Wednesday, November 10, 2010

$200 million trip

I guess they wanted him to take the bus over to Indonesia.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boycotts work, is Disney next?

Well well well look what the cat dragged in, Andrew Breitbart. He was going to host the election show on ABC News and then later just on their website. Congratulations America, racist are now fashionable again. Even Sarah Palin said to reload after you say N****r 11 times. Guess again, Andrew was disinvited.

Well after plenty of pissed off people ABC/Disney listen. Maybe on Monday we should remind ABC/Disney and tell Tom Joyner to have his audience not patronize them anymore. Glenn Beck, Bill Oreilly, Rush Limbaugh, all of them should be banned from television. There are no real Right Wing pundits, only racist that enable Right. Sorry when people at Fox makes up the $200 million a day POTUS story and the whole media is silent, it time to put the media in the same place some of the politicians got put, on the street.

People say that boycotts don't work , well look at how good the Left went after the current POTUS and the people he endorsed. Maybe this time around people would know that you boycott the people who hate you, not your friends.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Keith Olbermann suspended/fired from MSNBC

One network backed the WHOLE Republican Party and the Tea Party. One guy who doesn't vote and is not a member of any party is fired/suspended. America is full of shit. No not God Bless America but God...

Monday, November 1, 2010

How to spot a sellout

First the best way to spot a sellout is, first no white bigot wants them hurt. Second, they get a good payday. Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr.,Patrice Lumumba, and Huey P. Newton were hated by while they were alive and were not paid for their services.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Truth 101

Rachel Maddow can put together an endless tape of all the racist things that "journalist" say on Fox and the Right still remains silent. The shootings, the arson, and violence could end right now if just one Republican, just one would acknowledge that they are promoting violence. It looks like it's not going to happen. This whole election is about one thing, race. It's not about the economy because the Right didn't comment on the economy for eight years. Let's remember that the Tea Party isn't a bunch of Patriots, they are the Klan plain and simple. They should be treated as such.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

These people are voting

Be afraid, be very afraid. Racist have the right to vote too. So do Homophobes, racist, people that hate women and so on and so on.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bigots at the Klan Network call the President a racist

We all know of the painful history of rich white people being lynched and denied the right to vote. We remember the images of the New Black Panther Party lynching Billionaires and taking their mansions away from them. Mr. President stop attacking the Billionaires and be a man. Start doing what Glenn Beck says and attack the poor like a RepubliKlan President usually does.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Right wing violence

Let's look at the Republican batting average so far:

The other day a activist was viciously curb stomped by a Rand Paul campaign volunteer.

In July Byron Williams was arrested in a freeway police shootout, while on his way to stage a violent attack on the ACLU and Tides Foundation after Glenn Beck repeatedly argued they were "Evil".

A Pheonix Man was indicted for threatening to Kill Rep Raul Grijalva over his opposition to SB1070.

Charles Alan Wilson was arrested for threatening to Kill Senator Patty Murray in Washington State.

Members of the Right-Wing Hutaree Militia were arrested an charged for plotting to shoot, ambush and bomb police in order to begin an anti-Government "Civil War".

A man was arrested for phoning threats against Nancy Pelosi.

Phone threats were made against Rep Betsy Markley.

'better hope I don't run into you in a dark alley with a knife, a club or a gun.

Someone cut the propane gas line at Rep Tom Perriello's brothers home, which appeared to be attempted arson.

Death Threats were issued against Rep Bart Stupak for his support of Health Care Reform.

Pictures of a Noose were Faxed Rep. James Clyburn because of his HCR support.

A Brick was thrown through the window of the Democratic Headquaters in Rochester NY.

Another brick was thrown at Rep Louis Slaughter's office, and a phone message threatening a "Sniper'.

A window was shattered at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Office.

A envelope of White Powder was mail to Rep. Anthony Weiners Office with a threatening note about Health Care.

Packets of White Powder were also sent to Keith Olbermann, David Letterman, Jon Stewart and Speaker Pelosi by Free Republic Poster, Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin acolyte Chad Costanza.

Rep Steve Dreihaus received death threats and had his home address published by a right-wing blogger.

Bricks were thrown through the window of Wichita Country Democratic Office after a "Nationwide Call to vandalize Democratic Offices" was made by the former head of the Alabama Constitutional Militia.

Selfstyled "Christian bin Laden" and Army of God member Justin Moose threatened to Bomb Women's Health Clinics

Arson was committed at The Murfeeboro Tennesee Mosque constuction site.

Scott Reoder shot and killed Dr. George Tiller.

James Adkisson shot 5 and killed 2 "Liberals" at a Knoxville Unitarian Church, because he wanted to murder every person Bernard Goldberg said was "Destroying America".

Michael Enright slashed a cab drivers throat for being Muslim.

