Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally Journalism returns to America

He's not even on television yet and Rupert Murdoch has already had banned Current TV in Italy. It looks like a fair fight, all of Fox against Keith. He won't be constrained by having to follow Robert's Rules on how to treat Republicans. He KNOWS how to treat them, LIKE CRIMINALS. He won't ask the POTUS about his Minister or flag pin like some idiots in the imaginary MSM. There is no MSM, just Fox and people who are SCARED of Fox. When he goes after anybody including the President it will be because of his policies not the lies that Bill Sammon handed to him on a memo. that's one thing about Keith , he's a throwback to the way Journalism was.

When people like Walter Cronkite, Eric Severeid, or Edward R. Murrow went on television, people trusted them. They were like Sargent Friday from "Dragnet", "just the facts mam". These men didn't really give opinion, they gave facts. As Liberals always say the truth has a Liberal slant to it. When "Uncle Walter" as he was called said that America was losing in Vietnam,the President said that you lost America when you lost Uncle Walter. Mr. Cronkite wasn't paid to speak the party line. He wasn't paid to help prop up a politician. HE WAS THERE TO REPORT. Now days the media is a subsidiary of Fox and big business. The people who are not tied for the fifth riches men in America need a voice too. The people that don't own a Cable Station that spews lies and hate 24/7 need a voice. The people in Unions need a voice. It's such a shame that there are only a handful of people in the media in our country that tells the truth.

Welcome back Keith.


Hellpig said...

LMAO BathTub Boy aka Olberdouche

too many jokes here ...head is imploding

WOOT go Algore TV lmao as if anyone will even watch this America hating commie fuck....

ohh The Slavery Party racists will nevermind

Darth Bacon said...

Dumb, lying gondie...

Public Sector unions are the single largest donor to political campaigns.

More than the dreaded Kochs. More than Rupert Murdoch. More than anyone else.

You know this to be true, and you still pretend the media doesn't march to ObaMugabe's drum.

Lying, terrorist-supporting scumbag

sendmeyourmasses said...

Keith Oberdick is the worst fucking piece of shit in the world. ... And you come in a very close second. You both are Totally Full Of Shit!

And your dumbass friend shawwhatsherface is the biggest piece of shit on this earth period.

Hellpig said...

Nancy the RED Piglousi and The Nazi Wasserman call for your hero Pedophile Weiner to resign....


kid said...

@ Mr/Mrs Sockpuppet

If Unions had that much money, they would have saved the Auto Industry THEMSELVES. BTW, Unions are also trying to hire people with job programs. The Koch Brothers having hired one single damn person. They want to buy the country on discount after they destroy the economy.

Speaking of pedophiles didn't Sean Klannity friend Rep. Mark Foley chased young pages around? IOKIYAR.I just can't wait until Breitbart is called to testify. HE CAN'T EVEN SWEAR ON A BIBLE, HE'S A ATHEIST. Then he would plead the 5th because of all the laws he broke. He couldn't say anything about altering evidence.

The truth HURTS doesn't it?

How's that making up stuff going on? Are you going to repeat to me again how I'm not allowed on a NEO NAZI WEBSITE?

Lorenzo Russo said...

What a depraved, deplorable philosophy. The ability for this BOY to comprehend history is beyond the description, I haven't the vocabulary to enunciate the insanity inherent in this Neanderthal.

Darth Bacon said...

Kiddie, you dumb fuck-

It's a FACT.

So says the Federal Election Commission.

That's the same FEC that found no wrongdoings in the 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2010 elections- all of which you dumb cunts screech about being 'fixed'.

FACT: SEIU has been the single largest donor in the last several election cycles. Why didn't they 'save' the domestic car industry with 'their own money'?

Because they know that corrupt Demothieves, voted into office by gullible, stupid, racially-obsessed people like you, who have third-grade level comprehension, will vote to pay for it out of the public coffers.

Which you did. And which you will continue to do.

Until you run out of other peoples' money.

Lying, stealing, terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Lisa said...

chicken and waffles.lmao!!!!!!!!

Madam Queen said...
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Madam Queen said...


Both sides calling the other "Nazis". LOL

Darth Bacon said...

"Altering Evidence".

You brainless, lying retard.

In case you can't put down your crack pipe, or stop beating your illegitimate chirrens long enough to listen,


He confessed, you barking imbecile.

You think he would have confessed to things he didn't say and do? You're not only the last one in the whole insane Lefty idiotosphere still pushing the idea that Weiner is anything but a very sick, very dishonest man, but you're actually libeling him by writing such an accusation.

Now, since you as an anonymous lefty idiot with absolutely ZERO readers, it's impossible that you could affect his reputation- but he should sue you anyway, just to be able to take your delivery-boy wages from you.

You lying, mooching, libelous, terrorist-worshiping scumbag.

Hellpig said...

Hey Kid are you going to Join Farrakhan in hell with Muhammad,Osama,Saddam to suck pigshit off Allah's dick?

Death to Islam

Mista Anonymous said...
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Mista Anonymous said...

African Americans like the Pirate satellite need to know more about American history.
Because you brain-washed fools follow the assholes like Farrakhan, Jackson, and Sharpton and those Gangster Rap Artists who are only out to line their own pockets. These freaks criminalize the minds of the blacks especially the black youths and often turn them into druggies. These rappers and druggies make millionaire from those from the ghettos who are often uneducated and brain-washed. These people like D'Wayne Carter and Lil' Wayne are heroes to shitheads like the Pirate satellite, but they feed off of that. They become the millionaires that they are from these simple minded blacks. They drive fancy cars and wear obnoxious jewelry that impress these brain-washed jerks. But they always seem to land in jail or get shot from someone who wants to take their place.