Friday, April 18, 2008

Fox launches new channel Fox 2

In all my life I never seen something so bizarre Democrats attack Democrats,yes Fox 2 helping Sydney and Dirty Diana. They had some old lady ask a question about his flag pin.Well lady you can buy him one but make sure it has the number 4,000 on it OK? Ok Sambo , do you hate that strong buck Nat Turner.. oops.., I mean Rev.Jeremicah Wright. Then they ask Hillary tough questions, Hillary, Boxer or Briefs ?Right now Hillary couldn't run for dogcatcher in the hood and win, unless its in Klannity's or Ferraro hood wearing their hood. How phoney can she get? In a bar drinking up a storm, having shooters.Yes that's the President I want at 3 a.m. a drunk sauced up lush,passed out. If that what it takes to get elected, we should have elected Rick James or Elvis President a long time ago.At 3 a.m. they would have shot the damn phone.Are hillbillies that stupid ? They elected (or stole) Shrub twice.Get ready for King George the III.

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