Sunday, May 15, 2011

It came from Ohio

OK kids sit down and let me tell you a real scary tale. Now this one is true. It's about a evil ogre name Kasich that wanted to destroy a enchanted kingdom called Ohio. In steps in our hero Dennis Kucinch, the most Progressive Liberal in Ohio. His fiefdom is threatened by the 2010 Census reassignment. Now wait it gets better; while the population of Ohio went down, Northeastern Ohio didn't. Now the law is the law and Emperor Kasich can eliminate two Congressional Districts and it don't matter where. Now if you're a Republican this is the scary part, Dennis is considering running in another state.

Dennis is cool with my Congressperson Marcia Fudge and the others here. That's why he's leaving. He considering Washington State and other areas. He has the name recognition and rich Hollywood Liberals to help him. We see that in New York's solidly red district there is a three way race between the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Tea Party.

So somewhere in your state, you may hear a a Toyota Prius (or maybe not they're quiet). You will see the most Progressive Congressman in the United States coming to your all red district that has several angry elderly former Republicans. He's coming for ALL the votes this time. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Mary Mayhem said...

Love it. Especially the prius part.

kid said...

He does own a American made Prius. One thing about Dennis is that he consistence.

Radical Redneck said...

He does own a American made Prius.

OK, you've started off on a vintage roll...

One thing about Dennis is that he consistence.

Erudite as ever! When is the Nobel Committee calling?


Radical Redneck said...

Nice Avatar Mary Mindless, Much Maligned, Mindless Moron, Mental Midget...

So much, so, so unearned :(

Unknown said...

Thanks for a great post and a great blog.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I love the fact that RR's avatar shows the Confederate flag on a couple of asses.

RR thinks it's kewl to show the CF plastered over an area of the body from which waste is eliminated.


kid said...

hardassamI said...
It’s always about the Ragheads or the Africans..

They always have to make it about themselves. 24/7/365 they are always the victims.


Starting now a new policy. Say any racist bullshit and your ass is gone.

I learned the best way to hurt a racist bigot, sockpuppet like you is to delete your comments. I don't need any more examples of racism to prove how racist America. I have more than enough.

BTW, the POTUS and his AFRICAN Step- Grandmother are at the TOP of the al Qaeda hitlist. Black people ARE more patriotic than all of you cross burning , Klan loving bigots. In WWII my Uncle a Marine had to ride in the back of the train while the Nazi POW's rode in the front. HE STILL BELIEVED IN AMERICA. What you're telling me is to stop supporting America. We seen how the Tea Baggers are "Sunshine Patriots" when it comes to race. Many Tea Baggers either hanged or burned their American flag the day the POTUS was sworn in. You want people to respect your culture and kiss your ass when you disrespect their culture and kick their ass. It don't work like that SON!

BTW, your insults to the Muslim or Arab culture HELPS recruits more al-Qaeda to go after our troops and the Navy SEALS.

I guess what the Koch Brother's want is more important than what the people of America need.

TemplarKormac said...
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TemplarKormac said...
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kid said...


If you don't have any facts then go over to Stormfront and whine and bitch because you hate the color of the POTUS. when you have some FACTS I will post them, until then grow up. So far he hasn't gotten any buildings destroyed like the last guy and he didn't invade the wrong country.

He handed out money so you can get a new car. He got health care done. Osama bin Laden was terminated, and you want to make up some fantasy bullshit the POTUS. Nothing he does will please you. You're not a man, you are a primitive savage. You need mental help. You are not sane. YOU ARE A SICK RACIST BIGOT. Your comments are not going to make ANYONE vote Republican.

Darth Bacon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kid said...

@Darth Bacon

You know you're a racist and I know that you're a racist. Be a man and say it.

Lisa said...

He handed out money so you can get a new car

Kid the only people who got a car were those who could afford it meanwhile that is another unfunded liberal program that hasn't been paid for yet.
If you can afford $30,000 for solar panels you get a tax break too. Wow let's all run out and get our free money.
We're going from Big Oil to Big Green. Six of one half a dozen of another.

