Thursday, June 16, 2011

Republicans declare war on Blacks

Glenn Beck has "hinted" to his listeners to shoot the President. Neal Boortz a Conservative Radio Host in Atlanta calls for shooting Black folk. It looks like the Republicans are trying to manfacture violence. This is irresponsible calling for genocide on a race. The right has been disrespectful of blacks for weeks. From the racist remarks on Fox by their "new" Glenn Beck wannabee to Boortz just calling out for his white audience to shoot at any random blacks, this has got to stop. I remember when Rush Limbaugh and other Conservatives tried to plan violence at the DNC convention in Denver. This is going to go on again and again. Beck wants to top his record of three dead police and he don't have much time at Fox. Why isn't any of the Republican prospects for President saying anything about this? It's because they want the President and this country to fail. Anything for the 1% that really rules this country. More of this is going to go on and on since Republicans already have most of the money. It's sad that they WANT people to die.


Darth Bacon said...

Dumb gondie.

Republicans have most of the money?

You must have been smoking crack through the last few election cycles, or been too busy beating your chirrens, to have noticed that ObaMugabe spent nearly a BILLION dollars to swindle his way into the White House.

I would imagine the reason Republican politicians don't address this 'issue', is because it only exists in your crack-addled, semi-literate munt brain.

Stupid, terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Darth Bacon said...


What excuse do you have for ObaMugabe telling his DOJ to let Mexican drug cartels buy assault rifles here, and use them to kill Americans?

Why do you and the Democrats want to see Americans murdered by Mexican drug dealers?

Terrorist-worshiping, cartel-supporting scumbag.

Progressives Are Erupting said...

Racist,stupid, terrorist-worshiping, leftwing, scumbag.

Darth Bacon said...

And please, Kid-

Keep your response limited to answering the question, without mentioning any other President, or something that allegedly happened to black people in another century.

Just explain why it's a good idea for Obama to tell the DOJ to let Mexican drug gangs buy guns here, and kill Americans with them.

Thank you.

Madam Queen said...


Boortz is not a Republican.

But I suppose anyone who doesn't agree with you is Republican, ie, the Devil?

Think with your brain and not your emotions.

kid said...

From The Daily Beast:

To date, blame has rested mostly with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives supervisors who approved the strategy in Arizona and Washington. The Justice Department also has directed that the tactic of "letting guns walk"—meaning allowing straw buyers to move guns with the government's knowledge—should no longer be used.

But on Wednesday, The Daily Beast has learned, congressional investigators will disclose that just weeks before ATF supervisors approved the Fast and Furious operation and its controversial tactics, senior Justice Department officials sent a memo to prosecutors and agents on the front lines of the border wars urging that they go beyond their traditional tactics of interdicting guns being purchased by straw buyers and try to make cases against the drug gangs themselves.

"Given the national scope of this issue, merely seizing firearms through interdiction will not stop firearms trafficking to Mexico. We must identify, investigate, and eliminate the sources of illegally trafficked firearms and the networks that transport them," the office of then Deputy Attorney General David Ogden wrote in an October 2009 memo marked law-enforcement sensitive.

Democrats on Issa's committee and defenders of the Justice Department are expected to mount a technical defense, arguing that pressing law-enforcement officials on the border to try new strategies did not specifically address letting guns walks, a decision that to date appears to have been made by the U.S. Attorneys Office and ATF supervisors in Phoenix, along with ATF officials in Washington.

kid said...


OK, you had your little fun at derailing. Now what about the hunting and extermination of Blacks in Atlanta?


Boortz is worst than a Republican he's a Libertarian just like Rand and Ron Paul, and Bill Oreilly,and you know how much Black people like O'reilly. Yes I know his party affilication is more important to you than the race riot he's planning for Georgia. Where's any of the Republican Presidential leadership to STOP IT?
Beck speaks of MLK and there's none on the Republican side. Why do Republicans always SPEAK of KILLING THEIR FELLOW AMERICANS?

BTW, why haven't you commented on the racist responses the others have left me. IS IT BECAUSE YOU ENJOY IT?

Madam Queen said...


Stop hurting Kid's feelings.

Obviously comments from people who don't know him, only what he chooses to type on here, are making him very upset.

Kid, ever hear the saying "Don't play with fire, you'll get burned?", "Stay out of the kitchen if you cannot take the heart."

All people, all of the time, are not going to agree with you 100% of the time. You write inflammatory material, expect to get flamed back. That's how it works on the internet. I know, it's happened to me. I'm sure some anonymous person behind the computer is going to comment on my blog that I deserved the abuse I got from my ex-husband.