Joe Stack flew a plane into the Austin IRS Building

Richard Poplowski killed three police officers in Pittsburgh in a rage over Obama's supposed "anti-gun stance'

James Von Brunn killed security guard at the Holocaust Museum on his way to attack David Axelrod.

James Cummings attempted to build a Radiological Dirty Bomb in Maine to attack President Obama.

It's not like this pattern isn't highly visible, and Brock thinks those that started it, have a responsibility to put this fire out.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back from the future

Check it out. The future if the Republicans win.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Voter nullification in Nevada

This is the only way Republicans can win, cheating. They did it during the Dubya Dynasty twice, now they're trying for a third time. In Arizona some populations of Latinos are leaving Arizona thanks to Sheriff Arpaio. In Utah a "enemies list" of Hispanic women having babies is being kept. Politicians in the Southwest scream of "Mexican Gangs" coming across the border to chop off peoples heads and leave their bodies in the desert. I know the last one sound like a Fox script for the movie "The Machete".

Now Republicans are telling Latinos to not vote. Now we all know that most Latinos are Democrats and it would be in the Republicans best interest to persuade them to not vote at all. We seen this before where I live. On the near West side of Cleveland "somebody" put out flyers on cars that said Immigration will be at the polls. Most of the Hispanics in the Cleveland neighborhood where that happen are Puerto Ricans, American citizens. That just shows the patronizing attitude that the White Male power structure has to minorities, one of serfs.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Al Franken -Take it from me- -every vote matters

\Memo to fox\

From Daily Kos:

I think most of you know me. I'm the poster boy for close elections.

As you may remember, I won my 2008 Senate campaign after a long recount by just 312 votes out of 2.9 million cast. That's a margin of about 1/100th of one percent. So I can tell you from personal experience that every vote counts.

And every vote in Congress counts, too. I'm proud of the vote I cast for health care reform that expands access to medical care while reducing the deficit. That's right: health care reform will reduce the national debt by over a hundred billion dollars over the next ten years, and by 1.5 trillion dollars over the following ten.

But, voters wouldn't know that health care reform reduces the deficit from the campaign ads the conservatives are airing, or from those shady third party ads. I call them shady, because they're shady. They operate in the dark.

Those ads tell you that the stimulus package has been a total failure. That's interesting. Because none other than John McCain's presidential campaign economic adviser, Mark Zandi, has done a comprehensive study of the recovery package and determined that it has created or saved three million jobs and, get this, averted a depression. Averted a depression.

Now, I don't know about our opponents in this election, but I'd say that averting a second Great Depression is, on balance, a very good thing.

Look, people are hurting. Millions of Americans are without jobs. Still struggling, still losing their homes, still anxious about the future.

But let's remember how we got here. The month Barack Obama was sworn in we lost 750,000 jobs in this country. With all due respect to the President, I think his analogy that the economy was a car in a ditch when he took office is just a little too static. Here's my analogy, which, in my opinion, is both more kinetic and, frankly, far more accurate.

When the President took office, not only had the car gone into a ditch, the car had flipped over and was rolling down a steep embankment. We, the American people, were in the back seat, and the Bush Administration had removed all the seat belts, so we were all flying around the interior of this car as it was rolling and flipping and careening down this steep embankment, headed to a 2,000 foot cliff. And at the bottom of that cliff were jagged rocks. And alligators.

Now, at noon on January 20th, 2009, as the car was careening toward the cliff, George W. Bush jumped out of the car.

President Obama somehow managed to dive in through the window, take the wheel and get control of the thing just inches before it went over the precipice. Then, he and Congress starting pushing this wreck back up the embankment. Now you can't push a car up an embankment as fast as it careens down the embankment, especially if some people are trying to push against you. But we got it going in the right direction. And slowly we've gotten ourselves up the embankment, out of the ditch and onto the shoulder of the road.

There. That's what happened.

But you wouldn't know that from all these ads. All these smear ads, all these deliberately misleading ads – all of these ads that are paid for by organizations led by people like Karl Rove.

And we don't know exactly where the money's coming from. But I can guess. I'd guess from big coal companies, big oil companies, big multi-nationals that want to continue outsourcing our jobs, big banks that want to roll back Wall Street reform, big insurance companies that want to roll back health care reform – that don't want to cover kids with pre-existing conditions, or, adults with pre-existing conditions, and who want to drop you if you get sick, or who want to continue to impose annual and lifetime caps so that medical crises will continue to be by far the number one cause of bankruptcy in this country.

Well, they may have the powerful corporations on their side. But we've got you.

And that's why I brought up my recount. I know that if just a few volunteers had decided to sit that election out, I might not be a Senator today. And that's why we need all of you, all of you to work your hearts out for the next few days. I want you phone-banking and door-knocking.

Now, many of you have families. Ignore them. Get on the phones. Get on the doors. Talk to your neighbors. Tell them the truth.

