Monday, May 2, 2011

Guess who won a wet T shirt contest?

FOX NEWS' TAKE: "African American Male in Washington Confesses to Murder of Elderly Man.". I got this from Media Matters. I first seen on my last posting that bin Laden was taken out. I of course thought it was a rumor. I tried to avoid the media because of the Trump birther bull. Then I turned on MSNBC, but not before I checked Wikipedia. Now the right is saying that Former President Bush was the reason he was caught.

When I downloaded this Media Matters video I was going to write about Trump. That's why I wasn't looking at any media on Sunday. On the Tom Joyner Morning Show they made fun of Donald Trump's show being preempted by the President's speech.

Well I guess now we all know that the President is not Muslim now. Is he American enough for you now Franklin Graham?


Mary Mayhem said...

No he's not a Muslim. He's a manager. A pretty damn good one. Exactly what an executive officer should be.

Shaw Kenawe said...
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Shaw Kenawe said...

It's really eating at their arses that Osama bin Laden was caught during Mr. Obama's presidency. A lot of conservatives have given credit where credit is due to President Obama, but the bottom-feeders who do nothing but throw muck at the president are sitting in their mother's basements blogging on this with smoke pouring out of their ears. LOL!

kid said...

Andrew Napolitano is worried that the POTUS will go after any world leader or Glenn Beck. the right have gotten worst in the last few days.

Darth Bacon said...

Actually, Hot Topics,

He most certainly was born to a Muslim father. As Islam is patri-linear, that makes him Muslim according to Koran, and Sunnah.

As for what he considers himself, I would imagine he considers himself a little too smart for God-bothering, but sits in church in order to maintain credibility. Nothing wrong with that per se, unless you just happen to spend decades listening to Reverend Wrong.

The only smoke pouring from anything here, is the smoke pShaw is trying to blow up her own gigantic ass by pretending OBL wasn't caught as a result of techniques ObaMugabe swore were 'illegal', as if he knew better than the people who wrote the policy with bipartisan oversight, in places he SWORE he would close, and by people he said he would prosecute.

But hey- if pretending gets you kids through the night, go ahead.

I can't wait till your pointy little heads pop, when he's drummed out with the rest of the Marxists in 2012.