Monday, May 16, 2011

"Weak Field"

No this isn't the excuse the Browns will use this season. This is the reality for the Republican Party. How deep is their bench? Who do they have that can win it all? Let's look shall we?

John Huntsman: WORKED for the POTUS and is also a Mormon, either one won't work down South.

Mitt Rommey: Ditto on the Mormon part and also the founder of "Obamacare" (BTW, President Obama does care).

Newt Gingrich: Once, twice, three times a adulterer. Strangely he was one of the "founders" of a Tea Party, you know the guys, the ones that want to get rid of Unions and Medicare.

Herman Cain: Worked for the Federal Reserve and is AFRAID of it being investigated. BTW, don't let the word "Federal" fool you, it's privately owned. Also enjoys MAKING Black deprecating jokes.

Sarah Palin: Here's a actual quote from her resignation speech, "dead fish don't swim upstream". It's so Zen like. It as if she emptied her head of all thought. The problem is she forgot to put the thoughts back. She also believes that when Israel is destroyed , Jesus will come back. Israel do you want her finger on the button?

Michelle Bachmann: She sent out "dog whistles" for someone to "get" the President. She's also is a Fascist. She once "boycotted" having longer lasting light bulbs. How prejudice are you when you are a racist and don't want to save money?

Ron Paul: Wants to get rid of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Like father, like son.Anyone want to shoot up? Ronnie baby is paying for it. we don't need ANOTHER Ronnie after the damage the other one did.

Donald Trump: He always gets a divorce and gets into bankruptcy.

Rick Santorium: He's named for a SICK sexual position and he's a bigot too.

There are other but why talk about them? No amount of BS, publicity, or Fox can fix this lot. This is a weak field and I hope it get worst.


Lisa said...

you know what's weak when the president goes to Texas to "Use" Hispanics by pandering to them and bashing Republicans like a schoolyard bully. He's a professional shit stirrer.
He's so transparent you can see right through him.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Poor, poor Lisa. That's all you got? You've got nothing.

Mr. Obama's personal approval by the American people is at 72%.

You don't like him?

Go bite your knees.

TemplarKormac said...

We must read different polls Shaw Kenawe , Mine show entirely different results. Try these.

And esp. this..

kid said...


On a talk show a Republican pundit said that Hispanics were "gullible". Republicans don't even have the Cuban vote anymore. Why are they going to go somewhere they're not welcome. Latinos can watch TV. They can see the Woman from the "Minuteman Militia" that killed a Hispanic girl in Arizona and her parent.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I posted Mr. Obama's PERSONAL approval ratings. You supplied links to his JOB approval ratings.

Two entirely different things.

However, your link is not current:

"Obama Averages 46.7% Job Approval in Ninth Quarter

Improved from last two quarters, but still third lowest for Obama
April 21, 2011"

If you go to the Gallup site and link to the most current numbers you will find this:

May 5, 2011

"Obama Approval Rallies Six Points to 52% After Bin Laden Death

"President Barack Obama's job approval rating is up six points, from 46% to 52%, after the death of Osama bin Laden. The increase is a fairly typical "rally" in presidential approval after a major international event."

Your Canadian link says up front that they're out to defeat Mr. Obama. Why should I believe their reporting is unbiased? LOL!

And Rasmussen is unreliable in its polling.

Hellpig said...

Bush could rerun and beat the bloodthristy war criminal and assassin Obama ...

Hellpig said...

$5.00 gas and 18% unemployment and bankrupt America ..and ObamaCare

2012 will be a direct referendum on the Obama Regime just like it was in 2010 ...

but hey we will still like his personality......LMAO

useful idiots

TemplarKormac said...

Your spin-shit is not going to work wirh me

This Gallap polls show ratingings as of May 13th 2011.

And thos one as of Tuesday, May 17 2011

It shows that 27% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Thirty-four percent (34%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -7


So stop the Bull Shit Shaw Keyan, we conservitives bloggers always knew that your full of shit, now everybody knows it.

Shaw Kenawe said...


"hardassami" is another one of those fake bloggers. Calling me Shaw "Kenyan" is a tipoff because that's an old epithet thrown at me before on "the malcontent's" blog by one of his regulars.

LOL! What a waste of time it is to respond to these losers. My bad for doing so.

72% of the American people like Mr. Obama.

