Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I would call Rush a moron but....

Glenn Beck had a special show on the other night. He had J.Kenneth Blackwell on the show, the subject, calling black people monkeys. Well what can I say Ken agreed with him . Then Glen kept repeating, repeating , and repeating, monkey. He said he said it all the time to kids, what's the problem ? On and on he went.WTF ? He said whats wrong with saying monkey. Well one of Sen. Obama's staffers on mistake said it to some kids who were playing, some black kids. Now she might not understand BUT Glenn knows.Let me give you an example.I would call Rush Limbaugh a moron , but not Glenn Beck why ? Moron is a pejorative of Mormon. I would never say it to a member of the Latter Day Church such as Glenn, I know DAMN well it is a insult,but I would never call Glenn a moron, but I will call him an ASSHOLE,ain't nuttin' wrong with that and its true.

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