Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Every one at Shaw High School should go to....China.

I'm a product of the Cleveland School system and Shaw High is in East Cleveland. They would beat the Cleveland teams, take our girlfriends and so on and so on. But I have a selfish reason for this blog. I want the marching band to go to hel.. , ah China. In Cleveland the schools are competitive and I hope good old South High will beat them on the field one day.

Shaw is one of five U.S. schools to play at the Olympics in China. East Cleveland is a impoverish community with scarse resources. The band needs $97,000.00 to go to China. So if Oprah is your cousin , or you want to help you can go to WJW TV8 Fox site ,(yea I said Fox) and get more information. This is a black school so you know they can get off. You know I care about the brothers because I hate Fox, so do something for them. They are representing not just East Cleveland, Northern Ohio, but America. Thanks

Hook on chronic.

Yea, big G-Dub made his speech.One of the things he's going after is earmarks. Most politicians call it pork. Pork is spending money on wasteful projects. One dear to his heart is poor folks. He don't want to spend his money on poor folks. People on welfare and poor people don't qualify according to Bush. The whole idea of the stimilus package is to help the economy. Most middle class and higher groups are going to put the money in the bank. Now the people that can help the economy the most are the people that ain't going to get it. Most of the poor are not going to get T-Bills, they are going to get food. They might get a little gas(not from the food ,the gas station). Help pay the high heat bill. A little on rent, and maybe with the change left they can get that new sandwich at Micky-D's. You know I think bush is high , he might be hook on chronic.

I don't wanna b a number, I don't wanna b a slave.

I want to talk to you about negritude. Hold up its not bad. Its a theory of thought that Franz Fanon spoke of. Franz was a brother from the West Indian island of Martinique. He was a psychologist that had a partial influence on Malcolm X. Negritude is a concept that explains a concept that only blacks can get, in other words "it's a black thing". Let me make it easy for you. In the late seventies and the early eighties break dancing popped up. Around this time a German musical group called Kraftwerk emerged. The brothers went crazy for the kraut rock they made,(their words not mine.) How does this have anything to do with negritude ? , let me explain.

Ask any brother 35 to 45 years old to count to ten in German. they can't do it. Now ask them to sing the song "Numbers". Most brothers can count to eight in German, four in Japanese,four in Spanish,and two in Korean.You wonder how ?, negritude. Its something that only blacks can get. Kraftwerk is actually a Funk group. Don't believe me, their in a history of funk book along with George Clinton. In a remix of the song the opening lyrics are "I don't want to be a number, I don't want to be a slave".They understand the concept of being on the outside. Four German guys understand that. That's negritude. I not trying to say that they totally understand the black identity, but you can feel it thought the music.

Jump to the 21st century, Bill Oreilly writes a "rap" in his book to talk to the "kids". You can't manufacture being real. Bill can drink a forty ounce of hip hop , along with a chaser of R&B. You will never understand us. As long as you have Toms around you , you will not understand negritude. Yes Juan Williams can tell you the words , the movements, the ideas, you won't get it. Just like Bill Clinton at his presidential inaugural had George Clinton (I kid you not), that's makes him cool , but not black.

If you understand black people , they will embrace you. Yea, we can talk, its cool. But if you are patronising to us , If you fake the fonk your nose is gonna grow. So Bill ,Hillary, just be real . We are not just numbers.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There's no place like holmes.

Something got my blood to boil. While reading an article about the foreclosure problem, I read the comments on the page. It said that they deserve it . They were dumb. Don't they know how to save money? In the Plain Dealer the local newspaper, (we call it the Pain Dealer) the "black" columinst wrote about people who lost their homes because of gambling or buying expensive trucks. I wonder how all those white people lost their homes?

Maybe, they were just lazy. Maybe, they were dumb, or maybe they were just ripped off. On my street I see boarded up homes.Squatters stay in some of them. In his address ,Bush said that peoples income has went up. Most families around here have extended families that help pay the note. People have to work two jobs or work in the underground economy. It so bad that people are losing homes in the suburbs. It is estimimated in Cleveland that at least 50,000 homes were foreclosed. This is nothing new. Michael Moore in his Roger and Me movie showed the effects of the poor economy. Something has got to be done soon , or you may be homeless next.

Monday, January 28, 2008

It official Obama will be the "first" black president

Obama just won S.C. Now he getting endorsements.First, J.F.K.'s daughter Caroline said Barack reminds her of her father.Then Ted Kennedy said Barack reminds him of his brother , and then he went after Clinton. Now Toni Morrison is taking Bill's "ghetto pass" back. Sister(from Northeast Ohio no less) is backing Obama.

If Bill really cared about being "black" he would let the real brother step in. I know Bill loves his wife ,but the bashing that Obama took turned Ted and Toni off. He should try to help unite the party and get behind Barack. Now I don't just support Obama because he black, I support him because he's democrat and black.Clarence Tom Ass is black and I don't support him. Juan Williams is black and I don't support him (yes he's a so called democrat , but in name only.)To be real the canidate that scored the highest rating from the Congressional Black Caucus just left the race. Yep, Dennis Kuchinich. Well Dennis don't worry, maybe if you talk to Toni she could hook you up with Bill's "ghetto pass". You could be the honorary second (or third) black president.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

That old Black Magic.

