Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What are they trying to say?

I was going to write a lengthly article about what Eric Bolling did but I feel too good about the beatdown the Republicans took in New York. America has waken up and can see and smell bull. So for all the race baiting, immigrant bashing, Islamaphobia they lost. People know that the Republicans were planning a coup. Total privatization of the government. Now who would own it...Republicans. Look like their attempt to take over EVERYTHING has been shot to hell. The middle class and the poor have gave until it hurts, now it's the rich turn.

People can translate the words "rappers" and "forties". They know what Eric Bolling is trying to say. We all know what he was trying to say. He wanted to say BLACK(or maybe the N-word). Maybe Eric should look at his kids and see if they are rapping and "crackin' forties". The first time I seen rappers on stage with 40oz was The Beastie Boys.

Right now Eric the elderly are worried about real enemies and not imagined ones. La Eme, MS-13, the New Black Panther Party, are not even in their radar. They are worried about Medicare and what Paul Ryan will do to them. You know something Eric, I think I will crack me a forty and celebrate.


Shaw Kenawe said...


That Bolling jerk is to be shunned and ignored. Nothing he has to say has any merit.

What matters is that a Democrat won in a district that's been a Republican strong-hold for decades and decades. Hochul's win is as significant as was Scott Brown's in Massachusetts.

The Nov. 2010 elections were an anomaly--only 1/3 of the voting population turned out to vote.

And look what happened.

Hochul's win is a rejection of the destructive agenda the GOP set out after the 2010 election.

There are more to come.

kid said...

@Shaw Kenawe

All they had in 2010 was misdirection and parlor tricks. People are awoke now.

Hellpig said...

what about the DEM fake Tea party candidtae that had 6% of the vote?

clueless USEFUL IDIOTS only way a dem can win is by cheating and "We the People" know it say good night Irene

Lisa said...

Did you hear Bill Clinton say the democrats need to do something about Medicare?
I know it's difficultt for democrats to actually discuss things because they can't offer any solutions except tsargeting certain groups and saying republicans hate them. We have all the baby boomers coming up for retirement and in 10 years if we don't do something we will not have anything Medicare at all.
So it is time or the Democrats to grow up and deal with the issue instead of fawning over the president and his wife like they are some kind of "fantasy" couple.
They only idea the dems have to to imlpode tis unsustainable government. We are teetering and the public is in denial and it isn't going to happen gradually,one day we are just going to fall off the cliff and no one will be there to throw down a rope.
I know the left likes to live in an alternate reality and think money grows on trees and that rich people will be able to take care of all of us,but that is just another liberal fantasy.
I find it amzing how thin the emocrats spread themselves by promising all things to all groups,The Hispanics,The Gays,The Blacks,The Poor ,The middle Class ,the Muslims. We are one not seperate like they like to make it out to be and the problem need to be fixed as a whole.

Shaw Kenawe said...


As usual, Lisa doesn't know what she's talking about.

The ACA addresses Medicare; and if she took the time to read this, she would see that she has, again, written a "false fact."

She also conveniently ignores the fact that fiscally irresponsible conservatives who were in charge of DC for 8 years drove our economy into the ground. And people like her expect a financial fix to our enormous economic problems in two years? Mr. Obama didn't even have his cabinet appointed in the first 6 months because of GOP obstruction, so I give him a 6 month pass.

It is hilarious how the spittle fleckers on the right crowed about how George W. Bush was the one really responsible for OBL's capture, since he implemented many policies while in office that led to OBL's death. So what Bush did in his presidency that led to OBL's capture is deserving of praise, but the GOPers run away from or ignore what the Bush Administration did to our economy while in office and happily hang Bush's failures around Mr. Obama's neck.

It's insane, as we rational people can clearly see, but to them it makes perfect sense.

Lisa said...

wait till we are all on Medicare Shaw that plan is going to be moot.
All that is is rationed are for all.
How many doctors do you think we will lose by the time the government takes over health care.
Where will Canada's PM go for his next heart surgery? Although I guess rich people will still be able to pay or top notch care that we all used to enjoy with insurance.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"How many doctors do you think we will lose by the time the government takes over health care."

The government runs Medicare, and there are plenty of doctors and medical facilities that accept it. A number of people I know personally on government run Medicare have not had their doctor drop them. The best hospitals in this country accept Medicare patients.

