Friday, April 25, 2008

Am I American

This is from a new friend I met on newshounds and she has something to say, I let her do the speaking:

This racist dung is pissing me off so much I wrote a poem. Yeah, Granny wrote a poem, and I'm not a poet. It gave me something to do to get rid of the anger I'm feeling about the primaries election. Whatever negative label anyone chooses to give it, well, if so, pay close attention to the last line of my poem and that is my reply to them.
Here it is:


My eyes are not blue
My eyes are black
My hair is not blond
My hair is black
My skin is not white
My skin is black
Am I American?

If I am assertive
They say I'm belligerent
If I am persistent
They say I'm pushy
If I am confident
They say I’m aggressive
Am I American?

Birthed in America
Took my first baby steps
Not on foreign soil
But in America
Buried my ancestors here
Their blood stains from toil
Am I American?

I pledged allegiance to the flag
And sung patriotic songs
I baked and ate apple pie
Yet my black brothers were hung
My emotions were suppressed
My black soldier man died
Am I American?

Fought for freedom
But confined to certain residents
Paid my citizen debts to Uncle Sam
I helped vote for Presidents
Yet, suffered disparity throughout life
But because I’m black
Intelligence they say I lack
Am I American?

What others think or say I am
I do not give a damn
I am who I am
GrannyStandingforTruth | 04.25.08 - 2:36 am

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