Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Mr. Medved , You're not in the WRONG damn heaven.

Mike was off the heasy the other day. Mr. Medved complain about the new TV show on Fox , The Rev.Wright G-D Damn America Show,staring Dave Chapelle. OK I'm playing , you know that Dave Chapelle would never be on Fox.It seems like Rev. Wright does have a show on Fox.Mike was sure that at the Trinity Church were black nationalist racist everywhere, they even had a stain glass window of Black Jesus.Oh no ,call the police . I have a shocking secret for you people.In Mexico , the Holy Virgin is of Mexican origin.In Ethiopia the earliest paintings were black. In China he's Asian.In Revelations it said he had hair like wool , skin like bronze. eyes like fire. That sound like all the description's of the afforded mentioned people but you Mr.Medved .In College one teacher said it sounded like he had sickle cell trait. Hey Mike if I was you I wouldn't piss the BROTHER off.

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