And tell them the stakes. Are we going to go back? Back to the policies of Karl Rove and George Bush? Because that's exactly what they say they're going to do. Or do we continue moving forward? With the policies that have not only averted a depression, but invested in our future? In education and infrastructure and broadband and research and development in medicine and renewable energy.

Because that's the choice. It's backward or forward. And what we do, what you do in the next few days may very well determine which direction we go. I know. 'Cause remember, I'm the poster boy for close elections. And I know that you won't want to wake up on November 3rd and say to yourself - "If I had only done a little bit more. If I had only listened to Al." It's up to all of us.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Big Picture 10-22-10

Beck is back to attacking the Tides Foundation again.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Palin Family is not that stupid!

I guess they ran all out of Bruce Willis signs from "Die Hard III" or raccoon outfits. Nobody but nobody is that damn stupid. Black folk are just gonna let it slide. Republicans want us to go buckwylde. Two more weeks, I'll be glad when it's over. Then we'll have to worry about what the Republicans have planned in 2012.

Tea Bagger Tour


Look like Sarah is taking her corny act on the road with the Tea Bagger Express.Now how many times was you suppose to say the N-word before you reload? The answer is 11 times, right Dr. Laura.

Friday, October 15, 2010

MediaMatters 10-15-20

Finally police are saying that Glenn Beck is a threat to peace in our communities. One problem,do you want to be the next victim that get killed because of what Glenn Beck says?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Follow the money

The money for all those Republicans commercials must come from somewhere. Well they come from the people that constantly screw America everyday, the rich. Now rich people from overseas can donate to the Republicans thanks to the verdict in the Citizens United case.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's the corporations, stupid

Finally the word is getting out. Who is paying for the Tea Parties and all those commercials? Oil companies. People are finally waking up. No the President is not a socialist or a Marxist. The people coming after him are Plutocrats. These are the same people that sent the jobs overseas. These are the same people that work for the insurance companies and medical companies. The people are getting weary of having 9/11 shoved down their throats. While companies are making profits,they are not hiring people. Why, because they want to make the President look bad.

David Koch

Why is America in the condition it's in? This guy's the reason, David Koch. He decided to climb out of his hole and acknowledge his bullshit. He's the reason America is becoming a Plutocracy. From the Tea Parties to the think tanks that have been started in the 70's, it's his fault. Now don't give him all the credit , he has a brother. There's also a network that gives him help too. He should have learned in science class that for every action, there's a equal and opposite reaction. what you put into the universe, will come back on you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shot caller

When Republicans go out and kill people someone usually gives them their marching orders. Even when they say who influenced them to go kill, the media cover up for the right. Byron Williams in his interview admits that it was Glenn Beck's words that influenced him. No one knew anything about the Tides Foundation except of Glenn and his little friend that decided to shoot the place up. Glenn's people says that he's out for medical reasons and may have M.S. I think he has B.S. How will Rupert and Glenn get out of this?

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Make this video viral and get out the vote.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Inciting a riot

There's a guy who the Aryan Nation feels like is their unofficial leader. He has a deep seated hatred of Black people. His conspiracy theories doesn't make sense. He thinks that God has appointed him to change the world. He's known for entertaining people. He dabbles in magic. He preaches of a big race war that is about to come and that in the end he will be God's appointed leader.

But enough about Charles Manson, on this You Tube Glenn Beck has his Blaze film crew film this guy trying to start a riot at a Presidential rally. No one takes the bait. Beck didn't have a mass riot in Washington when he shitted on Dr. King's memory for his fake March on Black People. He's going to try this again. So far his record is three cops and almost the Tides Foundation. When will somebody put him in a prison or sue him?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mind Games

This is straight from Citizens United. You think that they got their money's worth?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comparison and contrast

Compare these two videos and tell me what they have in common? In some peoples fantasy world Democrats, Minorities, Women, and Gays are destroying America. I haven't seen a Gay person go out and kill three policemen. that wasn't a Woman shooting up the Tides Foundation. Keith Olbermann doesn't tell his audience to reload and next time to bring their guns. It's time the Attorney General arrest the Tea Baggers for treason.

Kevin Boyce strikes back

Things have gotten strange in The Republic of Ohio. Oreilly's substitute host for his show is running for Governor. The guy running for Senator was Dubya's adviser for finance, he don't mention what party he belongs to. Now a guy that is a war veteran resume is so weak, that he has to play the al-Qaeda card. Josh Mandel implied that Kevin Boyce put a job posting in his Mosque.It shouldn't matter what his religion is,but Kevin is a Christian. This is how we roll in Ohio for the job of State Treasurer.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

White America has lost it's mind

I think that Victoria Jackson is calling the President a Communist because she can't spell the N-word.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beck begs for riots">

No need for an explanation, just a bigot trying to make his followers go out and kill a Liberal. Beck is going to keep trying this Tides Foundation thing until he gets it right.

