Friday, May 29, 2009


Nothing has changed for Blacks, especially women. I do not believe that a White, clergy with a collar would have been asked to leave the press area simple because he had a letter in his hand. I think the events were three folded. It was an opportunity for the Catholic Church and the gays to discredit me, and it cast President Obama in negative light for a Black female to be mishandled to this extent.
The staff person acted improperly and everyone knew it, but no one would stop him. It was an abuse of power.

This is Priest B.Lee of the Roman Catholic Church.The Priest tried to hand President Obama a letter. The pesky Secret Service tried to stop the Minister and reporter.I wonder why ?Well for starters there are no female Priest in the Roman Catholic Church.Nuns yes, Priest no.She wanted to hand the President a letter,what if it was anthrax ?Well Brenda this is the one time that the I'm Black excuse won't work.I read one statics that 10% of our Presidents are assassinated, that's 4 our of 44.

When I think about what she done I think of the Malcolm X movie.The first time his assassins did a dry run.Some one from the right could have paid her to see how close she can get to him.Was this a dry run ? I not a conspiracy nut but this looks messed up.Actually the Secret Service could have physically and painfully stop her. Yes they could have smoked her butt.Remember Malcolm was murdered by blacks and Martin Luther King's first assassination attempt was done by a black woman.The doctor that worked on Dr.King's stab wound said that if he sneezed or it was a few inches closer he would have died.

I know it seems like Prince or Brad Pitt's wife have better protection, well don't worry. The stars and the President have a crackpot list.Even though Priestess Brenda had press credential, they were prepared for her arrival.

Remember when Bill Oreilly got shoved when he tried to just walk up to the then Senator Obama ?They don't play that stuff anymore.People remember when the autograph hound walked right up to Obama when he was campaigning in Philly.People were outraged.Those guys knew the threat level he presented.If they have to carry you away Brenda then you are a crackpot.We see how other journalist can walk right up to the President and shake his hand .These people are screened. Katie Couric, Brian Williams, they all are screened.They grabbed Oreilly.

So when they make that check list for crackpots screen for Catholics and Blacks. There's no telling what Alan Keyes will do.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Watch out Clarence !

The right has started attacking Justice Sotomayor early.Rusty Limpballs called her a reverse racist that was appointed by the biggest reverse racist.Charles Krauthammmer said she the opposite of what Martin Luther King stands for.My "Uncle" Kenneth Blackwell (well he's everybodies Uncle)said that she will take away everyone's gun.

What you're going to see is the destruction of the Republiklan party.Now the brother's can protest with the best of them,but not like our Hispanic brothers.Remember when Latinos had their day without a Hispanic protest ? Upscale resturants in Cleveland closed. There was a produce shortage.Hey Rush keep fu*king with her,please.

The attacks from the right might make Hispanics a permanent fixture in the Democratic party.I not ashamed to say that Hispanics are more organized than Black civil rights groups.Well they are, and they are going to be pissed at you telling them FU every day.Rush and company are going to make the two largest minority groups UNITE !

Like many African American groups there are many sub groups in the Latino community.Cubans in Southern Florida vote as a group.The President squeak with some of their votes.The racist attacks have started and they won't accept the Republiklans telling them to go eff themselves.So when Glenn Beck tells her on twitter to ask the Messiah (Obama) to help get rid of her diabetes you won't hear any laughter en Espanol.

Fox Nation or the Confederacy ?

Fox Nation is boycotting the NAACP on the Confederate flag at NASCAR.One blogger on the Fox Nation even told some people they could join his group, the NAAWP .The leader of the group...David Duke.Fox needs it's television license taken.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Global Day of Blogging for Troy Davis

Troy Davis is about to be executed soon in Georgia.He was convicted of murder.What if he's innocent ?

Amnesty International has organized groups to help Troy Davis .From political leaders, to Bishop Tutu , to Pope Benedict have called for a stop to his execution. Former President Carter and Bob Barr even united on this issue.

Witnesses have recanted their testimony. Evidence wasn't allowed.Someone even admitted to the murder , but Georgia is not listening.Maybe you can do something.