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

49% approve; 43% disapprove


Average to date of approval rating for Mr. Obama: 51%

The trolls keep trying, and the trolls keep failing.

Shaw Kenya

Shaw Kenawe said...

"hardassami" may actually be "tha malcontent." His spelling is as atrocious as Ralphie's.

Hardass wrote: "So stop the Bull Shit[sic] Shaw Keyan, we conservitives bloggers always knew that your full of shit, now everybody knows it."


Lisa said...

Obam is sophmoric. Hey kid check out this post:

Lisa said...

Shaw you can bite me. Who gives a crap about your BS polls anyway.

The economy is getting worse but liberals still refuse to see it.
Binded by ignorance.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Ronald Reagan never supported the use of federal power to provide blacks with civil rights.

He opposed the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965. Reagan said in 1980 that the Voting Rights Act had been “humiliating to the South.” While he made political points with white southerners on this issue, he was sensitive to any suggestion that his stands on civil rights issues were politically or racially motivated, and he typically reacted to such criticisms as attacks on his personal integrity."

Source: The Role of a Lifetime, by Lou Cannon, p. 520 Jul 2, 1991

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ronald Reagan opposed making Martin Luther King' birthday a national holiday
via yahoo

"President Ronald Reagan opposed the holiday, relenting only after Congress passed the King Day Bill with an overwhelming veto-proof majority (338 to 90 in the House of Representatives and 78 to 22 in the Senate)....In addition to Reagan, opposition to the bill was led by Senator Jesse Helms, who questioned whether King was important enough to receive such an honor. He was also critical of King's opposition to the Vietnam War, and accused King of having Communist connections..."

I've posted this, kid, because lisa came here and left a link to Jo Joe Politico's blog that brags about how non-bigoted the GOP has been over the years.

The worse comment was from lisa who doesn't understand that the party of Lincoln--the Republican Party--was a LIBERAL party at that time and the Democrats were the CONSERVATIVE slave-holding states
of the south. In fact two of the leading politicians of the Republican party in 1860 (Seward and Chase) did not think Abraham Lincoln was LIBERAL ENOUGH in his stand on slavery.

All lisa read is "Democrat" and "Republican" without one iota of understanding of our American history.

The fact is that she would have been a Democrat in those days of "States Rights above all," and you and I, kid, would have supported the new Republican Party, because of its LIBERAL policies on anti-slavery.

When LBJ, a LIBERAL Democrat, passed the historic Civil Rights Act, the CONSERVATIVE south, as a voting bloc, never voted for a Democrat for president again.

These fine points on why political parties change seem to be lost on lisa and her pals.

tha malcontent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tha malcontent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tha malcontent said...

Shaw your broken repetitive record is getting to be really tired.
Blaming me for everyone that Hates your sorry ass, is growing old.

You are not exactly loved by people other than your bunch of a-hole on the left side of the moon.
So someone who I haven't the fainted idea who it is called you "Shaw Kenyan" and that's your tip off it was me in drag. LOL, you are not only an IDIOT, but an Obsessed IDIOT.
You think that everyone that can't stand you as I can't is always me.
Well I have news for you Ms SLEUTHY, there are PLENTY of others like me, just in case you haven’t noticed., much too numerous to mention, but of course in your SICK mind they are all me
So take you observations and your accusations and stick it where the sun don't shine! And take your friend the Wannabe Black Racist Pirate with you. And Your MISTER OBAMA as well.

You are the exact reason why I hate liberals, and progressives and socialists and commies and every other name for you and your smelly ilk.

And Long Live the Rush Limbaughs and the Glenn Becks and the Sarah Palin’s and the Donald Trumps who have the guts to say it LIKE IT IS!

How about waking up and thinking about something important for a change like your MISTER OBAMA
As a progressive, you are willing to agree with the ridiculous positions, that Mister Obama and his three ring circus put fourth, like the drilling for oil. You can’t really be that serious or that dumb. So either you are unaware or of the issues or simply disingenuous. Any idiot know that things have gotten out of hand and that something has to be done and quickly. He said his administration would expand drilling opportunities in Alaska. Does anyone want to bet that this will never happen!
I’ve read you stupid and untrue and uniformed blog, and clearly you are no genius in the field of Economics either. You don't even understand how corporate taxes and profits work, only that you hate big corporations and love Unions. The same big corporations that put little people like YOU to work, if they are not too lazy like Obama's liberal base is.
We await with baited breath for your erudition.

kid said...


