Monday, May 9, 2011

Wag the Dog

No this is not about George Clinton. It not even about Bill Clinton, it's about Number 41 Bush Sr.

Larry Beinhart wrote a book called American Hero, about a politician that uses a war for political purposes. The war was Desert Storm and the guy was Pappy Bush. When it got to Hollywood some of the things were changed like making the President and war fictional. Still the original premise was there that Hollywood and Madison Avenue sold us a war.

When this movie first came out the right said it was about President Clinton. See how that worked out. They said it long enough and now when you say "Wag the Dog" you're transfixed to "Monicagate" and when the President launched missiles. No this was originally about Bush trying to copy Margaret Thatcher "doing" the Falkland War.

Now the spin doctors want us to believe that President Obama is doing a "victory lap" when he went to New York. No I never seen the President get off a jet carrier in Times Square in a flight suit with a giant codpiece, that was the other guy. People are calling his Presidency "imperial". The usual suspects are saying that he's acting like a dictator. They're trying to turn him into Bush. They're even calling him stupid. Madison Avenue and Billionaires can really change reality.

There is no "victory lap" by President Obama or "victory Mosque". Now there were several victory churches build after Europeans "conquered" people of other races, those were called Missions. Now there were some victory churches that weren't Missions such as the ones that were built by the Ku Klux Klan in Tulsa 90 years ago after the Memorial Day riots. That day America was bombed for the first time from the air and maybe more that 3,000 died. Sound familiar? It's also known as Black Wall Street. Black people had their lives and money taken from them that day. They were chased from the area of Greenwood, Archer, and Pine. Then the Ku Klux Klan set up a government in Tulsa. Imagine if al Qaeda set up a government in New York and a so called victory Mosque. No that happen to Black people in Tulsa, Rosewood, St. Louis and other places.

You still want to talk about victory laps and who celebrated them?


dmarks said...

"There is no "victory lap" by President Obama or "victory Mosque".

The ground zero mosque was indeed a "victory mosque" project. It was named CORDOBA, after all, symbolizing the old Muslim empire's brutal occupation of Spain. A rather aggressive name.

I am not anti-Islam, but like with Christianity and the Inquisition, there are some aspects of Muslim history that should be shunned not honored.

kid said...

No what was brutal was what happened 90 years ago on Memorial Day.

When the Muslim rules Spain they included ALL religions.Civilization flourished. In 1492 the last of the Marrons (Spanish Jews) and the Moors were thrown out of Spain. Even Christobal Colon who was rumored to be of Jewish blood became a Converso or face DEATH! Cordoba had the largest population in Europe at the time. All three religions coexisted together. Technology began to flourish. You had Math and Sciences come out of there.

When you pick something brutal that Muslims do , let me know. Cordova was not one of them.

On Monday 30th, 2011 think of the 800 businesses and thousands of silent voices that were murdered in the name of Christianity and where the Ku Klux Klan put up "victory" churches in Tulsa when "Black Wall Street " happened.

When al-Qaeda sets up a government at the site then let me know. It only happened to Brown and Black people.

kid said...


BTW the name Cordoba goes back to ancient Roman times.