Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron April 1, 1949- May 27, 2011


Hellpig said...

Good another America hating commie fuck is sent to hell ....

LMAO what happened? where was the revolution? seems it never happened...and awwww too late too the Hispanics out populated your asses sure to thank your Slavery Party Rep. for selling out your race for votes..

kid said...

I don't think that a humanitarian like Gil Scott_Heron would be sent to hell if you believe that stuff. I think that Hell would have people like Ronald Reagan, Hitler, Lee Attwater, and Osama bin Laden, you know ONLY THE REAL BAD PEOPLE.

The Revolution happened all around the earth. Soon it will be America's turn and people are not going to fall for that Tea Bagger crap. How is it that a poor Plumber makes $250,000.00 a year and a "rich" teacher in Wisconsin makes about 40 to 50 K a year? If you're going to tax the teachers, you might as well tax the $250,000.00 and over people.

The only slavery party I see is yours and Hispanics will not vote Republican. Just ask Tom Tancredo.I would be selling out my race if I voted RepubliKLAN! I go on first impressions and I remember Tea Baggers bringing signs with the POTUS as Hitler, a Witch Doctor, or the N word.They even brought guns to his town hall and had a sellout bring his gun too. In a country where a black man get shot for holding a cell phone he was the only black man that could walk the street with a machine gun and not get shot. Why, because it was FOR the black President. He couldn't pull that sh!t off at a Reagan Rally.

Lisa said...

A plumber making 250,000 who is self employed

62,500 - corporate taxes
37,000 - Social Security
20,000 - Liability Insurance
15,000 - Medical Insurance
5,000 - vehicle Insurance
20,000 - Retirement Fund
Balance -90,000

Not including the taxes that go to the teachers free health care and pensions,property taxes and other misc costs.

And how much can this person afford to pay a helper?

Not to mention unpaid vacations and 70-80 hr work weeks. No summers off,no paid Holidays.

Or maybe he can just go on food stamps .

And the democrats want to further burden these people?

Maybe you should do a little research before you bash success and hard work.

kid said...


If a idiot takes homes $90,000.00 and is still BITCHING then they AREA IDIOT! $90,000.00 is about three Chrysler 300's. Compaare that to people that make $7,000.00 to $15,000.00 AND SURVIVE and pay taxes.


Tell that shit to the Union worker that DON'T make that much. You're the reason Communism was invented.

kid said...

BTW Lisa does that mean that a "rich" teacher that makes $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 a year MAKES TOO MUCH MONEY? When you're a rich plumber you earned it, when you're a auto worker or a teacher YOU NEED TO BE PAID LESS AND and dissolve your union.

YOU'RE AN IDIOT LISA! 40 to 50 K is rich and $250,000.00 is POOR!


Lisa said...

so asshole you want the plumber to work 3 times as hard and make the same amount?

If a teacher wants to make more then they can teach summer school or night school or better yet move to a state where they make triple figures.
Let them work 70-80 hrs a week and no pay holidays and no summers off.

I know the concept is difficult for you to grasp but making 40-50k a year with free pension,lifetime health benefits,summers off and holidays off is more than fair.

Do you get all that on your job?

kid said...

Lisa said...
"so asshole you want the plumber to work 3 times as hard and make the same amount?"

"If a teacher wants to make more then they can teach summer school or night school"

So the richer you are the harder you work, that's bullshit. If that's true then Donald Trump and the Koch brothers should look like Arnold Swartzeneggar, who is poorer than them. Arnold MUST BE A LAZY NIGGER THEN.

You got it reverse you racist bigot, poor people get two to three extra jobs.

You're making Socialism, Communism, and Marxism look more and more appealing.

There's something called Maslow's Hierarcy of Needs. Poor people make money to eat to survive, rich people eat for entertainment.

It's class warfare AND THE POOR WILL WIN!

Lisa said...

yeah so how are the poor doing now with the high gas adn food prices moron. The poor suffer more under socialism you dolt.

kid said...


Let's get real and sstop being a fucking liar, ok. Under REAL Socialism everything is shared. Not too many poor people in Cuba. Everything is sharedIn the 60's people kept calling Dr. King a Socialist and THEN HE WAS MURDERED! Anytime whites wanted to neutralize a strong Black man they MAKE UP A STORY ABOUT HIM AND KILL HIM. The POTUS has to be the world's worst Socialist around. $900 Billion for rich folks, Castro never did that shit before.

