Sunday, July 26, 2009

Born in East L.A.

His mother was a house wife and his father was a propane salesman.Am I talking about Bobby Hill on "King of The Hill"?No you see this little fellow was born in Mexico.Lou Dobbs was born in Mexico!The guy hates Mexicans more than Admadinjad and Buchanan hate Jews.He was born in Mexico and his father snucked him back to the U.S. Hey Lou where's your birth certificate? Oh , here it is.

H/T to Chris


Anonymous said...

I was shocked when I found out Lou was as Whitexican as I am. I pray to God one of these days I get to ask him what it's like to grow up in a foreign country, and I don't mean Mexico.

kid said...

Don't worry it's probably not true. That would be like saying that Flava Flav dated Bill Oreilly's wife.What's the odds of that happening? Uh, Oh !

I followed the site Chris got it from and a guy from Hawaii commented on the President's birth.He said a few days after he was born a congressman held him.If's that's true it would really shut the birthers up.

Good luck on the book man.

Tim Gunter said...

Man, he has something to share with the beautiful Aracely Arambula. But, he hates Mexicans. It's a damn shame.