Saturday, April 19, 2008

Armstrong Williams , for leaving no childs behind for$300,000 membership

Yes on Kowboy Klannity Kostello's show you said that you would never go to a Black racist church like that. Yea, you probably go to Rev.Hagee's church where they have slave auctions as fundraisers (I kid you not).Hagee wants the right President in office so the rapture can come, isn't most of civilization suppose to be distroyed because of this ? Maybe you have a Black minister.Your minister might be Stepin' Fetchit', but put me in Rev.Jeremiah Wright's church any day.

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vanishing point said...

ya know, i really liked rev. wright, i thought he is funny and right on about a lot of what he talked about,and this piece of shit palin's alaskan independence party states right on there site about "america and her damn institutions. it's hypocracy and that old double standard, oh, and did you read where kay in maine said she hated the last three decades of white privilege? i couldn't believe my eyes when she wrote that. she's another summer's eve special, she just doesn't know it.