Rasmusssen and Canada Free Press are right wing talking points. No one use them. It's like a poll from the KKK.

Lisa said...

Hey Mal you notice how Cuomo the democrat is making deep cuts to the public sector in particular education and mum from MSNBC and the NY Times. The ones who should be up front and foremost about it. What a difference a "D" makes huh?
The government is now borrowing from the public pensions.
And while the left and Obama bashes corporations, the only source this country has for success, he continues to rake in money from Big Oil,Wall Street and Big Pharma.
A little more than disingenuous,it's downright criminal.

tha malcontent said...

So Kid, the Rasmussen poll is right wing and therefor not to be trusted in you stupid and slanted view or opinion. And everything that is not Black orientated is akin to the KKK. Now isn’t that interesting. Especially coming from someone that can’t find anything wrong with a bunch of Black Thugs with stick and wearing military uniforms intimidating WHITE people at voting polls. Something that is not only a criminal offense, but as dirty as can be, and was unheard off before the Obama bunch of thugs came into office.
I see that we can not take anything that you say seriously.
My God I am so sick of the liberal hypocrisy, I can puke..

Shaw Kenawe said...


Apparently lisa went running to Ralphie because I dared to mention his name.

The worst thing about Ralphie is not that he's out of his mind, it's that he's boring as hell.


TemplarKormac said...

Shaw you’re another liberal with a mouth like the bowels of an brainless pig.
You said just as we all expected you’d say. You copped out with changing the subject. And just like Obama, you’re wrong agin.

Shaw Kenawe said...

If anyone would have deep and unassailable knowledge of bowels and brainless pigs, it would be thee, hardassami.

Mary Mayhem said...

@ Hardassami what was the subject? You posted links to bullshit right wing talking point polls, and then they were debunked. Next subject... Move on. There was no subject to change. You people are all about regression; a word with deeply NEGATIVE connotations. What the hell is wrong with you.

@ Shaw not to mention that the entire congress and nation had to gang up against Reagan to override his veto on the bill for sanctions on South Africa to end the deadly Apartheid.... Saint Reagan...Oh holy man of unracial and unparanoid virtue that all of these delusional zealots want, so very much, to emulate.

Also, Abe Lincoln only freed the slaves to gain a strategic edge in the Civil War. He would not have signed the Emanc. Proc. had it not given said advantage. He also supported sending said freed slaves off to shitty islands in the Caribbean and South America to colonize, and he did so in several instances. The experiment failed miserably. He did not think former slaves were fit to live amongst whites, and he thought the problem could best be solved by sending them to live elsewhere. Abe had some good rhetoric, DID ultimately free the slaves, and handled many situations well, but he was a racist Republican too....

Mary Mayhem said...


Mary Mayhem said...

Obviously Ralphie is oblivious to the thuggish LEGISLATIVE attempts at voter disenfranchisement being frantically pushed through states all over our happy union by paranoid republican thugs. They might as well be wearing MNCorporation Uniforms with weapons provided by all of the various defense contractors whose interests they serve, keeping that $800 billion yearly budget untouchable and those Bush Era tax breaks fully in tact....Get a clue you dip-shit pawn!

tha malcontent said...

After reading this stupid nonsense written by tow liberal and progressive nincompoops. I have come to the conclusion that I am acting just as stupid by answering you two as you are in writing what you have.
I am obviously dealing with a bunch of paranoid morons here and surrounded by idiots who think they are wannabee “Sleuths”, but are rather a bunch of incompetent foolish schizophrenics . This idiotic nonsense of dealing with two retarded sick liberal Clowns and a some 15 year old Kid is not only a waste of my time, but a waste of my ability to argue . So all I’m going to say is, you all can say, and write whatever you all wish to, and you won’t be getting any further response from me, no matter what or no matter who tells me what. So you all can take your sleuthing , and your googling and stick it. I refuse to stoop to your level by playing theses games.
I'll leave it to Darth Bacon And Radical Redneck, and Hardass, Lisa and the others, they have done very well at what they do best. I have better fish to fry. Like the Marxist, your Messiah.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ralphie continues to come here and whine telling us he he'll never come here and whine.

So sad.

Lisa said...

Hey Shaw "Mr Obama" wants to see you in the oval Office to share a cigar with you.

Mary Mayhem said...

