Monday, June 6, 2011


Well it looks like Breitbart is at it again. When Breitbart was at Rep. Anthony Weiner's press confrence he mentioned that there were more photos and that he waanted an apology. Rep. Weiner confesed and told his recollection. I don't know about you but where I live it's called blackmail.

First why didn't Breitbart give law enforcement ALL the evidence? You cannot withhold evidence. Second if children WERE allegely involved, then Breitbart could be charge as a accessory after the fact. Third, wasn't there a person that operated a porn website that assisted Breitbart in some capasity? Didn't this person also CONTACTED children and asked them to commit perjury?

What will probably happen is that if Rep. Weiner did something illegal EVERYONE INVOLVED COULD GO TO JAIL. It doesn't matter if Breitbart and his friends were trying to get Rep. Weiner in a sting, using juveniles is a no no.

The group that worked with Breitbart were on him AFTER he announced that he would go after Clarence Thomas and his wife. While people are transfixed by the photos and subject matter, It looks like the Supreme Court is corrupted and tainted by bribes. People forgot that they attacked Rep. Weiner ONLY after he was going to investigate the Thomases.

In Magic they use smoke and mirrors and it looks like Breitbart is doing the same. No one IS even mentioning the payoff by the Health Care Lobby, the gifts from the Koch family , or Ginny Thomas being in charge of a Tea Party group. No one mentioned not paying taxes on money his wife was suppose to declare.

Did Justice Thomas also get "paid" by the Koch family for "Citizens United". If all this happened then he can lose his Missouri Law license and be fired. His wife could go to jail as well.

Isn't it alway "convient" that everytime Breitbart fights for justice poor people get screwed?


Knuckledraggin said...

The DemoRat Anthony Weiner confessed he has engaged in "several inappropriate" electronic relationships with at least six women and that he publicly lied about a photo of himself sent over Twitter to a college student in Seattle over a week ago.
And you like the asshole you are post this shit about the messenger Andrew Breitbart, like he was the perp. You jackass douchebag, are you fucking kidding me?
He sends a compromising photo of himself with his boner and then lies about it? And tries to discredit Anthony Weiner by lying again saying that Anthony Weiner hacked his account and you like the douchebag you are defend him?
First of all, he's a democratic member of the House (not that it's something to be proud about), he sends revealing photos of himself through Twitter, lies about it and then refuses to resign.
And he thinks he's in a position to represent his constituents? And his own WIFE who happens to be a Lesbian and Hillary Clinton’s lover can't trust him, how can he expect the people he represents to? Seriously. He made a vow, a solemn promise to both of them.
Let me just say this: And lets see if you can get to into your sick little pee brain.
I have never sent anybody a photo like that of myself - at least not while sober and can recall it - and I was brought up to admit my wrongs. If this sorry motherfucker can't do that, he is no position to represent a dog shitting in my yard, much less a congressional district.
But you find any reason in your sick little head to justify his actions. But then again you voted for the Obamessiah...
Personally, I do not care if he resigns or not as I am NOT a democrat or liberal. I would like to see the democrats badly damaged by this as I am a constitutional conservative and hold to neither party. If he stays the damages to him and his reputation, marriage, family and COUNTRY will be great. As an AMERICAN ( who is legally, born and raised in the American’s Southwest thank you!) The POTUS should ask you to resign if you do not have the balls to do so. Because he not only damaged himself, but his entire party, and his wife, family and country.

Lisa said...

why am I not surprised that you would do this huge post defending degenerate behavior?
What's his defense....I did not have Text with that woman?

Princess Natasha said...

The Somalian Pirate said....
"Isn't it alway "convient" that everytime Breitbart fights for justice poor people get screwed?"

WHAT? Where did any poor person get screwed?
The Wiener man was the one that screwed the public, he's the one that almost caused Andrew Breitbart to lose his credibility and ultimately his reputation and his livelihood. So when in hell did you get the idea that any poor person got screwed?

The only screwed up person here is YOU Somali Pirate Boy.

Darth Bacon said...

Comedic. Fucking. Gold.

This is the kind of dimwitted screeching usually only found at such internet cesspools as DU, or Kayinmaine's website.

A lying, bullying Democratic attack dog, who not so long ago DEMANDED regulation of the internet specifically so people couldn't inundate others with self-taken crotch-shots, spends a week wagging his finger and scolding anyone who DARED ask him to tell the truth.

He then proceeded to show the unmitigated gall and hubris of singling out someone by name to scapegoat- Andrew Breitbart.

And now that he's been dragged by his little shriveled balls into the spotlight, and forced to own up to his behavior, Kid is STILL raging at Breitbart.

Do tell, you brainless gondie twit, how this was a 'sting'...

You may do so after apologizing to Breitbart, and admitting your mistakes.

Terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Dave Miller said...

Knuckle and others...

Why are you all so worked up about whether or not Weiner is going to resign?

It is practically GOP policy to not call for resignations and continue the campaigns of Republican law breakers.

How else should we interpret the actions of a party that does not call on prostitute hiring David Vitter and bribe paying sex scandal tinged John Ensign, yet call Weiner to resign?

DO you think there is a double standard?

Just askin... these guys actually broke the law...