Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goldbergs prescription for Affirmative Action

Bernard Goldberg , the man who once said on FOX that he's not going to use the N-word anymore.Yes he said he will drop "N-word" and say the whole thing out.Yes that Goldberg has a prescription for Affirmative Action. All liberals give up their jobs and give them to minorities.Now Bill what about those racist like you ? Can we send you to Git-Mo ?The worst part about this is The "Happy Negro" Uncle Juan, is still happy.If neo-cons can't see how contrived and fake FOX is , they deserve to be played.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anytime Fox start harping on something, it means that the GOP is leading up to dismantling Affirmative Action for good. The thing is that Reagan already weaken it until you might as well say it doesn't exist. When Clinton was in office the GOP congress worked on weakening it some more.

What they are up to is that they don't want another black man to be able to slip through the door and get in the White House ever again. Read your history on reconstruction and how they did those black politicians back then to get them out of the government.

kid said...

Granny I think the most disgusting words the neo-cons are using are,reverse racism and post racist society. They think racism ended when MLK was killed 4/4/68.In "Eyes on the Prize" either Wallace or Rather interviewed MLK that day and ask him what did he want now that he got voting rights and civil rights. People thought he was whining.THIS WAS ON THE DAY HE WAS MURDERED !