He's just mad because he keeps getting busted when he fails to use a proxy to mask his IP. Any good troll would have figured that one out. It doesn't take a sleuth to stomp out trolls.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hey Lisa,

We understand your town was going to name a school after you until it discovered you had no class.

(BTW, we understand your desperate need to come here and hurl insults at your betters. It's the weapon people like you use when they know they're inconsequential.)


Hellpig said...

Hey kid

FUN FACT:On Dec 19th 1866 6 dems founded the 1st KKK

FUN FACT:In 1861, Republicans control of both Congress and the Presidency, Republicans promptly delivered on their platform pledges, passing a number of civil rights laws & the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery (118 of 118 Republicans in Congress? voted for that Amendment, but only 19 of 82 Democrats in Congress – or 23 percent – voted to end slavery.

FUN FACT:Every Jim Crow racial segregation law was passed by a Democrat state legislature.

Republican platforms consistently called for an end to Democrat-imposed Jim Crow laws and poll? taxes, but Democrat platforms never did.

So in closing Kid embrace your racist roots for it is who you are and always will know as the Slavery Party

Hellpig said...


You should be a PROJECTIONIST

you have it down pat.

Mary Mayhem said...

Hellpig. Another GOP numb-nut who must have fallen asleep during the whole "realignment of the political parties" lesson in History class while he was in school, if he even went to school, which I highly doubt.
You are out of your league here.

Radical Redneck said...

Hey kid, I found you a chick. Young and slim too.

You could go on to have many wise, delightful and enlightened offspring!

Good doggie Hot Topic, repeating your Media Matters talking points on predictable command!

Radical Redneck said...

We understand your town was going to name a school after you until it discovered you had no class.

Wow Chaw, when are you headlining Vegas?

I'd share that bit o' sublime with with my 4 year old niece, however she appears to have outgrown it.

Radical Redneck said...

Mary Maggot gets her master's instructions at the start of each day!

Hellpig said...


Nice history revisionism...2 words for ya


you Racist Slavery Party can change your identity and party name as often as you like but in American history you will always be the Slavery Party ..

Mary Mayhem said...

Good Doggie RR, repeating other people's invalid nicknames. Of course you can't think for yourself. Now try this: Sit, speak, get on your knees, open wide ..... How DOES all that MNC and Koch cock taste by the way? It must taste awesome!

Mary Mayhem said...

Hell Pig - 2 words for you - Still Asleep!

Radical Redneck said...


Congratulations! Mikey Moore blows his dog whistle and you come running. Again.

Appropriate on EVERY level.

Silly, unoriginal, mindless twat.

Mary Mayhem said...

Sorry RR, I don't need a fake news network or a fat talking head to tell me what to think...I just follow the money trail...The money trail usually leads to the facts. It IS what I do for a living...I mean I AM an accountant, at least the state of Colorado says I am....and I AM going to grad school for FORENSIC accounting, or at least I'm paying a shit ton of money every month to CU, sitting in class for countless hours, doing a shit ton of homework, completing case studies and interning for no reason at all, but what would I know...? Probably nothing...You probably learned more in your trailer park than me.

Not only is Michael Moore NOT a LIBERAL (so a piss poor example to use if you are trying to insult anyone on a liberal blog or to use as a basis for comparison, he is a civil-libertarian, and a Catholic), he is DEFINITELY not the only person blowing the whistle on the Koch Bros. It's pretty much every rational being in the United States and several more on the outside of the US who are pointing and laughing at the GOP and Tea Party Sheeple. Seehere. Any educated person knows this. Oh wait. I forgot who I was talking to for a minute.

Mary Mayhem said...

This is even better Basal Bumpkin. Moron.

Radical Redneck said...

Aw, Hot Topic, you are awfully sensitive about your FAUX achievements. What do they say - the insecure (and, more appropriately, insincere) boast?

and a Catholic

Nice bit of (what your pea brain thought) mindless bigotry. As a Catholic I'm sorry to say (except for the my Fraternity of St. Patrick - of which I am a member) The Church is a fulcrum of moonbattery. It should suit your kind fine!

Silly, mindless, twat.

Mary Mayhem said...