I don't want to live in Beckworld. Beckworld is a place where black people perpetually thank white people for slavery. Look at Jesse Lee Peterson, the guy who helped get Dog the racist Bounty Hunter his job back. Who works for a fake Civil Rights organization called BOND, who are financed by Sean Hannity and Project 21. BTW, BOND has never helped a black person in trouble, just whites. so if a white man runs around and calls a black person nigger, he can always get help from Jesse Lee Peterson.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James O'Keefe gets busted!

Looks like the ACORN Pimp ran out of luck. James O'Keefe was caught trying to make up the news, again. The fool was going to try to seduce a CNN reporter onto a boat full of sex toys to embarrass her and the network. This guy looks like he NEEDS a Pimp to get a girl on a boat. What really piss me off about a punk like him was that back in the day when I went to college, young Republicans had "Pimp Parties". They would wear fake fur coats and spear shoe polish on their face and hire black prostitutes to have sex with. They would also have bake sales where they would charge blacks a penny for a cookie and whites $10 for a cookie. Get it, affirmative action. This didn't go on where I went because it was fairly integrated. You know the colleges where this would happen would have fights on the campus. These places had "Rush Rooms" where they had Limbaugh on a loop 24/7, yes he had a T.V. show.

Fox Nation wants to "Thug Out" the Presdient

The President gave Rolling Stone an interview. He commented that he has an eclectic taste in music from Stevie Wonder, show tunes, Opera , to Rap. But what the main story at Fox, "Gangster Rap". I think this is in retaliation to him saying that Fox is destroying America, finally the truth comes out. More truth came out when Gov. Swartzenegger put the Koch Brothers and big oil on blast. Even A Republican can see that the Koch family is trying to destroy America.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Everybody wants to be Black

Ann Coulter says Feminist and Gays want to be Black, shit Clarence Thomas, Lloyd Marcus, and Jesse Lee Peterson doesn't want to be Black. I think we all know how Ann would treat a Gay Black, Feminist, like shit.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breitbart's Bull

In about the mid 80's when I went to college "Dittoheads" would have something called a "Pimp Party". Whites would put shoe polish on their face and hire prostitutes and have sex with them. When Brittany Spears had her wedding to Kevin Fedderline the wedding party wore matching sweat suits with Pimp and Whore spelled on the back of them. When Breitbart had his fake ass, staged ACORN Ratfucking they dressed like Pimps and Whores. Two of these films show the real Breitbart and one is so fake I had to laugh at it. Then I got pissed. Why do rich bigots want to shit on poor people? They want to piss us off so fucking much that we'll riot. Guess what, WE WON'T. Only Fox viewers go out and shoot five policemen because Glenn Beck said THEY were coming for your gun and you were going to a FEMA camp. Three of those policemen died because of what Beck said.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

MediaMatters 8-24-10

You wonder where Rev. Terry Jones gets his cues to bash Muslims? As they say with Prego, "It's all in there". At the very end you hear a audio asking the President to renounce Lucifer.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Have white folk lost their effin' minds this year?

I just found this somewhere. I loved Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant. Now I'm not so sure. He called R & B music "spook" music on the Today Show. I guess that's how he really feels about Black people.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playing the pile on game

Ever wonder why people who seem perfectly logical want to put our country in the direct line of fire from a whole religion? Money.Racism and bigotry sells. By playing to peoles prejudices they are able to sell their products and make money. A missle or a tank sitting along somewhere unused doesn't make money for the people that built it unless it is destroyed. Then the war profitters make money. When there is no war , they don't get paid. That's when scapegoats come in. Gay, Muslim, Black, Female, Hispanic, anybody. Foundations like The Cato Institute and other Conservative think tanks and financed by the Koch family.

They started their foundations in the late 70's. Several of the big Conservative foundations were started by the Koch family. The message is racial hate and violence. Their companies make $100 Billion a year.

So now you know why the President looks weak, it's because of these Koch suckers.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I heard of white priviledge, but damn

She prays to the Devil, would have told Hitler where Jews were hiding because she honest, and think mice are walking around with human brains. We have found someone dumber than Sarah Palin, except for the people that voted for her. The President was hounded for being a Muslim that went to Rev. Wright's Black Nationalist church and Christine ODonnell prays to the devil. Pat Robertson, Rod Parsley, and Jack van Impe says that Muslim pray to the devil, actually they don't. Here is proof from her lips that she participated with Satanist. BTW, I think she might be mistaken, people that observe Wiccian do not pray to the Devil, Satanist pray to Satan. Let's see how this gets resolved.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christopher Chambers debates Lloyd Marcus

This is sad. Christopher Chambers of Nat Turner's Revenge debates Lloyd Marcus about Glenn Beck's March on Black people and Dr. King. Lloyd makes his money singing at Tea Parties and selling his record. No Black person is going to a Tea Party to sell their own people out and not get paid. Show me a poor Black Republican and I'll show you a fool. I seen You Tubes of Lloyd being laugh at and made fun of at these rallies. That is his job, to entertain.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beck is calling for war against Liberals.