May 19th is declared a global day of blogging for Troy Davis.You can contact the State of Georgia and let them know know that we are watching - that the world is watching.You can also contact one of my friend listed below:

African American Political Pundit – AAPP aka LN Rock
AfroSpear Think Tank - Asabagna Alatentou
Christina C. Marus – Facebook
Conversations with Marva - Ms. Marvalus
Eddie Griffin (BGSA) – Eddie Griffin
Electronic Village – Wayne Hicks
Fresh & Fab - Fandf Adrian
Michael Leo Owens – Facebook
Michele Queyroy – Facebook
My Brown Eyed View – Ms. Lady Deborah
On the Black Hand Side – Vanessa Byers
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Roland S. Martin - Facebook
Sojourner’s Place – SjP
Nicholas Jordan-Facebook
SlantTruth-Kevin Elliot
The Field Negro – Wayne Bennett
Ultra Violet Underground – Purple Zoe

Thank you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sandbag 2.0

It looks like Gutter von Frankenstein and Gov. Mark "Fred" S.a.n.f.o.r.d period are planning several more tea bag parties:

SANFORD: Let me give a disclaimer up front, which is it won't be as good as the first round of tea parties, but I suspect there will be a Tea Party 2.0, and 3.0, and 4.0, and 5.0, and go down the list because what I saw at the original tea party was a level of political energy that I've not seen in the last 15 years that I've been involved in the political process. And I think it's important that that energy gets harnessed toward creating change for the conservative side. I think that there is a genuine blowback across this country in reaction to what much of Obama and the administration and the Congress has laid out and I think that whether it's in this 2.0 version that we're gonna have or some other version, there's gonna be a movement that's created. And our 2.0 version, to give you a long sentence made a little bit shorter is simply via the Internet, inviting about 50,000 people to join us and having a conversation.

Now every time there's a damn holiday or event their going to keep bringing this stuff up.The website is It strangly looks like Obama's election site.

Dr.Boyce Watkins dismissed

Hello to my friends,

In case you don't know, my tenure case was denied, which means I'll be dismissed by Syracuse University. I personally am not offended, as I didn't expect to receive tenure after the attacks by Bill O'Reilly last year and the work I've done speaking out on behalf of NCAA athletes (Syracuse earns tens of millions from athlete families and likely lost alumni donations after the Bill O'Reilly attacks - I stand by every word, however, since I won't allow a racist like O'Reilly to speak of lynching Michelle Obama or any other Black woman for that matter). Additionally, our business school (The Whitman School of Management) has not, to my knowledge, recommended tenure for any African American, in any department, in its entire 100 years of operating history (I can't concur with the conclusion that every Black scholar on the planet is unqualified to be here). So, while we can say all we want about elusive and idealistic concepts such as academic freedom, most scholars understand that the rules change when you are an outspoken Black man with no significant Black male power presence on your campus. My role was to support pre-existing intellectual, social and administrative paradigms, not to engage in active, progressive scholarship.

But the goal of this interview is not to talk so much about my tenure case, since I don't need tenure in order to be validated as a scholar (I get supportive email every day). The goal is to speak on behalf of my colleagues, many of whom are absolutely petrified of standing up to the administration in public (they typically agree with me behind closed doors and then say that they can't go public without being punished). A supportive senior colleague (who is not Black, by the way) made it clear to me that if I do not stand up on these issues, then it may be another 100 years before another Black scholar has the platform to do so. Being that I was the only African American on earth to get a PhD in Finance in 2002, I am used to fighting battles alone. I am willing to sacrifice the rest of my academic career in order to do so, for I see this as a great opportunity to help others.

But I stand out of respect and love, not out of hate or anger. Anyone familiar with the history of Syracuse University knows that racial progress has never come without struggle, so this is my opportunity to contribute to the legacy left by Jim Brown, my respected brother and spiritual predecessor. I would not be here were it not for the sacrifices of those before me.

So, this is the first of a series of conversations I plan to have on this topic, as my discussions with Cornel West and others have helped me to realize that what I am experiencing at Syracuse is not an idiosyncratic phenomenon. Academia is racially sick, and we must all give it the necessary medicine.

The first interview will be on "Make it Plain with Mark Thompson" on Sirius 146 and XM 167 at 6:30 pm EST. I hope you'll tune in. Also, if you want to see some of my commentary on AOL Black Voices, please click here. God bless.

Dr. Boyce

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garafalo 1,FOX 0

“You know, there’s nothing more interesting than seeing a bunch of racists become confused and angry. . . . This is about hating a black man in the White House,” Jeanine Garafalo

Sean Klannity lynching of Jeanine Garafalo didn't happen last week like he wanted. No one showed up to heckle her show. But Bill Oreilly did sent some of his stalkers into a Starbucks to harass her.

She started her show with this “If there are any tea baggers here, welcome, and white power.”

Wait till I print Glenn Beck's comedy schedule up.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Run...Run ...Run D.C. and Jam Master O

Among the highlights (this is a rough transcript):

Michael Steele is in the house tonight...or as he would say, in the hee-zee?

Michael, where are you? [Steele stands up.] Whussup?

Michael, for the last time, the Republican Party does not qualify for a bailout. Rush Limbaugh does count as a troubled asset. Sorry.
Dick Cheney was supposed to be here, but he couldn’t. He’s working on his memoirs — How to shoot friends and interrogate people.