Catholicism is a cult. In the words of Eddie Griffin, "Jesus could feed 1000 with a loaf of bread, walk on water, raise the dead and your tellin' me he cant handle 3 nails?" You WOULD follow a cult of papacy and magic. What did St. Patrick do? Magically drive snakes out of Ireland and then give cereal to the poor with lucky star, heart, moon, balloon, and leprechaun marshmallows in it? Isn't that it? And then got pissed and pissed in the river and turned it green and into beer? Is that why the Irish are still fighting the British? Is that why everyone is suddenly Irish and gets drunk on St. Patrick's Day? I don't know. You are so wise oh Hillbilly Fanatic. Please enlighten me with all of my fake edumacation and false credentials,

But do me a favor and educate yourself on the political postmodernist theory and false consciousness and how that applies to the current American GOP, especially the likes of YOU and the Tea Party movement.

It's incongruous that many people who suscribe to a "realist" political theory are also religious.
You are also out of your league. Go play with Hellpig.

Frankly I'm Opinionated said...

Aren't you the one who was banned from another blog for your anti white inflammatory remarks?
I'm sure it was you and you should be ashamed of yourself for what you said there. It's no wonder that you were banned there.

Radical Redneck said...

Awwwww, did I huwt your feewings?

Awfully bitter there Mary Maggot. Excommunicated because of all your inter-family abortions sure stung eh?


Radical Redneck said...

BTW Mary Moron, how did the nomination of your dental floss eyed, commie cocksucker Goodwin Liu go?

His sister love me long time!


How does my ass taste?

Hellpig said...

LMAO @ MaryMaggot

you qoute a comedian .....LOLOLOLOL

you are not even in a league

Fucking RACER!

Hellpig said...

Hey MaryMaggot shouldnt you be at a Klan rally?

Embrace your racist roots it is who you are

Hey I see your Dear Leader ObaMao sided with terrorists and done and let the 2013 Obama Treason Trial begin

Mary Mayhem said...

Hurt my feelings how? By talking badly about Michael Moore, who is A) not the same political party as I am...B) not the same religion as I am C) same religion as YOU, actually...D) Is an activist, documentary film maker....These are things I have already pointed out. I find plenty of faults with Michael Moore.

Does your butt hurt when I talk shit about James Cameron? Or Michael Bay? I think they both suck and I talk shit about them ALL the time! I didn't think so.

Hurt my feelings with your abject knowledge to the way things actually ARE in the world...outside of the US especially? MUAHHHHAHAHAH! When an ignoramus insults a critical thinker's intelligence, do you think it hurts? Does a man ever not think about sex for an entire day? Rhetorical questions.

Hurt my feelings with your misogynist, sexist, homophobic, racist ranting containing nothing but dull insults that a 10 year old could mastermind in seconds, not to mention your RECYCLED insulting, incongruous nickname of endearment towards me? Laughable! How old do you think I am? In my teens? In my early to mid-twenties? Thank-you though!

"Pwned"? Did you seriously just type that?

A) Do you seriously think you are winning/won (or could win) this debate?

B) One person (or maybe a group, who knows), who was trying to type "owned," accidentally hits the "p" instead of the "o" key, they ARE right next to each other, and is too lazy to go back and correct it or to use spell check, and then useless, immature, small-scrotum idiots, such as yourself, use the word consistently as if it means something magically and masculinely domineering. How ironic? In using this stupid "meme" of a "word" you only show us all your total lack of intelligence, self-restraint, innovation, ingenuity and that you are about 16-22 years old (by the way, if you somehow aren't in this age range, well, that's just sad).

Now go cry to all of your "Doggies" on your Nice Doggie web page so they can come here and try to "wittily" say absolutely nothing at all and think they are "pwning" the progressives (regressively).

@Hellpig - Go play with your balls. It should be easy since there is obviously no penis (or a very small one) to get in the way. You are obviously overcompensating for something with those nasty, hateful blogs you are "attempting" (and I put "attempting" in quotations, because you can barely read, write, and spell, so the usage is quite liberal) to facilitate.

Hellpig said...


I am a female BIGOT! fucking sexist cunt....

you lose again


Mary Mayhem said...

@ Hellpig - Well then you must be hermaphroditic in nature, because you have came on here and told Kid to lick your "ball" before, and both your profile and recently unlinked blogs say that you are MALE.

"PWNYEDHKSHDFK!" <-it means NEXT! I'm to lazy to fix it, so now it IS a WORD!

Mary Mayhem said...

@ Hellpig - At least I was right in le réalité that you have no penis. Thanks for letting us know for sure; some viewers might have been in doubt.