White priviledge can only go so far. Glenn Beck is telling his listeners to get their guns and knives because the Liberals are coming for them. Every time Glenn speaks, people die. Someone said that I should join with the Tea Party. Why so they can kill me? The only killing I seen is what the Right is doing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Don't forget who was on duty at the time

One of the first things that George Bush wanted to do before he was President was to invade Iraq. The day he first stepped foot in the White House his staff made up the lie that the Clinton staff sabotaged the computers. That day Clinton told him the most important thing was to go after al-Qaeda, he didn't listen.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Houston, we have a problem

Somebody burned all the voting machines in Houston. The Right is organizing a goon squad to make sure that all the votes in Houston are nullified. They are worried that the current Govenor Rick Perry will lose. They formed a group called In their world Blacks rig votes and Whites are the victims. This is what it comes to , straight up bullshit lies and deceit. Don't think it won't happen to you . In Cuyahoga County, Ohio some Republicans tried to stop Hispanic wards from having bilingual ballots. They want their country back. Who is this they? Why it the Klan.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenn Beck said what?

Looks like Glenn wanted to OWN Dr. King and his legacy.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Go to Hell Glenn and Greta!

Greta Von Frakenstein said that if Glenn Beck cancels his march on black people the community center two blocks from Ground Zero should be moved. I think that Greta should be Excommunicated from her church for promoting violence just like Glenn Beck.

The only time in the America people put up a religious symbol after killing people , it was the Christians. Look at all the Missions that were set up after killing the original natives of the Americas. Then you had Tulsa-Black Wall Street. After killing and clearing the area, whites set up businesses.

Monday, August 23, 2010

They said he looked Muslim

They wanted to beat the livin' Mississippi snap out of him because he looked Muslim. Rockin' a Kufi or a wave cap. Where's Oprah and her "good white people" at when you need them? Emimem wears one, so does the Aryan Nation.

Rush is saying that he's a Muslim that went to Rev. Wright's church. which is it Tubby? I think that you better lay off the Oxycontin.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Andrew Manis on when whites are going to get over it?

Andrew M. Manis is associate professor of history at Macon State College in Georgia and wrote this for an editorial in the Macon Telegraph.

Andrew M. Manis: When Are WE Going to Get Over It?

For much of the last forty years, ever since America "fixed" its race problem in the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, we white people have been impatient with African Americans who continued to blame race for their difficulties. Often we have heard whites ask, "When are African Americans finally going to get over it?
I want to ask:
"When are we White Americans going to get over our ridiculous obsession with skin color?
Recent reports that "Election Spurs Hundreds' of Race Threats, Crimes" should frighten and infuriate every one of us. Having grown up in "Bombingham," Alabama in the 1960s, I remember overhearing an avalanche of comments about what many white classmates and their parents wanted to do to John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
Eventually, as you may recall, in all three cases, someone decided to do more than "talk the talk."

Since our recent presidential election, to our eternal shame we are once again hearing the same reprehensible talk I remember from my boyhood.

We white people have controlled political life in the disunited colonies and United States for some 400 years on this continent.
whites have been in power 28 of the last 40 years. Even during the eight Clinton years, conservatives in Congress blocked most of his agenda and pulled him to the right. Yet never in that period did I read any headlines suggesting that anyone was calling for the assassinations of presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, or either of the Bushes. Criticize them, yes.
Call for their impeachment, perhaps. But there were no bounties on their heads. And even when someone did try to kill Ronald Reagan, the perpetrator was non-political mental case who wanted merely to impress Jody Foster.

But elect a liberal who happens to be Black and we're back in the sixties again. At this point in our history, we should be proud that we've proven what conservatives are always saying -- that in America anything is possible, EVEN electing a black man as president.
But instead we now hear that school children from Maine to California are talking about wanting to "assassinate Obama."
Fighting the urge to throw up, I can only ask, "How long?"
How long before we white people realize we can't make our nation, much less the whole world, look like us?
How long until we white people can - once and for all - get over this hell-conceived preoccupation with skin color?
How long until we white people get over the demonic conviction that white skin makes us superior?
How long before we white people get over our bitter resentments about being demoted to the status of equality with non-whites?

How long before we get over our expectations that we should be at the head of the line merely because of our white skin?
How long until we white people end our silence and call out our peers when they share the latest racist jokes in the privacy of our white-only conversations?