I also know people whose private insurance company got rid of them for having "pre-existing conditions." Real Death Panels brought to us by private insurers. Never has that happened on Medicare. It is a system that people pay into--it's NOT free.

You prefer to bash Mr. Obama and the Democrats because it makes you feel important--like you're contributing insight to a discussion.

You're not. And you're not.

Lisa said...

Shaw you obvioulsy didn't read the entire article you posted.

Lisa said...

You are a blathering fool. Medicare denies more treatment no than any insurance company.
I a glad my mother has suplement insurance because she would have ben dead if it she had to depend on Medicare.
Ther was a lady in the cardiac section getting treament but was denied a new life sustaining medication that my mom gets but Medicare wouldn't cover it for her. She was so upset that medicare may not even cover her cardio conversion because she was denied many times for other procedures. Just what a heart patient needs more stress.

Lisa said...

Under the Health Care bill all procedures will be determined by your age. And by age I am talking starting at age 45.

Read my lips" We have 300 million people"

Hellpig said...

easy math....you can not add 30 million people to the HC system and not have rationing the USA isnt creating more doctors fact of the matter is more and more are choosing a different field and many existing doctors are leaving due to ObamaCare....not to mention ObamaCare steals 500 billion from seniors to help pay for it....

Google it for you all ore one

Please help me understand why black people vote Dem? do you not know the KKK was founded by 6 dems do you not know Slavery was abolished by the republicans? Do you not know that abortion was passed as a way to curbthe minority(black) population? how is that working out for you guys? new this week Hispanics 50 million strong...must suck all these years being second and pased right on by due to the Dems wanting the Hispanic vote.....awwwwwwww the blacks missed their chance ..for being USEFUL IDIOTS and voting Dem you have been sold out by the Dems your entire US history ....pathetic

Shaw Kenawe said...

"...the blacks missed their chance ..for being USEFUL IDIOTS and voting Dem you have been sold out by the Dems your entire US history ....pathetic"

Speaking of useful idiots.

The "blacks?" Missed their chance?

Tell that to our African-American citizens and then tell them who the President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief is.

You are a patronizing know-nothing. Who the hell are you to tell African-Americans who they should vote for or support? Your ignorant statements imply that all African-Americans who support the Democrats don't have the ability to know what's good for them?

Monumental racism. Sickening.

Patronizing at its worst. Next you'll be telling African-Americans how good they had it on the plantation.

Radical Redneck said...

Next you'll be telling African-Americans how good they had it on the plantation.

As opposed to the hopeless, violent, low life expectation shithole that is Africa?

DAMN RIGHT! We SAVED them, and we EXPECT gratitude!

Radical Redneck said...

The other day there was an ESPN standup outside Yankee Stadium. As soon as the camera was turned on, 3 negroes donning Yankees caps jump into the picture, jump up and down, holding up the #1 finger.

kid, why are negroes compelled to put themselves into any picture? Why can't you people pass a camera? Is it genetic? Is it an organic childishness?

I'm not being snarky. I really want to discover this phenomenon. This is like research.

Anonymous said...

Obama Is a Raving Socialist and a One World Order Proponent.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Leave it to RR to brag via his avatar that "Things Go Better With Kock!"


Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton and Obama have a lot in common, they were both America's first Black President.

Hellpig said...

LMAO playing the race card still...hmmmm fact being im married to a black woman ..who votes conservative....

so why do you vote for the Slavery party?

awwwwww to bad the hispanics will leave you the minority forever...sold out by the Dem leaders again...imagine that

Hellpig said...

BTW B.Hussein.O. is more white then black he is only 1/4 black 1/4 indonesian and HALF WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so technically he isnt black at all ...Guess Herman Cain a real Black man with slave roots will be the 1st black POTUS

kid said...


No I'm quite sure that the POTUS is black because of the amount of times you and your friends have called him the N-word.

Strange that your hero Herman Cain makes self depricating "Black" jokes. No wonder you like him. Cain is a joke and a ass kisser and you know it. He's a Uncle Tom.

Lisa said...