Then Wanda Sykes get busy and medieval on the Republiklan Party.Rush Limbaugh is spinning in his grave,well he is brain dead.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cut da mic !

Coward Glenn Beck is getting comfortable at Fox. He's using Bill Oreilly's interview techniques. He's cutting the mic.Yes he was called out for his bull and he had the mic cut and threw the guy off the air.But people still believe that FOX is fair and balanced. It's censorship plain and simple.On some site people have taken this film and said that Glenn revealed him as a racist and chased him away.

Why is it that when a white person comes to the defense of a minority Fox's Fools always call them a racist ? Now when they're a bigot like Dog the Bigot Hunter or Hal Turner nothing is said.

OH BTW, Glenn is going on a comedy tour(that's not a joke) . Now Klannity wanted hecklers to boycott Jeanine Garafalo show in Boston by paying for it. Now I don't recommend that you do that for Glenn. Ask for Comp ticket, you will get them. That way you don't have to give Glenn a damn thin dime.You can heckle him for free.

Another thing you can do is call Burger King and tell them to boycott Fox. Glenn slandered the company on his show.He said that Burger King was as crooked as ACORN.This stuff needs to be stopped right now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's getting kind of real

I got this from African American Political Pundit. You hear of tea parties and people angry at the President. They called him terrorist , communist, and everything under the sun.Some people just let it go off of them like water on a ducks back.Some have real good memories.Some remember the police brutality that happened in Lumberton, Texas.The contrived anger that Glenn Beck , Rush Limbaugh, and company have can't compare to the real anger of people seeing injustice on a daily basis.Some people aren't upset about paying more tax on $250.000.00 .There are several more people like these gentlemen in the New Black Panther Party.Maybe a Hispanic group somewhere. Maybe a group of gays . Maybe some feminist somewhere.I know one thing for certain,if everybody don't chill the hell out we're in for one hell of a summer.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Joe the Plunger

Joe the Plunger is at it again.I know he's from Ohio but don't blame me. This is what he said:

People don't understand the dictionary--it's called queer. Queer means strange and unusual. It's not like a slur, like you would call a white person a honky or something like that. You know, God is pretty explicit in what we're supposed to do--what man and woman are for. Now, at the same time, we're supposed to love everybody and accept people, and preach against the sins. I've had some friends that are actually homosexual. And, I mean, they know where I stand, and they know that I wouldn't have them anywhere near my children.

If the Republicans keep it up there's only going to be one party left.

OK we get it

On FOX's new blog they put this out. HT to GrannyStandingForTruth.We went through this during the primaries.OK we get it. You want to shoot the black guy.I wonder if the government is on top of this.It took five years to get Clarence Thomas white supremacist and he was Philippino .The person that put the photo together should be investigated.I still remember when the white guy walked up to the then Senator Obama in Philly. People everywhere were offended.We all know that a black guy with a bowtie is not getting in 100 miles of George Bush.The thing about this that piss me off is that FOX does this EVERY DAY. You should see the death threats on Gretawire. One guy named Gator Bob straight out calls for the assassination of the President . He even has his photo on the site.Let's get real, when people made the same statements about Bush I felt the same way.If you are going to talk about killing the President, what's next.they need to be locked up .Why ? Because my Granny said so, that's why.

Remember they did this before.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A dying breed.

I found this on Kos. It says it all.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Now Sean Hannity is trying to get a white woman lynched.

All American and true patriot Sean Hannity has a message for the tea baggers of Boston,to go and interrupt Jeannine Garafalo comedy show.She said that the tea baggers were racists that hated President Obama.Don't she know that she can't go around and tell the truth like that.I know Jeanine's audience and I know Sean's audience.These brownshirt tea baggers want a fight.They looked pretty dumb after their race riot didn't materialize.Some are even saying that they should boycott the show she's on FOX "24".OK fellas, go the hell ahead.Boycott FOX. While you're at it tell Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone not to make Wall Street II.Tell your Christian crowd not to watch the Simpsons and Family Guy (BTW, Family Guy was one Dr. Boyce Watkins favorite shows).Tell your mob to stop watching "American Idol" while you're at it.

Sean you and your audience have "jumped the shark". You ran out of ideas. You stopped thinking. People will soon see that you and your fascist are dumb.Some of your wingnuts are so dumb that they want to go after Jamie Foxx for wanting to do a concert in Aruba to help the economy.If Greta hates Aruba , well then FOX hates Aruba.Taking your anger out on the Aruban people is dumb. A great man was killed in Memphis but people still go there. A great man was killed in Dallas , but people still go there.Why Greta even in Natalie Holloway's state of Alabama 4 little kids died in a bombing in a church, but people still go there.Your mob violence already got three policemen killed in Pittsburgh thanks to Glenn Beck.How many more people need to die.

Thomas Dolby- Europa and the Pirate Twins