Thursday, November 13, 2008

Uh Oh,FOX is still on the air.

Yes your favorite bigots are still at it.In California Proposition 8 is going after gays, the Republiklans are blaming President Elect Obama for the issue being put on the ballot and for it not passing.Which is it? The economy Barack's fault.Unemployment him again.We have to remember that the right wing smear is still functional.

Originally they were going to go after Hillary, they even made a movie about her that they were going to have come out at the theaters.They set up Pro-Hillary sites that were going to go after her, they miscalculated.These sites were macro and micro the way they were set up.Pro gay sites,anti gay sites.Pro feminist sites, anti feminist sites.Some can see how phony the sites are.Some can't.

That's why they should be exposed EVERY DAY.Fox is still on the election fraud angle in Minnesota with Al Franken.They said someone took home ballots,it not true but will Hannity say so?, don't forget about the fake bloggers.Remember let people know that the rabid right wing is still alive, and they're not going down without a fight.


vanishing point said...

The smears seem even worse, Hannity looks crazed as always, I love him saying the ballots were "hiding" in the trunk, what a metaphor. I can't even figure out what they are talking about.

I still can't stand Hillary, I hope Bill Richardson gets Secretary of State.

kid said...

What I want is Richardson on the Supreme Court and Dennis Kuchinch on the FCC, that's right their worst nightmare.Take care and have a wonderful day.

vanishing point said...

are you still there?