Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bunker Mentality

Listen to former Judge Andrew Napolitano call Osama bin Laden's death an assassination. This is what the right has come to. Now they're trying to paint the current POTUS as the last POTUS. He's worried that he'll just go out and kill all the dictators and Glenn Beck. Maybe Glenn is a dictator too, I don't know why he listed him on the list. He said he's worried about the POTUS killing Glenn Beck. Wasn't it Beck that got people to kill some of Pittsburgh's Police Officers?

Fox is now a parody of it's former self. They hate the black man so much that they are now siding with dictators and terrorists. Should this network of TRAITORS even be on the air? He's upset that people like Khaddafy, Hugo Chavez, and Osama bin Laden aren't going to be treated fairly.

Judge Napolitano why do you and Fox HATE America so much?


Shaw Kenawe said...
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Shaw Kenawe said...


It's their way of trying to delegitimize Mr. Obama and make him out to be some sort of unAmerican monster.

The asshats lost the "birther" controversy when Mr. Obama made a fool of their latest moron/almost candidate, Trump, at the WH Correspondents' Dinner.

Napolitano is just using their usual fear tactics to keep the pant-wetters hiding under their beds.

That Napolitano would make such an asinine suggestion is just one small indication of these far right wingers' depravity.

BTW, President Barack Hussein Obama did what GWB couldn't do. He got Osama bin Laden and brought him to justice.

Say that every day and every time some wingnut dope comes here and sprews his/her filth against the president.

They can't handle the truth.

kid said...

I noticed after the "events" of May 1st, they haven't been coming around lately to "visit" me.

Darth Bacon said...

Some of us aren't delivery boys or welfare mothers, Kid.

The 'events', as you call them, actually had an effect on *some* of our jobs.

At any rate, I figured you capering step n' fetchit minstrels would be dancing and singing- and here you are, dancing and singing.

So, I guess I have no choice but to rub your dishonest little snouts in your rank dishonesty.


The information that led to OBL's killing was obtained by a method ObaMugabe campaigned on calling 'illegal', as if he knew more about the policy than the very people who authored it.

This information was obtained in places which candidate ObaMugabe SWORE he would shut down. First, he claimed they were 'illegal', then he fell back on 'they sully our name'. Either way, he lied.

Finally, you will not ignore the fact that ObaMugabe VOWED to actually prosecute the operators involved in what he called 'illegal' interrogations.

So keep shucking and jiving, you fools.

The only thing that matters, is he'll be gone at the end of his first term.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I LOVE the smell of bacon sizzling frying pan when I get up in the morning.

Bacon dude's full of artery-clogging fat. Nothing else to him.

But let the poor thing continue to think he knows what he's talking about.

It's so adorable. In a swinish sort of way.

Darth Bacon said...


You dolt.

Are you saying I'm wrong, or doing your usual minstrel dance?

Wikileaks, homey.

Read 'em.


Darth Bacon said...

Know what else we'll be repeating every time one of you liars and looters appears?

ObaMugabe's energy policy INTENDS for energy prices to skyrocket. He OWNS the 9 percent unemployment (twice as high as during Bush's second term), the 5-dollar gas, and the soaring inflation.

That will hang around his neck long after you stop patting him on his shoulders.


Shaw Kenawe said...


Thought you'd like to read some of the comments that I copied and pasted from "Wonkette" when they ran a photo of President Obama in the Situation Room while the military was taking out bin Laden. (They're on my latest post at my blog.)

I thought this one was really great:

"He's a vicious f***r. First he kicks The Donald in the nuts, laughs about it, and then orders two bullets to the head of OBL. I voted for him out of hope but the second time will be out of fear."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Forgot to include this one, which I thought was pretty funny, too:

"There is not a single Holy Bible or image of Jesus visible in the entire photo [of the Situation Room]. These people make me SICK!"


Radical Redneck said...

President Barack Hussein Obama did what GWB couldn't do. He got Osama bin Laden and brought him to justice.

I applaud him for that. It was awesome. Almost as awesome as when President George W. Bush captured the tyrant and genocidal monster Saddam Hussein.

Do you realize you are cheering the killing of yet another brown person. Almost certainly at the hands of a whitie? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Hey Chaw, do you ever have anything to say? Anything except for shallow, vapid and wholly undeserved elitism? Copying and pasting dubious "polls" and anonymous Wikipedia entries don't count.

Like with your ancestors, I. FUCKING. OWN.. YOU!

Shaw Kenawe said...