I believe in free speech, but how long until we white people start making racist loudmouths as socially uncomfortable as we do flag burners?
How long until we white people will stop insisting that blacks exercise personal responsibility, build strong families, educate themselves enough to edit the Harvard Law Review, and work hard enough to become President of the United States, only to threaten to assassinate them when they do?

How long before we start "living out the true meaning" of our creeds, both civil and religious, that all men and women are created equal and that "red and yellow, black and white" all are precious in God's sight?
Until this past November 4, I didn't believe this country would ever elect an African American to the presidency. I still don't believe I'll live long enough to see us white people get over our racism problem.

But here's my three-point plan:

, everyday that Barack Obama lives in the White House that Black Slaves Built, I'm going to pray that God (and the Secret Service) will protect him and his family from us white people.

, I'm going to report to the FBI any white person I overhear saying, in seriousness or in jest, anything of a threatening nature about President Obama.

, I'm going to pray to live long enough to see America surprise the world once again, when white people can "in spirit and in truth" sing of our damnable color prejudice,

"We HAVE overcome."
It takes a Village to protect our President!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pushback from Media Matters

It seems as if the only Progressives that are not attacking the President is Media Matters. Daily Kos at first use to go after Conservatives that would attack the Left . Now that Daily Kos has been infiltrated by "trolls", people have to depend on Media Matters to lead the charge. What Media Matters does works. They got rid of Dr. Laura Schlessinger , they're pushing back on the anti-Obama meme, they're fighting back. Meanwhile at Kos Cenk Uygur and Max Keiser who regularly bash the President on Kos, bash him also on RT Russia Today or as I call them Fox East. The Left needs to stop these circular firing squads. also our so-called "Mainstream Media" need to stop doing the work of Fox News and do their damn jobs. I was highly pissed when Diana Sawyer wanted to take a poll on Park 51 building being converted into a recreation center. Only four people corrected the MSM when they called it a "victory Mosque" Rachel, Keith, Stewart, and Cobert. It's messed up when our "media" is just four people and two of them are comedians.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pap and the G.A. P. Band, you dropped a bomb on us!

From Wikipedia:

Benjamin "Pap" Singleton (1809 – 1892) was an American activist and businessman best known for his role in establishing African-American settlements in Kansas. A former slave from Tennessee who escaped to freedom in 1846, he became a noted abolitionist, community leader, and spokesman for African American civil rights. He returned to Tennessee during the Union occupation in 1862, but soon concluded that blacks would never achieve economic equality in the white-dominated South. After the end of Reconstruction, Singleton organized the movement of thousands of black colonists, known as Exodusters, to found settlements in Kansas. A prominent voice for early black nationalism, he became involved in promoting and coordinating black-owned businesses in Kansas and developed an interest in the Back-to-Africa movement.

[edit] Early life and education

Although it is known that Benjamin Singleton was born in 1809 into slavery in Davidson County near Nashville, Tennessee, details of his early life remain scant. He was the son of a white father and an enslaved black mother. As a youth, he was trained as a skilled carpenter but regretted never learning to read and write. Reportedly Singleton made several attempts to run away but was unsuccessful.

In 1846 Singleton managed to escape to freedom. Singleton made his way north along the Underground Railroad to Windsor, Ontario, and remained there a year before relocating to Detroit, Michigan. In Detroit he lived as a scavenger and used what resources he could to help other escaped slaves find their way to freedom in Canada. Singleton remained in Detroit until after the Civil War had been underway. was a carpenter.

[edit] Separatism

After the Union Army occupied Middle Tennessee in 1862, Singleton returned and took up residence in Nashville and worked as a cabinetmaker and coffin maker.[1] The experiences of freedmen subject to racial violence and political problems led Singleton to conclude that blacks would have no chance for equality in the South. Disgusted by political leaders who failed to deliver on promises of equality for freedmen, in 1869 Singleton joined forces with Columbus M. Johnson, a black minister in Sumner County, and began looking for ways to establish black economic independence.

In 1874, Singleton and Johnson founded the Edgefield Real Estate Association with the goal of helping African Americans obtain land in the Nashville area. Unfortunately, white landowners were unwilling to bargain with them and wanted too high prices for their land. Convinced that freedmen must leave the South to achieve true economic independence, in 1875 Singleton began to explore the idea of planting black colonies in the American West. His real estate organization was renamed the Edgefield Real Estate and Homestead Association. In 1876 Singleton and Johnson made a personal trip to Kansas to scout out land in Cherokee County in the southeastern corner of the state. Heartened by what he saw, Singleton returned to Nashville and began recruiting settlers for a proposed colony.

[edit] Singleton Colonies

In the summer of 1877, Singleton led approximately seventy-three black settlers to Cherokee County near the town of Baxter Springs.[2] Once the settlers arrived, they began negotiating with the Missouri River, Fort Scott, and Gulf Railroad for land to build their proposed Singleton Colony. Unfortunately, rich lead deposits had been discovered in the area the previous year, which led to a mining boom and caused land prices to rise too high. Without the ability to buy land, they could not create a colony in Cherokee County. Singleton began looking elsewhere.

