Thursday, June 30, 2011

Come out, come out wherever you are

I didn't believe it when I seen this at first. I seen this on the Daily Kos. It's Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus. Well the ayes have it that he might just be Takei. First a persons sexuality is none of my business, but when they're a hypocrite it just makes it worst. Gays are not going to "out" him, that's going to be done by the usual suspects, Christians. You can't tell all the time by the way someone walks if someone is Gay or not. I'm not saying that Michele Bachmann husband is Gay or not, I'm saying that Christian conservatives WILL think he is. It's bad that because of the way someone look they get judged for it. Michele hadn't really thought this Presidential Campaign thingy out all the way. One of the first rumors about the current POTUS was the Gay rumor. This will hurt her family and that's a real shame. Now it's not as bad as what her and her husband DO to Gay kids, they give them psycological counseling. Yes they tell Gays that being Gay is a sin and it can be cured. Being Gay is NOT a sin or can be cured. This is going to get real ugly and I feel for her kids and her husband. What was she thinking when she decided to run for President? She's not going to like what Pat Robertson, Rod Parsley, and Jack van Impe will do to her family. We seen how people that are suppose to forgive treated Pastor Ted Haggart. BTW, some of the You Tubes of her husband been up for YEARS.


Geaux said...

Hey ass-hole,Michelle Bachmann handled herself well in the interview with Chris Wallace, the real Flake was Chris Wallace.

Princess Natasha said...

Hey Dave Miller, why don't you respond to the Kid saying that Lisa has "Some Fucking nerve" on the previous post.

kid said...
@Lisa You have some fucking nerve.