Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Hillary can win fairly.

No I'm not crazy or a Tom , this is how she would get my vote.

1. Do a special speech on race,and say how racist you were in Pennsylvania.You did everthing but burn a cross.You were phoney as hell .Getting drunk, talking about hunting and for what , to appeal to racist.

2. Appologize to Rev.Jeremicah Wright. This Veteran got death threats because of you.You never heard a sermon like that, ministers that went to college do it all the time , the effect is called a Device.He had you and your sorry ass husbands backs when your family was hurting.

3. Appologize to ALL Americans in particularly Blacks. My mother went through Jim Crow so that you racist ass can call US Nigger. You has Stephannie Tubbs-Jones call me one,Bob Johnson call me one then some sorry old ass lady call me one that I voted for before. She even said that I had it easy because I'm black.

4.Tell Fox you don't need help from those racist.Not Sean Hannity or his anti-semitic bomber friend , Bill O'reilly or his sexual molesting self.Tell the American people that there is no MSM . That white people control everthing and you're greedy and hate to share sh!t.

5. Tell them why Sen.Barack Obama could not respond to you. He could not bring up race, but you and Fox and the MSM can.He couldn't call you out of your name , but you could do that to him.

6. Have your husband appologize. We considered him a honorary black, but in reality he was bush lite. Now blacks have a choice. I was going to vote for you ,but when I see the whole USA call me Nigger and you stand there and giggle I said fuck you.Yes you are a woman but my moms a black woman and below that's me NIGGER. You do this it would be good for a start, but when I see little old black ladies from the south look at you every day on TV and get madder and madder I don't know what's up. Your in league with O'reilly, Limbaugh,Hannity ,Beck ,Medved, and eveery other bigot that want me dead.


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vanishing point said...

bill clinton said a lot of stupid stuff in barkely's book, that was a big clue to me that they were assholes, they outdid themselves as assholes in the primaries, i will never have any respect for them again.