Singleton began looking for government land which his settlers could acquire through the 1862 Homestead Act. He found some available land on what had been the former Kaw Indian Reservation near the town of Dunlap, Kansas, on the borders of Morris County and Lyon County. Dunlap was situated along the tracks of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, familiarly called the Katy Railroad. The land was marginal, but in the spring of 1878, Singleton's settlers left middle Tennessee for Kansas via steamboats on the Cumberland River. The following year they officially established the Dunlap Colony.[2] More than 2400 settlers emigrated from the Nashville and Sumner County areas.[1] Most settlers lived in dugouts during their first year on the Great Plains. They stuck it out and made the colony a success.

[edit] Exodusters, 1879-1880

By 1879 of the "Great Exodus", 50,000 freedmen known as Exodusters had migrated from the South to escape poverty and racial violence following whites' regaining political control across the former Confederacy. They migrated to Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois seeking land, better working conditions and the chance to live in peace. Part of Topeka, Kansas was known as "Tennessee Town" because of many migrants from that state. Most had no direct connection with Singleton's organized colony movement, but Singleton and his followers were sympathetic to their plight. Many white Kansans began to object to the arrival of so many desperately poor blacks into their state. Singleton stepped forward to defend the Exodusters' right to try to make better lives in the American West.

In 1880 Singleton was requested to appear before the United States Senate in Washington, D.C., to testify on the causes of the Great Exodus to Kansas. Singleton rebuffed the efforts of southern Senators to discredit the Exodus Movement. He testified to his own success in setting up independent black colonies and noted the terrible conditions which caused freedmen to leave the South. Singleton returned to Kansas as a nationally recognized spokesman for the Exodusters. Unfortunately, the arrival of so many poor blacks put more of a financial burden on the Dunlap Colony than the original settlers could bear. By 1880, the Presbyterian Church had taken charitable control of the settlement and made plans to build a Freedmen's Academy in the town. Singleton had no more dealings with his colony at Dunlap.

[edit] Final years

In 1881, Benjamin Singleton was seventy-two-years-old, and most people referred to him affectionately as "old Pap." He was still a formidable figure and used his reputation to bring together blacks into an organization called the Colored United Links (CUL). The goal of the CUL, which he created in Topeka, Kansas, was to combine the financial resources of all black people to build black-owned businesses, factories, and trade schools. The CUL formed in 1881 and held several conventions. The organization was successful enough locally that Republican Party officials in Kansas became interested in its potential political strength. Presidential candidate James B. Weaver of the Greenback Party met with CUL leaders, to discuss fusion between the two groups. After 1881, CUL membership faltered, however, and the organization soon fell apart.

After the failure of the CUL, Singleton became convinced that blacks would never be allowed to succeed in the United States. In 1883 Singleton briefly joined with St. Louis, Missouri, businessman Joseph Ware and black minister John Williams in proposing that blacks migrate to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. That idea did not develop. In 1885 Singleton moved to Kansas City where he began to organize around Pan-Africanism. In 1885 Singleton founded the United Transatlantic Society (UTS) with the goal of having all blacks relocate from the United States to Africa. This was a time when Bishop Henry McNeil Turner had his own proposed African migration movement.

The UTS lasted till 1887 but never managed to send anyone to Africa. In poor health, Singleton retired from his life of activism. He raised his voice one final time in 1889 to call for a portion of the newly opening Oklahoma Territory to be reserved as an all-black state. Benjamin Singleton died in 1892. The location of his grave is unknown.

From Wikipedia:

The Tulsa race riot was a large scale racially-motivated conflict between the White and Black communities of Tulsa, Oklahoma, allegedly including aerial attack, beginning May 31, 1921. During the 16 hours of the assault, over 800 people were admitted to local hospitals with injuries, an estimated 10,000 were left homeless, and 35 city blocks composed of 1,256 residences were destroyed by fire caused by bombing.


[edit] Background

Ku Klux Klan attacks against blacks occurred in Oklahoma, as they did in many southern states. Lynching was another form of violence, with some black victims being murdered because they happened to be relatives of someone else previously lynched.[1]

The Tulsa race riot occurred in the racially and politically tense atmosphere of northeastern Oklahoma, some of which was a growing hotbed of anti-black sentiment at that time. The Ku Klux Klan made its first major appearance in Oklahoma on August 12, 1921,[2] less than three months after the riot.

