Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it."

That quotation was over the kitchen at Jonestown in Guyana.Many forget the past until the same situation comes up again.

The situation at the cemetery in Illinois reminds one of the Till case again.Till was murdered because of sex and the white race.I'm talking about Louis Till, Emmett's father.He was in the service in Europe when he was hanged for raping a white woman.The defense use that as a excuse for Emmett's behavior.

Emmett Till's murder gave birth to the modern day civil rights movement. His mother Mamie didn't have him fixed up. They had it open casket.That woke people up.The photo went around the world.People seen that there was power in a photo.

This week President Obama and family went to Europe and Africa.This week the right played the race and the child card.A photo of Malia Obama wearing a peace sign shirt cause the racist at Free Republic to issue death threats. Then a photo of President Obama was taken out of context as a horny black Mandingo oogling a white woman.Someone really sending out a message to their followers.

Emmett was a kid and he was murdered anyway.It was all innocent.Malia wore a peace shirt, it was all innocent.President Obama helped a lady off a landing and it appears as something different.It was all innocent.It don't matter to the right , they want them dead.

Let's not forget about the pass,Emmett, Malia, or the President.I don't want to repeat the pass,do you?


Sue said...

where do I begin..,. I have seen your comments at Nikkis, and was curious to meet you. I'm a white woman living in the Northeast, I have a black sister-in-law who I love and her kids too. I am appauled by the racist comments coming from "Gods people" on the right. I don't know what we can do about it except to ask God to keep the Obamas safe from all of this disgusting home grown terrorism. I pray that he will be steadfast in his 8 years and much good is done for our country. I pray that the blacks don't rise up and be violent, they need to be calm and Godly as their elders are. The neo-cons are the satan, they say we are, its them who will bring this country down with their hatred.

lincolnperry said...

You should take great efforts to educate other white people about this behavior, black people have not rise up against white people in 300 years, and dont plan to anytime soon!

kid said...

Sue I pray that NO ONE will rise up and be violent.You got three cops in Pittsburgh and Dr. Tiller. When FOX wants someone dead, it happens.

kid said...


Dinesh D'souza a conservative and Ronald Reagan historian said the reason blacks in America is in the state we're in is because we haven't had a good slave rebellion. What is he trying to say?

You're right 300 years is a long time.

Sue said...

lincolnperry, I do try to educate whites who I know to be racist, and I do not tolerate it around me! I want to see all Gods people live in harmony, I hope you are right!
Kid I never give Fox my time, they are pure racist, but I hope you are exagerating about death

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Blacks are not thinking about rising up, except to rise up and be sucessful working towards their goals in life. We didn't go out and buy guns and stock up with ammunition. Nor are any of our people on the one tv station we have talking about or inciting race riots like those folks on Fox News and other rightwing MSM.

Black people are just trying to raise their family, work or go to school and live in peace and tranquilly. We're not the ones talking or threating violence. Nor are we on blogs calling white people's children vulgar names.

I am praying too and giving it all to God and asking him to put it all in his hands. I know that God is a just God and that he is our rock and refuge and in him I trust.

Sue said...

I'm glad you said that granny. I so agree its the neocons who are the gun-loving, haters of this country. Gods people??? Laughable!!