Sunday, April 6, 2008

Operation Snatchback

I thought long and hard how to boycott Fox.I'm working on some ideas, if you got one please give it to me.Mine is on August 28th the day W.E.B.Dubois passed, the day of the March on Washington, the day Emmitt Till was lynch, one day before Katrina's anniversary is to start a world wide boycott on Fox. We couldn't stand outside the theaters, You know how Bill love audience participation, he told his folk(c) there were going to be riots. So how to do it? What do Americans love more than anything else? Cookouts! Its the only place where a black man can say to a white man, hurry up light the fire! All over the United States everyone should have a Tailgate party.
Is that it,yes. You could have music ,speakers,community activist all meet in this atmosphere. Standing outside a theater with children in summer, with Bill's Fatwa didn't sit well with me.I read some blogs such as Gretawire, which I think is a boiler room say they want to kill Obama.As of this date no one was arrested.Now just to let you know Operation Snatchback was a song by a rap group called the X-Clan. I want to take the song title and make it a call to progressives everywhere. We have to grab the republiklans hands slap it and say naughty,naughty, don't touch.Their money ,smears,bigotry is not going to work this time. Let's have the world and people everywher boycott Fox.


myCCTV said...

The best way I've found is to, when doing a "driveby" through Fox, note a product and do your best to avoid buying that product. Not much, but it's something.

Anonymous said...

Writing to the Fox sponsors helps too.

Pick a day whent he Fauxies are particularly vitrolic,find the transcripts and use sections in your email as points.

Send it to all of them. Most particularly send it to the customer service and feedback emails.