The rich are making the largest profits EVER and they're NOT HIRING. If these FUBAR Millionaires and Billionaires were around in WWII, we would all be speaking German now.

The Koch, Scaife, and Forbes families are TRAITORS. They didn't work for one thin dime, they earned it the usual way ,THEY WERE BORN RICH.

Why don't those families be REAL AMERICANS and hire people to work so that the economy can get better? Because their main objective is to make the POTUS FAIL.

General Motors is hiring people why can't the Scaife family or the Koch's. the reason they are doing this is so that the CAN OWN AMERICA. The poor sacrificed, NOW IT'S FINALLY THE RICH TURN.

kid said...


BTW, the only self proclaimed Socialist journalist that I know of is Lawrence O'Donnell. The only Socialist politician, Bernie Sanders of Vermont. BTW, he's a "Social Democrat" just like Dr. King, not REALLY a true socialist like Lawrence O'Donnell.

Lisa said...

are you serious in Cuba you and only get quality health care if you pay off a doctor. And everyone is poor in Cuba why do you think they come here

kid said...


Cuba has a 97% literacy rate and racism is illegal there. Most of the population has a degree. That's white people's biggest fear that they WILL HAVE TO COMPETE FAIRLY WITH OTHER MINORITIES! You can't glide through life with white skin anymore. YOU HAVE TO GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND WORK!

Lisa said...

wow and you'd better o along with everything the government wants or else.

Here's an idea why don't you move there? Maybe you would like to speak with Andy Garcia first.

Lisa said...
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kid said...


I'm not pro-Castro. He has help a lot of people that were oppressed. He helped the ANC when Reagan helped the Afrikaaners that were killing the people there. Joanne Chesimard lives there because she fled a criminal system that wants her dead in America.

Want me to name some Socialist countries? Canada and England. Do you want to declare war on them?

At least Castro didn't have Ricky "Freeway" Ross dump crack cocaine into Black neighborhoods so Ronnie can finance Iran/Contra.

Lisa said...

Cuba has also persecuted minorities like Havana's Jews (almost all were forced to flee Cuba) and gays – in past years hundreds were thrown into forced labor camps.
But stars like Jack Nicholson, Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio have made pilgrimages to Cuba, and Nicholson went so far as to gush that Cuba is "simply a paradise."
Garcia is not quick to point to politics as the key reason for his struggle to get his story onto film.
The history of the Cuban Revolution is clear-cut. Fulgencio Batista was overthrown by rebel Fidel Castro in 1959. Castro appeared to many as a hero at first, but he soon became a pawn of Russia – an alignment that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962
In his fictional account of those days, Garcia plays Fico Fellove, the owner of a Havana nightclub. Two of his brothers become Castro supporters and join the revolution while Fico, who is apolitical, desperately tries to avoid taking sides – only to see his life destroyed by Castro's repression and Che Guevara's ruthlessness.
About Guevara, Garcia says, "Che has been romanticized over the years, but there is a darker side to his story. People wear his T-shirt like pop art. They don't know who he is. He looks like a rock star, but he executed a lot of people without trial or defense."
.Garcia also remembers what happened after Castro took over: "Conditions became progressively worse for us. The government took our land. Money that was in the bank was taken, too. The state passed a law and parents lost their rights to their own children."
In 2000, he starred in the HBO film "For Love of Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story," about the Cuban trumpeter great whose passion, like the character Garcia plays in "The Lost City," is music but whose dream is freedom.
Meanwhile, Garcia believes that Castro's tyranny will be swept away. "It breaks heart that Cuba is not free, but I'm optimistic that one day it will be," he says.

Lisa said...

Joanne Chesimard lives there because she fled a criminal system that wants her dead in America.

What are you saying that in Cuba she would get a way with murder?

How many people have come here for amnesty?

Yes we have a dark past too but at least we have progressed. As far a Canada goes did you know their PM had to come here for heart surgery?
Don't even get me going as I know 2 people who came here to get care they couldn't get there.
Plus I know someone who's father in law lives in Englad took 6 months for a root canal. He lived on antibiotics for 6 months.Do you now how sick that can make you?