Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Double Standards

This is how FOX and Klannity wanted people to see President Obama.If the photo was of a man or a black woman Klannity wouldn't have cared.

This is Shrub looking at some Bush.I didn't hear about this on 60 Minutes.Yes it's a Double Standard.No one gives a damn if Bush does it, but if President Obama did it he's some raging black rapist.We all can't be as classy as Sean Klannity.

Uh Oh, look like he wants more in Alaska than moose and squirrel, he's hunting for beaver.Well IOKIYAR.


W said...

When I heard the story of President Obama and the casual glance, I thought nothing of it. It had been reported on every news station and probably made international news because, as some pointed out, another head of state glanced as well. I don't think anyone really cares about it. We have many big issues facing us: economy, healthcare, environment, etc., as well as smaller issues such as the nomination of a Supreme Court justice. How does any alleged glance matter?

If Hannity does care, your post doesn't explain why. I don't watch his show nor listen to him on the radio, so I don't have anything more to go by than the insinuations in your post. Would you consider posting some links for your readers (like me)?


kid said...

Usually I'm very nice and polite here. I usually try to respect other views. FUCK YOU. Brother,(if you are one ) I seen your site.GOTDAMN IT THEY ARE TRYING TO GET THE PRESIDENT KILLED.It's called dog whistles.You're really good at kissing white peoples asses mother fucker. I hate fakes.I seen your shitty site. It seems dedicated to fuck up black people. I'm actually cool with some black conservatives, and they will think you are a fucking asshole too.

Look at the Nigger look at the white girl.Spendalus, porkalus,socialist, communist.Baby killer.Muslim,Black Nationalist Christian.Gay, anti-gay,black, anti-black.

Those are dog whistles. They are heard through something called filters.Think "Everybody Loves Raymond" when his brother attended a black club. Raymond said wack means something different to us. Only certain people can hear it.

The whole media is actually on the side of the right.FOX sent out dog whistles to get people killed. It must pay well to be a TOM.Niggas like you make me sick.You have to be on crack to think that Palin could have fixed the country, hell she can't fix the antenna on her television. I had a ex-CIA guy send me a threatening e-mail , people from Gretawire make death threats, but your dumb black ass should know better that racist media people (especially FOX) are trying to get him killed.F you and your version of America,

kid said...

"Would you consider posting some links for your readers (like me)?"

W:The article before this one has Sean Klannity and the doctored footage of the Presdient.