Cain can make Black jokes because he's an Uncle Tom .
So does that mean white people can't make red neck jokes?
Heck the liberals do it all the time. As a matter of fact they throw the term "whitey" around alot too making it sound like it's something bad. What is it they like to say Pasty White or White Bread,Cracker,Honky. Racism is an equal opportunity offender.
Kid I never heard one conservative call Obama the N word or refer to him as such.
Actually wasn't it a democrat who said he dosn't have a "negro" voice" or "he would do better getting my coffee"?
Or was a member of the KKK?
lol you crack me up how you and your friends continue to make excuses for that.

Lisa said...

Cain is a joke and a ass kisser and you know it

Why are black people always jealous of successful black business people? That happened in NY a black neighbor of black guy vandalized his van he uses for his business and wrote Uncle Tom on it. That story was reported for like 10 minutes about racism until they found out who did it then it conveniently disappeared.

Wasn't Obama supposedly an "Uncle Tom" sort of speak ? Black people were saying he wasn't "Black" enough during the campaign. And he's half white and was raised with white people and all his associates were white.

Darth Bacon said...

First it was the inability to construct her own argument, and simply resorting to linking to things she thought were 'proof' she was 'right'.

Now poor pShaw is exposing her inability to read simple, four-letter words like "Koch". Either that, or it's just more liberal junior-high 'humor'. My guess is the former.

You guys can't seem to choose between "Blacks are the worlds' greatest victims, forever!", and "We're on top of the world, because the President is black, and you're all just jealous of us."

Which is it? Can you pick one, and just shut the fuck up and be decent citizens from now on, instead of greedy, demanding, perpetual children?

kid said...


You're ignorant you do know that don't you. I not jealous of Oprah Winfrey, Willie Morrow, Reggie Lewis or Herman Cain. I'm ashamed of Cain. He make racist jokes about blacks to get in good with racist. Why don't he address the massive voter suppression campaign that the Republican Party is doing. Why vote Republican if I can't vote at all? If Herman wants my vote he should first PROTECT MY VOTE!

kid said...

@Darth Bacon

You're one of the biggest whiners around. You're not even Jewish, you're a fraud. You're just a sorry excuse for a punk. You're a ignorant bigot. You know and I know that you are a gotdamn coward. You hide like the little punk that you are.

Darth Bacon said...

Buckwheat, when I put my circumcised cock in your mouth, you'll see just how Jewish I am.


Now go punch yourself in the face, you brainless munt.


Hellpig said...

LMAO the BIGOT and RACE cards played on the same thread.......too bad for you USEFUL IDIOTS who vote Slavery party the TRUTH card trumps them both...


Darth Bacon said...


I think he prefers "The Golden Urkel".

kid said...

@Darth Bacon

So now you're Gay too. Well you learn something new every day. You want blacks to vote Republican but you keep calling me Buckwheat.


You mentioned the "Magic Negro" song while at the same time you bitch about using the race card. Only whites "play" the race card.

Darth Bacon said...

See, Buckwheat, you misunderstand completely.

I don't give a rat's ass how you vote.

I'm not here to win any arguments with you people, either- because you're absolutely beneath reason. You're mindless dupes of people who espouse an ideology that keeps you down, while pretending to help you.

I'm only here to fuck with you, slap your stupid ideas down, and show you how broken your little world of race-based entitlement, imaginary racism, and socialism is, in fact.

I can take Jew jokes- they're almost always funny. Jewish survivors of the Holocaust- like my grandparents- could make Jew jokes. If you can't take Herman Cain making a joke about any of the hilarious shit blacks do, you're an asshole in addition to being such an idiot.

Here's a funny Jew joke:

Have you seen the first Jewish porno movie? It's called "I Don't Do That".

Here's a funny black joke:

How do we know Adam, from the Bible, was white? Have you ever tried to take a rib from a black man?


They're just jokes. And sometimes, stereotypes are funny, because there is some truth in them.

But you live in a little world where everyone hates you for being black, and we're also jealous of you for being black, now that ObaMugabe is Pres**ent.

Hellpig said...

@Kid you are too easy to bait...

The Magic Negro saying was 1st said by a wait for it....here it comes ....a LIBERAL

so answer my original question why do you vote for the Slavery Party?

and how does it make you feel that Hispanics outnumber blacks in America now? Due to eugenics and abortions created by....wait for it...here it comes ...LIBERALS

kid said...

@Darth Bacon

You still want to have sex with a black man? That won't go over too well with The Aryan Nation, Lisa friends.


