Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clarence Thomas Ghetto Pass-reinstated.

Damn, not only did they throw you under the bus they backed up and did it again.David Tuason wanted to kill you...for five years.Damn , your white bigot wasn't even white.He was Filipino.He must be related to Michelle Malkin.Hey did you see how the Secret Service protected Sen.Obama in Philly ? It took 5 years to help your ass.Well the BROTHERS told me to give you your pass back.That's right . I just got approvial from the general council.I crossed out Hillary's name and put yours in.Just be glad Hal Turner isn't after your ass, it would take five more years.He's Sean Klannity's homie.Hey C.T. I'll give you a hook up.Number one , wear a red bowtie, it scare the Mississippi Sugar, Honey,Ice, Tea out of them.Number two , listen to P-Funk, it worked for Bill Clinton.Number three, quote Richard Pryor the world's greatesst philosopher.Number four, hire Rev.Wright as your minister. Now it wont make you loved by O'reilly's folks , but the brothers will have your back.I 'm on the council call 1-800-FUYT-now.

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