I just finish watching Fox this morning. It was the usual, the liberal and conservative hosts both attackthe democrats. Why our very own Juan "M' fer Ice Tea " Williams said something funny. He said that Bill Clinton interjected race into the primaries by saying that Obama won the state just live Jesse did twice. But wait , there's more. He said Obama can't win the nomination. I had to think about it for a few seconds. Hum ?, Obama has more popular and electorial votes . Maybe Juan's right , hell naw. Then I seen another morning talk show. The conservative pannelist said Rush Limbaugh is not voting for anyone in the election. Now you may hate Mr. Oxycotin , but tubby has a lot of pull. His "dittoheads" usually goes along with what he says.He must be crapping in his diaper thinking that Bush messed the country up so much ,that the republicans WILL NOT WIN. As Rush said so rudely Obama must be the "magic Negro". He appeals to whites because he is white. He appeals to Blacks because he is black. I so sorry Rush . You know what I think it is, I think it must be that old black magic.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Nigerian or the Nazi?

Ok, Obama just won South Carolina. He won a large amount of the Black vote. He won a large majority of white males. People are shocked. Is it that race is not a concern for voters any more? Has America grown up?I think it more to this than meets the eye.

A few years ago Pope John Paul II died. The worry was could we find a sucessor that's as good as John Paul? They went to the Vanican and voted and voted. It came to choosing between two Cardinals, the one from Nigeria and the one from Germany. The Nigerian Cardinal had a pretty good record, well you could even say average. Now Cardinal Ratzinger was a member of the Nazi Party. Now I heard the vote was close. I be damned! How close can it be. The choice was the ni**er or the Nazi? Choose the guy that ran with Hitler? Many Italians even said that picking a black Pope would mean the end of the world. Well the worlds still here and only Bush is messing the world up.

I think that Americans have matured a bit. If the world can see how racist it would be to pick a Nazi Pope over a Black one, then why can't white men vote more for Obama than Hillary.Some white racist probably thought about this while their home is in forecloser. Some probably thought about this while their son or daughter left for Iraq. Some probably thought about this while the President is about to give to the American people what is basically a bribe to vote republican this year. Some probably thought about this while going to their second job. So youu have a choice. You coule make it twelve years of republican hell while you live on the streets in a cardboard box, or you could just vote for the brother or the babe. Hey its better than voting for the Nazi? We already had one for almost eight years.

Friday, January 25, 2008

God Bless America

Today I drove to work listening to the Michael Baisden Show. He had Hillary Clinton on explaining why people should vote for her. My jaw dropped when she went after illegal immigrants. She even sounded like Michael Gallagher, known racist and conservative radio host. She said ," this is America, speak english." Well someone has to break it Hill. First, most Hispanic immigrants are bilingual. Second, it sounds biggoted to tell a group what you want them to do. Finally, most older hispanic are the ones that have a hard time speaking english. Basically Hillary you were just like Gallagher telling poor old abulita (grandma in spanish) to go F- her self.

The media has been saying how Obama will get the Black vote and Hillary will get the women and Hispanic vote. Hillary you messed up big time. You thought that in Nevada standing next to America Ferrera TV's Ugly Betty you could get the Hispanic vote and go home. You guess wrong.Michael Baisden's newest market is Tampa,(I wonder who lives down there?) You thought you were speaking to a black South Carolina audience but in reality you were speaking to a national audience. What will Puerto Ricans in N.Y . feel about that? (I know Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens but this will piss them off , just ask Geraldo) . Domicians in Denver, Costa Ricans in Columbus? When La Raza get a hold of this you may still have the women vote , but now you pissed off two minority groups.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Remember when we used to hang together?

I just came from newshounds site and I seen something that didn't shock me. It was the usual stuff, Kowboy Klannity Kostello has Tom on show that say it's ok to say racist things about blacks. The day before Swill Orellly goes after blacks(it was MLK day),Hannity does the same. That just the problem,it did't shock me. Fox disrespects black all the time. It gotten to the point that this is norm. Nobody does anything.

The worst part is the Blacks that go on Fox in the first place. Roy and Niger Innis trying to get Dog "The Racist" Bounty Hunter his job back, Jesse Lee Peterson telling Sean its ok for Whites to insult Blacks. What is up with us? We should be outraged!

What is it with Fox and Blacks? Do they give you a $100 Million Dollars to sell us out ? Is this part of some new stratagy to fool Fox? It has got to stop . We can't let there exist a station who can make money off of African Americans, but gives us no respect. There has to be a world wide boycott and it has to start now. It seems that each year more and more of our rights are taken. The Don Imus insults, Oreilly's Sylvia's insult , the Jena noose incident It begs me to ask one question. Remember when we use to....hang together.