I get called Mafia names all of the time, called Daygo, eye-talian, ridiculed for my being short, but I don't let that keep me down. I know I am loved, if not here, somewhere by Something bigger than the haters. Maybe you should think about that and come to peace with yourself.

Hate to break it to you, man, but people will probably go on hating each other because of their differences till Kingdom Come. As long as they don't deny me my basic rights, I just laugh at them and I vote accordingly. Maybe you should not let others have such a strong hold on you either.

(And my feeling get hurt real easily as well.)

Madam Queen said...

"heart", I meant "heat". Fingers type faster than my thoughts sometimes!

Darth Bacon said...

So, what I'm taking fron that long-ass cut-and-paste job, is that you DO in fact agree with letting guns go to Mexico, so they can be used to kill Americans. Gotta break some eggs to make an omelette, eh?

I knew it.

Terrorist-worshiping, cartel-supporting scumbag

Darth Bacon said...

And just to put a fine point on it-

This is EXACTLY the problem. People like kid will support ObaMugabe even when he breaks the law.


kid said...

"Kid, ever hear the saying "Don't play with fire, you'll get burned?", "Stay out of the kitchen if you cannot take the heart.""


Oh Lawdy Eyes didn't nose my place here. I shouldn't have acted like a man and demand respect. That's bullshit. I'm not Herman Cain, I don't kiss ass. So I'm suppost to be quiet while being called "Buckwheat" or all the ghetto references? That's one thing that I LOVE about my site, it wakes black Republicans THE FUCK UP! They see how their "friends" talk about them behind their backs. I don't talk to others like that unless they say something really racist. Like I say I do that to show Black Republican that their friends in the party think that they are stupid, lazy, dumb, and every other stereotype they have. You are a racist by your silence. When people are abused, do you stand there?

kid said...


Rule one: Republicans are crooked.

Rule two: Never forget rule one.

Let's see when people wanted to have Bush go to trial the POTUS stepped in and suggested against it. Now the Republicans want to get the POTUS for:

Assassination of a World Leader (Osama bin Laden). Yes Judge Napalitano wants to put the POTUS in jail for that.

John Boenher wanted to have the Libyans in Benghazi DIE because he wanted the POTUS to look stupid. It would have been more than 100,000 Benghazian if he let that happen. The he had NATO go in and Newt who was for some sort of action was now against it. People are hip, not stupid.

The Mexican gun story is Bullshit and you know it. Anything for the Koch's to get their country back.

Bush could throw away the paper that said we're getting attack and invade the wrong country and they want to put President Obama in jail, that's Bullshit!

kid said...

"Stupid, terrorist-worshiping scumbag".


What terrorist do I support. Do you mean like the Panthers of the 60's or William Ayers who had war declared on them? The Government tried to kill them with COINTELPRO. They didn't go after REAL terrorist like Dynamite Bob, the guy that killed four little girls in a church in Birmingham. Then there was terrorist Byron DeLa Beckworth who killed Medgar Evers and admitted to it. Then there were the brothers that killed Emmitt Till and had his body disfigured. All Ayers did was put firecrackers in mailboxes and CALL THE POLICE AND WARN THEM. He got the technique from a man named Nelson Mandela. You forget in the 60's the FBI WENT AROUND KILLING INNOCENT PEOLE ON THE LEFT. How weere they suppose to protect themselves? Fred Hampton a Black Panther in Chicago was killed while asleep in his bed. He COMMITTED NO CRIME. People like the Mob and KKK were not being bothered. What Ayers did WAS MILD. After he left the Weathermen they became more militant. Now remember people on the left WERE BEING KILLED BY THE FBI AND CIA FOR NO REASON AT ALL. So no matter how many times you bring up Ayers name he was being chased along with a good class of people like Huey P.Newton, Angela Davis. Bobby Seals, Elain Brown, Malcolm X, Medger Evers, and Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King.

Lisa said...

Nancy Pelosi's wealth increased 62%.

why do you think she "pretends" to be for minorities? White Guilt.

dmarks said...

Angela Davis was a good class of people? She was a die-hard Stalinist. She looked at when the Soviets were killing hundreds of thousands of black people in Ethiopia and approved. She is a truly evil person.

dmarks said...

Also, Malcolm X was killed by members of a hardline racist black group known as the Nation of Islam. As ordered by Louis Farrakhan.

Why? Because he renounced racism and became a 'good class of people'

Confusedinthemiddle said...


Help me out here, I'm not seeing what you're saying. Beck says you need a gun for tough times. In the unedited clip, he seems to be talking about tough times that he thinks will come from the Obama/Sunnstein policy on coal plants. Where was it that he suggested using a gun on Obama?

Confusedinthemiddle said...


You said "Now what about the hunting and extermination of Blacks in Atlanta?"

Do you have any more information on this ... this is serious!