Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its one of our boys.

I remember as a kid there was this Bugs Bunny cartoon.Bugs was dressed as a slave playing a banjo. Yosemite Sam was dressed as a Confederate Officer. As Bugs walked by him he said "oh its one of our boys". Bugs was singing "Old Kentucky Home".Then Sam said "hey boy play something snappy on that skinbox".Bugs started playing "Yankee Doodle". It's not funny then and it ain't funny now.

Bill Oreilly probably though that William Ayers was one of their boys until he gave the "Black Power" salute, actually he's ours.Most of the things about him you heard on FOX false.They even went after him with COINTELPRO, and that's still harming the black community today. He worked with the Black Panthers, and all he did was bomb mail boxes.The people that died in the bombings, were part of his group.No he didn't drive airplanes into buildings, they blew up mailboxes. Mandela went to jail for that too.they went out of their way to make sure no one died.

Now Sean Hannity's friends on the other hand...


vanishing point said...

betty boop has some pretty horrible ones too, and the superman cartoons from ww2 are sick. there's another cartoon, i won't even mention, that shows how the tv is trying to mind control young minds.

Ayers was never convicted of anything, and the house that blew up in Manhattan killed Ayer's friends, and was owned by one of the women's father. i didn't know about the mail boxes, that makes it even worse.

kid said...

Basically he was like a kid that threw firecrackers at stuff.Now the Klansman in Birmingham they KILLED people.Fox can take a veteran that save the Presidents life(Rev.Wright) and make him look like a Jim Brown , black revenge movie.