Saturday, July 23, 2011

Junk Science

It look like that Lisa and her friends believe in eugenic, the same stuff that Nazis believe in. She had hyperlinked a article by James D. Watson,one of the founders of DNA. You can either go to Wikipedia for more information or you can go the Conservative Citizens Council for more info. Dr. Henry Louis Gates had this to say about Dr. Watson's theory of race and intellgence:

From Wikipedia:

"no such connection has been made, and will probably never be made on any firm scientific basis".

And one testing of Dr. Watson DNA proved:

"it appears that Watson has two X chromosomes, which would make him a woman."

In the beginning of the 20th century the same thing was said about China and the Chinese, the phrase was "the sick man of Asia". Now they are ready to rival all of the countries in Europe and America. Africa and Africans slow development wasn't because of genetics, it was because of the concept of "Arrested Development". They and other darker people were not allowed to trive. People like Adolf Hitler's buddies invewnted to superior race. Why some of Lisa's friends say that blacks were too stupid to invent anything. This kind of thinking lead to genocide. There are the same people that believe in the inferority of Jewish people.

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Lisa said...

Hey Kid are you just upset because Congressman Wu didn't twitter his Weener to you?