As in several other states and territories during the early years of the twentieth century, lynchings were not uncommon in Oklahoma. Between the declaration of statehood on November 16, 1907, and the Tulsa race riot some thirteen years later, thirty-one individuals — twenty-six of whom were black — were lynched in Oklahoma. During the twenty years following the riot, the number of lynchings statewide fell to two.[3]

According to the Oklahoma State Commission established to study the riot:

"The local Klan also was highly active in politics in Tulsa. It regularly issued lists of Klan-approved candidates for both state and local political offices, that were prominently displayed in Tulsa newspapers. According to one student of the Klan in Tulsa Country during the 1920s, 'mayors, city commissioners, sheriffs, district attorneys, and many other city and country office holders who were either klansmen or Klan supporters were elected, and reelected, with regularity.' In 1923, three of the five members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives from Tulsa Country were admitted klansmen."[4]

The Greenwood section of Tulsa was home to a commercial district so prosperous it was known as "the Negro Wall Street" (now commonly referred to as "the Black Wall Street"). Ironically, the economic enclaves here and elsewhere — bounded and supported by racial separation — supported prosperity and capital formation within the community. In the surrounding areas of northeastern Oklahoma, blacks also enjoyed relative prosperity and participated in the oil boom.[5]

From Wikipedia:

Early years

Growing up with a Pentecostal minister father, the Wilson brothers formed the Greenwood, Archer, and Pine Street Band in 1967, with Tuck Andress (later of Tuck and Patti). In 1921, the Greenwood district was the site of one of the most violent racially motivated attacks in United States history. The complete destruction of the community was the result of the Tulsa Race Riot.


This was Rosewood times ten. Give us Oral Roberts University and every Black that attends has a FREE EDUCATION! We want Greenwood, Archer, and Pine back!

Robert Wilson died of a heart attack at his home in Palmdale, California on August 15, 2010. This is in Memory of Charlie's Brother who still has a concert scheduled on Aug, 28 which people should attend. GIVE US TULSA BACK !


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Monday, August 16, 2010

Colonized Mind

Upload: the evolution principal
U c a rock on the shore and say
"it's always been there"
Download: no responsibility
Do what you want nobody cares
Upload: the master race idea
Genetically disposed 2 rule the world
Download: a future full of isolated
Full of isolated boys and girls

Upload: a 2-party system
The lesser of 2 dangers
Illusion of choice
Download: a veiled form of fascism
Nothing really ever changes
U never had a voice

If you look, ur sure gonna find
Thruout mankind's history
A colonized mind
The one in power makes law
Under which the colonized fall
But without god it's just the blind leading the blind

Upload: a child with no father
Download: no respect 4 authority
Upload: a child with no mother
Download: a hard time showing love

If you look, ur sure gonna find
Thruout mankind's history
A colonized mind
The one in power makes laws
Under which the colonized fall
But without god
It's just the blind leading the blind

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is sick!

These people are just plain ignorant.

Friday, August 13, 2010

George Clinton talks about Drugs

Keeping it real!

What do you think happened?


Fox Cleveland showed this at the top of their newscast. Nuff' said.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fox is playing every card they got

Fox and the Right is creating this atmosphere of hate. Many Left leaning groups or organizations are reporting infiltration by those sympathetic to the Right. Digg, the social media site has been used by Republicans spreading their propaganda. On Daily Kos minorities are getting HR'ed for no reason . Islam is being attacked. Chicanos humiliated, and Blacks ridiculed. Recently I got Hr'ed on Kos and am waiting until the end of my banishment to respond. Sorry folks but the closer we get to election day , the worst the attacks will get. Brothers don't usually go "postal" and shoot up their workplace. Fox wants chaos and disorder, they want Americans to start their "Balkanization".

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ethnic Cleansing

While Fox is attacking the Southwest trying to hunt down Hispanics people, Glenn Beck hasn't forgot about Black people. In his mind President Obama and Progressives are destroying public services so that black people can take over. Glenn names several majority black cities to prove that the fix is in. Glenn says that Police and Fire Departments are being torn apart so that blacks can riot. BTW, he's still doing the March in Washington.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Here's Prince doing the song America with the Marcus Garvey flag behind him.

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Even Breitbart's fake comedy show isn't funny

I have been over to Newsbusters, one of Andrew Breitbart's properties (not for long, right Mrs.Sharrod). The one thing you never use in comedy is anger alone. To do comedy sucessfully you need a setup and a punchline, that's it. When you're not funny, your message doesn't get out. This is two minutes and thirty one seconds of hate. There are good jokes about "liberals" out there, but watching a rich white person bitch about what they don't have isn't funny. What's makes this funny is the canned laughter played at the wrong times.

Tea Baggers say they're not racist

I wonder if Sarah Palin or anyone from the Right will refudiate what this man just said.

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Mobius Strip

mobius strip

In Geometry a Mobius Strip is a path that has one side with a continuous path. When you travel it, you make two separate trips.


About one year ago Dr. Henry Louis Gates was arrested for resisting arrest. Imagine if he was white. What would have happened?