Thursday, September 24, 2009

He's making a list, he's checking it twice...

When will somebody throw his butt in jail.Glenn Beck is now putting up a hitlist with pictures of the ACORN people.Can you say violation of civil right anybody?How much longer can this shit go on? So far the Glenn Beck death tally is up to four, three policemen in Pittsburgh and one Census taker in Kentucky with the word "fed" carved into his chest.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the winner of this years Cloonie goes to....

Angela McGowan:

"When I wrote ‘Bamboozled,’ it brought ideological bigotry. There is even a website called “Field Negro,” which I have been called. I have been called a House Negro, a Cloonie, a Lawn Jockey, an Uncle Tom, Sambo, and Auntie Annie. I don’t even know what that last one means. I have been on Fox News since 1999. I hear it. The black community has become puppets of white racist liberals. When we stand on right, we win the end.” Whatever Angela, I stand by that characterization of you. BTW, my open challenge to you still stands. And it's called a "COONIE" not a "CLOONIE".

Saturday, September 12, 2009

God Bless the Chocolate City

From Media Matters:

A suggestion to CNN: On Saturday (and Sunday) another group will descend on the Mall for a positive cause. This weekend is the 24th annual Black Family Reunion Celebration, a "three-day cultural event celebrating the enduring strengths and traditional values of the African American family." How about reporting on African-Americans' views on taxes, health care, unemployment, etc? At least then you won't be merely echoing Fox News' coverage. After all, the tea party protesters have been given more than enough airtime on Fox News alone.

This is scheduled the same day as the tea party, let's pray that nothing happens.These are the lyrics to Parliament's Chocolate City made in 1974. All our hopes were finally realized last year.When this song came out it was all just a fantasy.

"Chocolate City"

Uh, what's happening CC?
They still call it the White House
But that's a temporary condition, too.
Can you dig it, CC?

To each his reach
And if I don't cop, it ain't mine to have
But I'll be reachin' for ya
'Cause I love ya, CC.
Right on.

There's a lot of chocolate cities, around
We've got Newark, we've got Gary
Somebody told me we got L.A.
And we're working on Atlanta
But you're the capital, CC

Gainin' on ya!
Get down
Gainin' on ya!
Movin' in and on ya
Gainin' on ya!
Can't you feel my breath, heh
Gainin' on ya!
All up around your neck, heh heh

Hey, CC!
They say your jivin' game, it can't be changed
But on the positive side,
You're my piece of the rock
And I love you, CC.
Can you dig it?

Hey, uh, we didn't get our forty acres and a mule
But we did get you, CC, heh, yeah
Gainin' on ya
Movin' in and around ya
God bless CC and its vanilla suburbs

Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya! (heh!)
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
What's happening, blood?
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!

What's happening, black?
Brother black, blood even
Yeah-ahh, just funnin'

Gettin' down

Ah, blood to blood
Ah, players to ladies
The last percentage count was eighty
You don't need the bullet when you got the ballot
Are you up for the downstroke, CC?
Chocolate city
Are you with me out there?

And when they come to march on ya
Tell 'em to make sure they got their James Brown pass
And don't be surprised if Ali is in the White House
Reverend Ike, Secretary of the Treasure
Richard Pryor, Minister of Education
Stevie Wonder, Secretary of FINE arts
And Miss Aretha Franklin, the First Lady
Are you out there, CC?
A chocolate city is no dream
It's my piece of the rock and I dig you, CC
God bless Chocolate City and its (gainin' on ya!) vanilla suburbs
Can y'all get to that?
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
Easin' in
Gainin' on ya!
In yo' stuff
Gainin' on ya!
Huh, can't get enough
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
Be mo' funk, be mo' funk
Gainin' on ya!
Can we funk you too
Gainin' on ya!
Right on, chocolate city!

Yeah, get deep
Real deep
Be mo' funk
Mmmph, heh
Get deep
Unh, heh
Just got New York, I'm told

Friday, September 11, 2009

School Days

I wanted to do a cartoon like this one but someone beat me to it.Funny people are pissed about the wrong President,at the wrong School, on the wrong day.How soon they forget.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey Mr.Wilson F**k you

Oh Wilson,Wilson,Wilson no one like you.Even Tom Hanks left your ass on the island Wilson.Where should I start.You were just another racist politician from the south
without a care in the world.This time you messed up.You acted unclassy, you interrupted the President's speech.You screamed out that he was a liar.You shouldn't have don't that.I know that people on the right have no respect for the President, but you did it on live TV in front of millions.That pissed some people off.

You might not have heard of something called "The Bachmann Effect" but I'll explain it to you.You see when you act like a asshole like Van Jones said you are, a strange thing happens."Batty" Bachmann was saying crazy things that could have gotten the President killed last year, much like your friends are doing now.Well the person she was running against Elwyn Tinkenberg gotten millions of dollars in a few days.That's the Bachmann Effect. Well Say hello to Rob Miller.Thanks to you he got more than $50,000.00 in three hours.

You messed up Wilson, you started your campaign early. People in fifty states know your name.Millions of blacks and Hispanics know you are a bigot.You don't want illegal immigrants to get any health services...well maybe except for Rupert Murdoch.You do know that by law you can't let a person die no matter what race they are.You make it seem like Canadian women that are flat chested will sneak over here for a free rack like Pamela Lee Anderson .I guess when they come from "warmer" climates they shouldn't get anything ,huh Mr. Wilson.

Pretty soon you will need a good health plan since it looks like you are about to lose your job.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

License to ill

In his speech the President directly responded to concerns I’ve raised about unelected bureaucrats being given power to make decisions affecting life or death health care matters. He called these concerns “bogus,” “irresponsible,” and “a lie” -- so much for civility. After all the name-calling, though, what he did not do is respond to the arguments we’ve made, arguments even some of his own supporters have agreed have merit.

Yes the President of the Wasilla K.K.K. Satan Pagan, on her Facebook page is pissed because the President called her out on her Bullshit.Sarah you are bogus ,irresponsible, and a liar.Van Jones had it right when he said all of you are assholes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey Glenn Beck where's your shinebox?

The right must feel like Joe Pesci in this scene from "Goodfellas".All the talk about student indoctrination and nothing happened.Someone mentioned the scene on Daily Kos.They said that the President made them look small.

Speaking of going Gangsta Keith Olbermann is going for the mattresses.He's asking his audience to send him any and all Glenn Beck material.Beck threatened to go after three more of the President's staff, Keith snapped.Then today he also revealed how FOX went after him with lawyers, spies, and lies.I think that Keith will win this one.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mother had you and mother f***k you


People can see what you are now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I guess he needs our help

I got this from Obama's OFA group:

With just days remaining before Congress returns to D.C. to tackle health insurance reform, we're organizing our biggest push yet to show local support for change -- our "Health Insurance Reform Now: Let's Get It Done!" events.

There are thousands of gatherings across the country, and the event this Thursday in Cleveland could be one of the best. I hope you can be there as we hear from local leaders and present the thousands of declarations of support for reform that we've been collecting in Ohio for months.

Don't miss this critical event -- click here to RSVP today. Here are the details:

What: Health Insurance Reform Now Event

Where: Laborers' Union Local #310
3250 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115

When: Thursday, September 3rd
7:00 p.m.


Every person who shows up to this event -- and each friend they bring -- makes an enormous statement about the depth of local passion for reform.

Please join us:



Greg Schultz
Ohio State Director
Organizing for America

P.S. -- Before the event, please print off a flyer to display and make sure that your support is visible.