfare game. They can't survive without victims so they need people to remain victims which Obama is trying to make us all a nation of victims but what he is doing is just making us more divisive.
maybe you should put down the Huffpo and walk away slowly.

Lisa said...

You squeal like a fucking twat on fire about Faux News and "indoctrination" all day long without a fucking clue.

you are the problem with this country not Fox.

Keep drinking Soros' bodily fluids because he sure is sucking your blood.