Saturday, June 18, 2011

Darth Bacon's Sockpuppet Tea Party

Look it's Darth and all his little imaginary friends. There's Hellpig and SomersetSouthCarolina sitting next to each other. I guess it's fun to play in fantasy land where no one get hurt. But this is not fantasy land, this is the real world. Talk Show host are calling for the extermination of a race of people in Atlanta. The right is saying that there will be riots this summer. Fake rivalries are started to inflame the hate. Some people such as Darth have no conscience. They are probably paid to say what they do or are just hateful racist bigots that want to see violence. As much as Republicans claim to want to perserve Dr. King legacy, they sure want to go out and kill. You wonder if these people have a conscience? Does Rev. Terry Jones have one? More than twenty people died because he wanted to show that he was the biggest of the bigots. Was it worth it? At least I can sleep at nights. Just think if the next bomber in Israel read a Right Wing blog. That might have gave them the spark to go ahead and kill little kids and old ladies.

Our world is getting more violent and we can help stop it. The question is do the Republicans want to stop it? People can go back and forth and play this little game of putting the blame on minorities, the poor, the Gays, or Women. What CAN happen is that the powerful and rich learn that thay might be able to have it all; but all of nothing is still nothing. You can't make money if everone is trying to kill one another.

Yes I'm getting tired of the bigots. I don't need anymore examples of bigotry to prove to people how fucked up America is. I'm tired of cowards and their imaginary sockpuppets spreading their hate and violence here. I can't communicate well to others about peace if people come here and TEACH violence. People from around the world ask "how do African American and other minorities keep their cool"? Well if the right keep at it America will BURN TO A CRISP. Rigging votes, calling out for violence against minorities, taking money from the poor to give the rich will make things worst. The Southern Stragety is DEAD. People can't eat hate. Hate can't pay their bill,( and neither will the Koch Brothers).

Welcome to Reality Darth. I hope you will grow the fuck up and stop being a dumb ass racist bigot. To quote Edward James Olmos from the movie "American Me", "we can built this thing up together or we can tear this place down".

Your choice Darth.


Mary Mayhem said...

He has nothing better to do. Delete him and he will go away.

kid said...

@Mary Mayhem

I thought I would be punking out if I did it but the sh!t seems to work. Nice to hear from you.

Shaw Kenawe said...


What is hilarious about bacon dude is that he bragged about living rent free in your head while coming here day after day after day to deposit his bile in YOUR comment section on YOUR blog.

Talk about living "rent free." LOL!

But logic is not part of their thinking.

So long as you allowed bacon dude to disrupt and defile your comments he would continue to do so. Deprive him of a venue to honk off in, and he'll go away.

A wandering malcontent.

kid said...


Darth said that NOBODY comes here, and he's right. Darth and all his sockpuppets ARE nobodies. If he hate it here so much, why come?

Madam Queen said...

If you want him to go away, ignore him and don't dedicate a post to him. I have a feeling he's really going to love this when he sees it...

And congrats to you for getting regular readers, even if some of them don't agree with you. Make money off of it!

Mary Mayhem said...

He's a racist piece of trash that doesn't even have the balls to show his true self. How convenient it is that he hides behind a cloak of anonymity. Most of the biggest trolls do. You probably cut his lifeline. He won't know what to do with himself without being able to post here. Poor Darth. Everyone is ignoring him. He can't respond to all of us talking shit about him. I bet he's a 35 year old obese man. I know he's obese. I saw another post of his on another blog in Philly talking about it. What a sad sad fat man. He's probably in a basement apartment picking his acne with a lot of cats, massaging his copies of Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged and the Catcher in the Rye...subsequently...crying an masturbating with his own tears as lube. Now he wil cry and watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Tron.

kid said...

@Mary Mayhem

I think I know why they call you Mayhem. I seen your video and I liked it. On Kos they were talking about A.L.E.C. Our Governor is connected with them too. The Republican Governors are taking their marching orders from somewhere.

Mary Mayhem said...

LOL...I was bored and listening to and old Naked Agression album, so I tried to make a video. I sucked at it.

They wrote their album as a protest to the FIRST Iraq war. I was listening and it amazed me how much we have NOT progressed since then. The songs were all frighteningly current.

When I hear the part in the song where she says, "Will the 90's be another decade of apathy, are you just gonna sit by and watch things get worse and worse?" I just have to put my head down and say, "....evidently {sigh}...."

Darth Bacon said...

Hey, Hot Topics is back!

How's speaking 'Parisian' French with your friends down at the mall, Chere Salope? And calling me 'anonymous', as if your parents named you Mary Mayhem?

1990 called, dimwit. It wants it's fake blood and vampire teeth back, loser.

What's REALLY hilarious is that you brain-dead moochers can't figure out what an IP address is, or what they signify.

If you did figure it out, you'd see I couldn't possibly be posting from all those different geographic locations, and that you have nothing to be so terrified of.

So, In addition to letting me live in your brain, rent-free, now you're writing posts about me.

Pathetic, terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

kid said...

@Mary Mayhem

Keep making the videos. You may wake someone up with them. Today we have many types of media to get the word out. Since you're pretty creative you may be able to reach people that no one has thought how to reach.

Darth Bacon said...

Kid, you're aware how pitiful this makes you- posting about me, but not letting me respond.

Very second grade- like your communications skills.

Cheapshot911 said...

Baco? Sockpuppets? Now that's funny. 'Looks like he tied y'shorts over your head. Drop by here where two of the Ladies mentioned your meltdown,, down around comment #80.
He let you off easy.