Here's some news that will make your trolls' heads explode. LOL!:

"Rumsfeld and other US officials say torture didn't help catch bin Laden

Cory Doctorow at 12:16 PM Wed

Reports from present and former senior US officials, including Donald Rumsfeld, indicate that waterboarding and other forms of torture practiced by the US and its allies were not useful in locating Osama bin Laden. Rather, traditional military intelligence techniques -- covert operatives, surveillance -- yielded the intelligence that led to bin Laden's assassination. This confirms earlier White House discussion of the intelligence that led to ObL's death."


Darth Bacon said...


Wikileaks, homey.

Read them.

Know them.

Love them.

They CONFIRM the info came from Abu Faraj al Libi and KSM.

You should be ashamed of dumb and dishonest you are.


kid said...

@Darth Sissy

You're pathetic son. You can believe all the stereotypes you want. A lot of whites are on welfare. We were kept poor because of racist laws. What your excuse?

Shaw Kenawe said...


I don't know what they're suffering from, but your trolls are in a fever over Mr. Obama's latest success.

Do they really think that by coming here and posting their slop that that will convince us of anything?

When one speaks of deluded narcissists, one thinks of your trolls.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is still a jerk, [did you read her latest moronic twitter?].

And Barack Hussein Obama is still the president--a damn brave and gutsy one!

He did what Dubya COULDN'T DO! Mr. Obama brought bin Laden to justice.

Malcolm said...

On occasion, I say that much of the programming on Fox "News" should be accompanied by a laugh track. However, the spin they've put on the death of Bin Laden is sickening. We all know that Fox's reaction would be just the opposite if the Navy Seals had killed Bin Laden while Bush was president. If President Obama is elected to a 2nd term, it'll be interesting to watch the right-wing craziness. I don't know exactly how Fox and the rest of the right-wing noise machine will top what they've done to President Obama so far, although I am sure they'll find a way.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Malcolm, we can count on that.

The more nonsense we hear coming out of FAUX NOOZ and the desperat-for-attention trolls here on kid's blog, the more we know they're scared shyteless that Mr. Obama will win another term.

Why they bother to come here and post their drivel is a mystery. No one believes a word of it, and no one cares about their racist opinions.


Radical Redneck said...

^^^ More vapid, shallow and know nothing elitism from Chaw. Proof positive the dismal result of pubic skrewls teaching "self-esteem" instead of anything useful.

Hey Chaw, if I was to affix your picture to the bottom of my toilet using Gorilla Glue™, would that be a form of cannibalism?

Darth Bacon said...


When whichever white person is in charge of giving you blacks your talking points tells you you're allowed to actually make an argument, instead of just boosting the esteem of your fellow ebonics-speaking failure at life, let us know.

And what's with 'arse' and 'shyte'?

That's just as cringe-worthy an affectation as poor, silly Hot Topics' use of "Dizzam", and her fawning use of "The King" in reference to MLKjr. (R- AL). Weren't you embarrassed by that? I know I sure felt bad for her.

Now dance.

kid said...

@Radical Redneck

Are you going to make statements about someones appearance or make a logical statement?


Nice try but Dr. King was a Social Democrat. His assistance was a Black, Gay, Homosexual, Communist. You try to paint the POTUS as a Socialist (which he's not) when Dr. King is more of a Socialist than he is.

Darth Bacon said...

Kid, you're living in a fantasy land.

It is WELL DOCUMENTED that MLKjr was a registered Republican.

I wrote a little song, called "Barack Obama's Not A Socialist", and it goes a little like this:

Barack Obama's not a socialist.

The sky isn't blue.

Grass isn't green.

And Kid isn't a gibbering racist parrot...

It's sung to the tune of "What A Wonderful World".

kid said...

@Darth Bacon

Then what the hell is Dr. King doing hanging around Communist for? He's a pretty pitiful Republican if most of his associates are Communist.

BTW, you can repeat it until you're blue in the face, it STILL doesn't make it true. BILL SAMMON ON FOX SAID HE LIED ABOUT THE POTUS BEING A SOCIALIST! Then he put out a memo and passed it around Fox and told them to keep repeating it over and over. Also some racist Republican bloggers quote a Black Blogger by the name of Glenn Ford at Black Agenda Report that is disappointed that the POTUS is NOT A REAL SOCIALIST. Mr. Ford is a Marxist and thinks that the POTUS is a corporate lackey.

Darth Bacon said...

Kid, you fucking dunce...

Put down your crack pipe for a minute and listen:

ObaMugabe is a socialist because of his POLICIES- not because of what someone I've never even heard of says. Similarly, you can insist till your dying day that he isn't a socialist- and that doesn't change his redistributionist (Socialist!) policies.

One reason MLKjr was surrounded by filthy commies, is that the commies saw in him a convenient ally in trying to overthrow the existing social order. They don't care if blacks or anyone else is 'free'- all they care about is being the ones in charge.

Now dance.