Richard Pryor is a liberal that is famous for saying a word. Will Rush say that word? Since the word isn't offensive go to a black neighborhood AND SAY IT!

BTW the Democratic Party isn't the slavery party anymore. How do I know? I seen Republicans at Tea Party rallies screaming NIGGER!The people that reported it WERE former Black Republicans. They switch side from the 30's to the early 60's.

BTW some Hispanics ARE black. Now the abortion thing you are wrong. I heard John Gibson one day on Fox screaming that they need more white babies. As much as I heard Oreilly screaming about all the children black women have how can they have a high abortion rate as well? They can't do both?

Lisa said...

"Why don't" he address the massive voter suppression campaign that the Republican Party is doing

You mean "Why Doesn't" .

"How do I know? I seen Republicans at Tea Party rallies screaming NIGGER!"

You mean "I saw"

Saying you "seen" it doesn't;t make it true. Anyone can photoshop just like that kid at the top in that KKK outfit.

kid said...


Another Republican technique address my grammar but not the points I made. BTW, name me one person that the Old or New Black Panther Paarty have killed? Noww do you want me to name all the people that the Klan, Aryan Nation, AND THE RIGHT HAVE KILLED? Ida B. Wells wrote a book detailing the names of Blacks that were lynch and the NAACP have kept a list ever since. WE NEVER DID A DAMN THING TO YOU! You can use congitive dissonance, derail or just plain effin lie about the "abuse" blacks have dealt out on whites or you can keep quiet and STFU. You're just a Klanswoman in a dress. Your people are the Conservative Citizens Council and you KNOW IT!

Lisa said...

I never did a damn thing to you either.
You want me to apologize for something I isn't do and I wasn't even born when it happened?
You have 2 choices kid-You can rise above it or you can use it as a crutch for the rest of your miserable life.
PS-I don't have to kiss your ass like Shaw does to prove to you that what happened was something awful? How can any decent human being think that it wasn't?
I can bet many "White" people had a hard time coping with it.
How you come to the conclusions you come to is really delusional. All it does is make you appear wacky and ignorant

kid said...


No Lisa I don't want you to apologize for something that happened hundreds of years ago, I want you to apologize for what happened five seconds ago. I'm talking about NOW. Just STOP being a bigot NOW! You think that saying the current POTUS is a monkey is the same as saying it about the former POTUS. You have called the POTUS "boy" several times.

You can't stop being a bigot because you LOVE white priviledge.


You are not married to a black woman. That doesn't give you Carte Blanche to insult black people. If you're with a black woman that means you probably not Gay, you sstill CAN BE racist. Just ask Strom Thurman or Virginia Thomas.

This is an OLD trick. I'm suppore to stop and say that you aren't racist,BULL!

no_slappz said...

A few days ago Bill Clinton made one of the most important statements of his life:

He said: We cannot let healthcare DEVOUR the economy

He has seen the light, and he knows the US can spend itself into bankruptcy through spending on Medicare, Medicaid and the healthcare monster Obama tried to enact.

Healthcare -- the way we are managing it -- WILL bankrupt the nation IF we stay on our current path.

It's that simple.

no_slappz said...

kid offers:

Noww do you want me to name all the people that the Klan, Aryan Nation, AND THE RIGHT HAVE KILLED?


Ida B. Wells wrote a book detailing the names of Blacks that were lynch and the NAACP have kept a list ever since.

The record of lynchings is a list of about 3,500 people who were murdered over a period of 100 years.

3,500 hundred murders over 100 years, with most of the murders occurring between 1865 and 1925.

Here's some news. The number of murders committed in the US EVERY YEAR is about 16,000.

Over HALF are committed by blacks, and the victims of black killers are black.

That means blacks kill over 8,000 other blacks EACH YEAR. Today. Right now.

But your interest is focused on killings committed by whites more than 85 years ago.

You're obsessed with the past. But the past is NOT the cause of today's black-on-black violence.

Lisa said...

You think that saying the current POTUS is a monkey is the same as saying it about the former POTUS. You have called the POTUS "boy"

sorry you idiot I never said any of those things.

Many liberals lie and then swear to those lies.
It's the only way they can make a point is with lies and deceit.

Once again you were schooled by a conservative . Good job no slappz