Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mike you're lying

Michael Medved had a guess on his show the other day.The guys book is banned in his home country of Canada for bigotry and racism.The point of the book is that it is better to keep power in the hands of whites than people of color all around the world. The subject came to what Sen .Obama's reception would be if he was elected President.Medved and his racist friend said there would be riots and chaos all around the world.Mike you're lying.

On the crooks and liars site Indonesians are blogging in their native tongue talking about the Indonesians for Obama website.In Trinidad elderly Calypso singers make songs about him,young dance hall people as well.Medved you don't get it do you? The world wants this man for President.It's time to bring some sort of unity to the world,and this is the man that can do it. Hell he is the world.

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