TemplarKormac said...

you can delete me all you want to, but that won't stop me from feeling the way that I do.
PS I wonder if my post bothers you as much as yours bothered me on the blog where YOU were banned from?
The same one where I found your blog.
This one seems to be a outlet where You and your liberal blogging community friends, post the Lefty views of the way you think about conservatives including Black conservatives.

Darth Bacon said...

Like I said- you're a subliterate pussy who is pants-wettingly terrified of others' mere thoughts. That's why you label everyone racist, and delete comments. You simply aren't intelligent or articulate enough to argue. The most hilarious part is that you answer my deleted comments like an idiot.

Racism isn't why you can't speak or write properly.

It's your parents' fault.

Now DANCE, Pussy.

Mary Mayhem said...

Here is your troll Bakon, Darth Bakon, Darth Bacon, DдrтH бдкфи's blog :

bitter rants

If you need or want more info, I can get that for you too, just shoot me an email. I have it all. Addresses, IPs, etc.

He hates his "personal info" being posted for others to see, as evidenced here on White Noise Insanity, where he was banned, and evidently banned from a few other blogs on Word Press for trolling.

Radical Redneck said...

^ You linked Kayinsane as a valid refute?


Not only have you jumped the shark - you've rocketed over it at hypersonic Mach 5.0 speed.

Don't worry, I'm sure Hot Topic makes a really, edgy and rad spacesuit for you to don for the mission.

Goofy, silly, twat.

Mary Mayhem said...

RR, I'm beginning to think you don't/can't read. I don't doubt either.

There is no refute. You act as if I referenced her blog as doctrine; Crazy conservatives and crazy absolutes. It's just a link to whining. When someone calls someone else a "pussy," a link to the aggressor whining is in order. Also, when a person cloaks themselves in anonymity and continually comes here to attack people and cause chaos, a link to their personal blog is fair, especially when it shows insight to their "character."

Radical Redneck said...


Don't you have a date here tonight?

TemplarKormac said...

Kid, you seem to always be engaged in having your head up your ass.

Darth Bacon said...

As if someone who dresses, writes, and acts like Hot Topics would have any idea what to do with a dynamic subnetted IP address. And ZOMG- she's googled herself one of my sooperdooper seekrit throwaway gmail addresses! I don't suppose you noticed Kay's insane shrieking about my changing IP addresses- she's too stupid to figure out that Sprint is a wireless provider, and therefore uses mobile devices...which generate a new address automatically every 15 minutes or so. Not to mention Wordpress warned her about posting personal info in violation of their TOU.

But I'm still amused when some shrill loser resorts to this kind of tactic- shrieking out for everyone to see, "I'VE LOST THE ARGUMENT! I'M OUT OF AMMO!". What possible reason could you have other than wanting to expose someone to harassment beyond that which you can muster here, by yourself, in the comments of a blog? The answer is none.

But at least Kay, in the depths of her Israel-hating insanity, has figured out how to block certain commenters temporarily.

Buckwheat here? Not so much.

That's why I said you dancing monkeys are losing your entertainment value. I can only chuckle over kicking the pillars of your pathetic belief systems out from under you, and watching you squirm and wriggle like specimens in a Petrie dish so many times before it gets old.

Now dance one more time, Minstrels!


Ooo! My security word is "Illin", homies!

Mary Mayhem said...

You can't block on blogger. You can on wordpress. The only way to do it here is with a third party client. For example, FatBakon, you are blocked from commenting on my site.

For someone who doesn't care, you sure have cried about it; You still are.

I'm fully aware of static v. dynamic IP addresses. I have all of your info from when you've visited my site on your own. You have come to my site way too many times and your narcissism made you post. You left your mark. All I need is an IP and a time and date. It doesn't matter if it's dynamic or not when you've got the right access; however, a nice Business account with a static IP would make my life a lot easier. But thanks for letting me know that the IP posted on the other site is a Mobile IP! The joy! I hadn't even bothered with it before.

Now dance pussy-lips!