Saturday, July 18, 2009

I always feel like somebodys watching me.

This is what David Drake posted about ME on his site. One of his friends "Angry for God left a message on Granny's blog.I posted a link to his article on Daily Kos, I only got six hits.Yes they must be watching me.

I Ticked Off The LeftOsphere!
I ticked off the LeftOsphere! The Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists! The Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP)!

They are upset at a post I published in January. In January! The LefTards are so timely and on-the-ball, aren't they?

One of the angry bloggers is someone supposedly named kid funkadelic writing at DailyKooks:

Now it gotten worse [sic]. Racist neo-cons have started attacking the children of President Obama.We all seen [sic] the photos of her [he's referring to Malia Obama. - Drake] in Europe wearing a shirt with the peace sign. People at Free Republic called for her murder.We're talking about a 11 year old girl here.Now it's Sahsa's turn.Someone supposedly named David Drake posted photos of Malia and Sasha pregnant. The replies on the blog was they did it to Palin's kids,no they didn't.

I think by "replies" the writer supposedly named kid grammatically-challenged funkadelic means the comments section. No one commented, nor did I write, that anyone Photoshopped any of the Palin children being pregnant. I don't know if anyone Photoshopped the Palin children being pregnant or not. The reason I don't know this is because I haven't researched the entire Internet and all its Photoshopped images.

Read the post.

I find it the height of hypocrisy that anyone from DailyKooks has the audacity to criticize anything written by anyone else considering DKooks:

* published and then spiked a post with a Photoshopped image of Michelle Obama as a slave,

* published and then spiked a post titled "I Hate 9/11" with a "Happy Twin Towers" day cartoon of planes flying into the Twin Towers,

* published and then spiked a post that "RightWingers" violently attacked Liberal Radio Talker Randi Rhodes.

The truth of the Rhodes story is that she WAS NOT ATTACKED or ASSAULTED by anyone. Rhodes was so drunk, she couldn't stand up and fell down, all on her own. In the process, she banged up her face and had other injuries. Did DKooks publish THE FACTS on what happened to Rhodes, that her injuries were all self-induced and that she was NOT assaulted at all, let alone by a RightWinger or group of RightWingers?

National Review links to some example of "Trig Palin mockery" Photoshopping done by The Left and the Palin-haters.

And The LefTards at DKooks and other places, to my knowledge, didn't register any degree of offense when an Alaskan blogger Photoshopped special-needs child Trig Palin.

The LiberTards are offended at my Photoshop. Good. They should be offended. What they're too stupid to analyze and realize is that they are offended at what THEY DO, because that is the entire point of the January post.

I love it when The LefTards feign their pious-moral-high-ground-holier-than-thou attitude. When they do this, I can only laugh at them.

I couldn't be more pleased that a six-month old post has generated such animosity from The Pbama Cultists and the ILCP. Of course, it doesn't take much.

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