Saturday, April 19, 2008

Newsflash, Sen.Obama at Million Man March,(so was 999,999 other brothers!)

Go Klannity Go! Sen.Obama at Million Man March. So was a lot of Hadsiddic Rebbe,that Rabbis to you unkosher folk.Ya really want him to lose , huh ? It's not happening in this century and we got 92 more years to go . So Sean how Dog the Racist, murdering,antisemitic , Bounty Hunter doing?Boy I'm glag Minister Farrakhan's son wasn't on the cover of the National Enquier in a Nazi uniform. I hope no one in Pennsylvania who's Jewish sees it. Maybe you can hold another fake telethon like you did with Roy and Niger Innis and get him his anti-semitic ,bounty Huntin' job back.In this enconomy a job is hard to find , even for a anti-semite.I HOPE NO ONE JEWISH SEES THIS SITE.YOU ,DOG,AND HAL TURNER MIGHT LOSE YOUR JOBS. I REPEAT YOU, HAL TURNER AND DOG MIGHT LOSE YOUR ANTISEMITIC GURANTEED JOBS.God bless A-merry-ca... and no place else.

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